29 Funko Pops That Are Impossible To Find (And Where To Get Them)

One of the world’s oldest traditions that people around the world have celebrated is the act of collecting. We’ve all done a form of this at one point or another in our lives. Whether it’s collecting coins, stamps, magazines, or comic books, people have both intentionally and inadvertently become collectors of one kind or another in their lives. Yet as pop culture and entertainment have grown exponentially in our daily lives, so too have the ways in which collectibles reflect that popularity and growth. One such way that collectibles have invaded our pop culture and society is through the use of the popular brand Funko.

This company is known for producing cartoonish, stylish, and fun representations of iconic comic book, film, television, and video game characters, as well as real celebrities, athletes and more. While it started off as just another fun collectible, now people are able to purchase Funko Vinyl figures that look like icons and long-lost musicians that defined who we were as a society. These somewhat silly figures have grown so much that they are now cherished collector's items, and worth a pretty penny as well.

That’s why today we are going to go down memory lane in the world of Funko and talk about the thirty most difficult Funko Vinyl figures to find, how much they are worth, and where you can potentially find them to buy. Be prepared to pay a small fortune for these amazing figures.

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29 GITD Green Lantern

via theblotsays.com

The first collectible on our list takes a classic Justice League figure and gives him a unique, stylish glow in the dark tint to make him a rare find indeed. An exclusive Funko Pop figure from San Diego Comic Con 2010, this glow in the dark Green Lantern figure only had 240 figures made. Pop price guide website estimates it’s worth nearly $2200 a figure and is very rare to find anywhere on the internet or in person.

28 Gold And Metallic Stan Lee

via Coleka

Stan Lee, the legendary comic creator for Marvel, has had several Funko figures made of himself for various cons, and can be found regularly online.

He’s notorious for bringing his own unique style and flair to his convention appearances, and that has translated to his Funko line as well.

However the Gold and Metallic Funko figures for Stan Lee only made 10 of each, and finding them online is nearly impossible. It’s estimated value on pop price guide’s website is $170.

27 Freddy Funko Oompa Loompa GITD

via Pinterest

The next rare collectible on our list takes a little dip in the nostalgia pool and brings one of the film’s most iconic fantasy characters to light and gives them a Freddy Funko twist. This rare Freddy Funko figure based on the Oompa Loompas of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory can be found online selling for an estimated $700. Sold at Funko Fun Days, this figure is rare to find, as are most other Freddy Funko exclusive figures.

26 Dumbo Gold

via Pop Price Guide

This next piece of Funko collectible takes a deep dive into the world of Disney with a classic film character named Dumbo.

Dumbo was the small elephant with giant ears that could fly and became a marvel of the world.

Sold at San Diego Comic-Con 2013, this rare figure is estimated by pop price guide online as being sold at nearly $2500 a figure. Only 48 figures were made that year of this specific style, so finding these is rare indeed.

25 Two-Face

via Pop Price Guide

While fans may know him best from his performance in The Dark Knight (as portrayed by Aaron Eckhart), but the villain Two-Face is one of DC’s and Batman’s longest-running foes, and a staple of the Batman mythos as a whole. In 2011, Two-Face became one of the first villains in Batman’s rogues gallery to get the Funko Pop treatment. This figure is listed for $150 and while rare can be found online.

24 Indiana Jones (w/Idol)

via Stashpedia

It’s safe to say that actor Harrison Ford had some incredibly iconic roles, including that of the famous explorer and teacher Indiana Jones, aka Indy. This rare figure features the iconic Indian Jones as played by Harrison Ford. Here in this figure, we see the classic scene where Indy grabs a rare idol from the opening scene of the first film, Raiders of the Lost Ark. This figure is currently selling for an estimated $330 online according to pop price guide online.

23 Shazam

via gothenqcowboys.com

This classic DC comics hero first received a figure in 2011, but like some other heroes, he has not seen a new edition to his figure since then.

Despite many looks and an upcoming film starring Zachary Levi, the figure has remained the same look, and has not been sold again in years.

Even a Funko of Billy Bastion himself or Black Adam would have sufficed. That’s why it’s very rare and sells online for about $270 a figure according to pop price guide online.

22 Tony Stark (Iron Man 3)

via pinterest.com

Funko has taken on a lot of iconic franchises since it’s inception, but none have impacted our pop culture quite as much as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This next piece of collectors art features a look at a piece of Iron Man film history. This exclusive Comic-Con 2013 figure features Tony Stark wearing his Mark 42 armor from the film Iron Man 3. Pop price guide online gives this figure an estimated worth of $330 online.

