Funko Releases Its First Ever (Among Probably Very Many) Pokémon Pop

Funko is making its first ever Pokémon Pop! figure, and of course the first character is Pikachu. More will inevitably follow.

As shocking as it sounds, there has not been a Pokémon Pop! figure. Pac-Man, Goku, Godzilla and many other characters have been realized as a collectible Pop!, but none of the Pokémon. That is finally about to change. Funko announced on its blog that it will be releasing the first ever Pop! figure based on a Pokémon character this month. Naturally, that character is everyone's favorite electric mouse, Pikachu. Interestingly, Funko says that this Pop! will only be sold at Target.

Funko: "Funko is proud to announce the first-ever Pokémon Pop! This Target exclusive Pikachu Pop! is coming in July!"

Via funko.com

The Pikachu Pop! was apparently leaked on Reddit prior to the announcement. According to the Reddit picture, the figure will be released in late July. It is interesting that it will be a Target exclusive. You won't be able to purchase one at GameStop or Hot Topic, two popular stores for Funko.

Pikachu is presumably the first of many Pop! figures based on Pokémon characters. There are tons of Pocket Monsters, so it is fun to speculate about who could be next. It is easy to imagine that Charizard, for its continued iconic status, and Mimikyu for its immense popularity, could be candidates for the Pop! treatment. With Pokémon: Let's Go, Eeevee! releasing later this year alongside Let's Go, Pikachu!, Eevee would also be a good choice. For now, Pop! fans can look forward to adding the most popular Pokémon to their collections. Also, Pikachu being in the Pop! line means that this will be the first ever Nintendo Pop! Hopefully we'll see characters like Mario, Link, and Samus in the line at some point.

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The Pop! figures show no sign of slowing down. Earlier this month, Funko announced that it will be releasing special cereal at select stores called FunkO's. These breakfast treats will feature a miniature Pop! figure inside every box as a prize. Gamers will probably be most interested in the Cuphead and Mega Man ones. Clearly, Funko has positioned itself as a powerful force in popular culture. The Pop! figures are stylized and small, making them easy and enjoyable to collect. For those that just want their favorite character, chances are there is a Pop! figure of him/her. Pikachu will probably be many's first Pop! figure when it starts appearing at Target this month.

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