21 GITD White Walker

via Coleka

It’s safe to say that no matter which house you root for or who your favorite characters are, the biggest villains or foes the heroes of the hit HBO show Game of Thrones have to face are the undead army known as the White Walkers.

An exclusive Game of Thrones inspired figure, this glow in the dark White Walker figure was sold a year after the show’s initial run of figures.

Sold at the store HMV, the pop price guide online site gives this a value of $630 right now, making this quite the rare figure.

20 Red Skull

via Stashpedia

One villain who has suddenly become much more relevant to the MCU is none other than the Red Skull. The Hydra leader made his presence known in a recent MCU film. The villain of the first Cap film in the MCU, this rare Red Skull villain figure from Funko is priced on pop price guide online at $650. Considering no other Funko of the character has been made since then, fans looking to buy this are going to have to spend quite a lot of money to acquire it.

19 Green Arrow

via Pop Price Guide

After the popularity of the CW’s Arrow soared into view, fans all around the world clamored for a Green Arrow Funko figure.

The story of Oliver Queen, a billionaire turned archer based vigilante who became the voice of the little guy amidst the larger than life heroes of the Justice League resonated with a lot of more realistic minded fans.

While eventually a line of Arrow themed Funko’s emerged, the original comic book version of Green Arrow sold so fast that now it’s estimated worth is $310.

18 Phoenix

via The Blot Says...

This rare exclusive to Seattle’s very own Emerald City Comic Con 2013, the character of the Phoenix is the X-Men hero Jean Grey possessed by the cosmic entity known as the Phoenix. The tragic story of Jean being possessed by this destructive force and the sacrifice one X-Man made by ending her spoke to a lot of Marvel fans. Beloved by comic book fans and fans of the animated series, this rare Funko is selling for an estimated $290.

17 Mr. Incredible (Blue Suit)

via Pop Price Guide

With only 480 made, this rare Comic Con 2011 Funko figure featured the heroic Mr. Incredible of Disney’s The Incredibles in his blue suit that he wore prior to giving up his heroic ways.

Mr. Incredible gave up the suit to life a normal life with his heroic wife Elasti-Girl and his superpower infused children.

With so few made and the popularity the figure saw from both comic book fans and Disney fans, this figure is rated on pop price guide online as being $1760 online.

16 Rorschach (Bloody)

via Carousell

This iconic figure and character from the hit graphic novel Watchmen features everyone’s favorite vigilante hero Rorschach, a mix between DC’s Batman and Marvel’s The Punisher, with a blood stain on his suit from one of his nights on patrol. The dark nature of the character and his hard-line stance on taking out villains rather than imprison them made him a unique hero in the Watchmen story. The third figure released at Comic-Con 2013, this rare Funko is selling on pop price guide online for $710.

15 Biggs Darklighter

via pinterest.com

This rare Star Wars figure is based on the best friend of Luke Skywalker from his days on Tatooine.

He joined the rebellion and became one of the pilots who attacked the Death Star, but sadly met his end at the hands of Darth Vader.

Many may think that this tragic loss of Biggs is what drove Luke to rise above his humble beginnings and become the hero to destroy the Death Star. This figure comes from the 2012 Comic-Con event, and with only 480 made the figure is now selling for $950.

14 Ned Stark (Headless)

via whatculture.com

This tragic and iconic moment from both the books and show based on George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones series shows fan-favorite Ned Stark, head of House Stark and an honorable knight, who lost his head after being betrayed and framed for treason against the crown. His loss would inspire the war that consumed Westeros afterward. Sold in 2013 at San Diego Comic-Con, this figure is selling according to pop price guide online for nearly $1300 right now.

13 Shadow Trooper

This rare Storm Trooper class from the hit franchise Star Wars was made into a Funko figure in 2011 and sold at Comic Con. Each film and Star Wars property introduced new forms of Storm Trooper, especially after it was revealed the Storm Troopers were repurposed Clone Troopers from the Clone Wars.

These Shadow Troopers are an elite class like no other.

With only 480 made in total, the figure is now selling for $1250 according to pop price guide online.

12 Loki (Marvel’s Avengers)

via Pop Price Guide

It’s safe to say that the MCU’s biggest breakout villain for years was none other than Tom Hiddleston's Loki. The adoptive brother of Thor, he has been a constant thorn in Thor’s side, as well as nearly destroying NYC in Marvel’s first Avengers film. With only 480 figures of the villain sold at San Diego Comic-Con in 2012 based on his appearance in The Avengers, his figure is currently being sold on pop price guide online for $1350.

11 Planet Arlia Vegeta

via Stashpedia

Dragon Ball Z fans are not going to want to miss this next item, as it’s a rare find even in the fandom.

This exclusive Dragon Ball Z character made its debut in 2014 and was exclusive to none other than New York Comic Con/Toy Tokyo.

It’s a variant of the figure based on the planet he and Nappa destroyed off-screen before meeting in the series and started a rivalry with Goku. This figure is estimated at $1480.

10 Batman (Blue Metallic)

via pinterest.com

Based on the iconic first comic book edition of the hero, this Batman figure had only 480 figures made total and was sold at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con. Batman has had many looks over the years. From his days in the comic books to the hit television show starring Adam West and the many film franchises that came after. His comics have changed, but not the man underneath. Its estimated value on pop price guide online is $1260.

9 Lotso (Flocked)

via Box.es

This rare Toy Story 3 character was sold at the annual D23 Expo in 2011. The film is iconic in the Disney and Pixar world, becoming the final chapter in a story about a group of toys struggling with their child owner growing up and not needing them anymore.

It was an emotional film to say the least.

Only 480 were made total, so this Disney figure made itself even more rare by making it out of a velvety material. It’s estimated worth is nearly $1600.

8 Harley Quinn (Silver)

via eBay

This rare edition of the classic DC Comics villain turned anti-hero is special because unlike other Funko figures, this Harley Quinn silver edition figure was given as an employee reward to Hot Topic employees in 2016. The psychiatrist who became obsessed with the Joker and in a twist of “mad love” lost her sanity to his madness has become an icon in DC lore. Only 144 were made, and so this rare figure is being sold now for an estimated value of $470.

7 Freddy Funko (Kylo Ren)

via Coleka

This rare edition of Freddy Funko as the newest villain in the Star Wars franchise Kylo Ren was released in 2016 to Funko Fun Days.

It’s estimated value is $320 online, but only 400 were made total.

Kylo Ren is known as the force strong son of Han Solo and Leia Organa. Aspiring to be better than his grandfather Darth Vader, he has taken on the role of the galactic villain, forming a complex relationship with Rey and vowing to destroy the relics of the past, making this a truly rare collectible.

6 Boba Fett (Droids)

via grumtree.com

This rare version of the infamous bounty hunter from Star Wars features Boba Fett in his Droids inspired costume, which was a show starring R2-D2 and C-3PO as the heroes of their story. The bounty hunter has become a major icon for Star Wars fans, which makes his Funko figures highly sought after. Sold in 2013 at San Diego Comic-Con, this rare figure only had 480 figures in total, and so now it sells for $540 total.

5 DJ Sona (Concussive)

via stashpedia.org

Massive Multiplayer Online Games have become a phenomenon in the world of gaming. While modern games like Fortnite and Overwatch have become huge, classic MMO’s like League of Legends are still considered iconic in the gaming world.

This rare variant of a character from League of Legends, the DJ Sona Funko figure was sold in 2016 at the League of Legends World Championship event.

It’s estimated price online is $370, although it’s currently being sold for as much as $590 in total.

4 The Amazing Spider-Man (Metallic)

via Pop Price Guide

This SDCC exclusive figure was sold in 2012 in promotion with the Amazing Spider-Man film. The film starred Andrew Garfield as the webslinger, and was the first of two films that Sony made before they signed an exclusive deal with Marvel Studios and cast Tom Holland in the role instead. Only 480 were made, but 215 have thus far been accounted for, so this figure is extremely rare. The Marvel hero is worth an estimated $770 online.

3 Cheshire Cat (Blue)

via Pop Price Guide

This rare Disney figure from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland was another SDCC exclusive in 2012, with only 480 made and now 241 accounted for.

A rare variant on the classic pink and purple character, this blue Cheshire Cat is estimated to be worth $790.

A character like the Cheshire Cat is iconic not only in film or the Disney fandom, but in literature (where he debuted) as well. The story of Alice in Wonderland wouldn’t be the same without the disappearing cat and his adventures.

2 Big Boy

via ComicBook.com

This surprising Funko is based on the famous ad icon for Bob’s Burgers, the restaurant that featured the Big Boy figure as it’s mascot. This is a rare move for Funko, as this figure represents not a fandom, character or franchise in pop culture, but a fast food restaurant. However, Bob’s Big Boy did become a cultural icon for many. Sold in 2016 at SDCC, this figure had the typical 480 made and is estimated to be worth $1460.

1 Holographic Darth Maul

via Pop Price Guide

One of Star Wars most famous and popular villains has to be Darth Maul, so it’s no surprise that one of the rarest and most expensive figures Funko has is the rare Holographic Darth Maul.

The Sith villain who became an icon after his survival was revealed in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Sold in 2012 at SDCC, the figure had 480 figures made total and is worth an estimated $1720, although some are selling it online for as much as $2350.

You can find these and other Funko Vinyls figures listed here!

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