Funko's Next Pokémon Pop Is CLEARLY A Ditto Disguised As Bulbasaur

Hot off the heels of the Pikachu Pop!, Funko has announced its next Pokémon in the lineup: Bulbasaur.

Hot off the heels of the Pikachu Pop!, Funko has announced its next Pokémon in the lineup. Bulbasaur, one of the original Pokémon, is on its way. (Although it looks suspiciously like a Ditto masquerading as a Bulbasaur.)

As presumed, Pikachu was the beginning of a line of Pokémon Pop! figures. According to Funko's blog, every season will bring additional Pokémon. Although it's not officially confirmed who will be next, if we go off of Pikachu and Bulbasaur, it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume that the last of the Kanto starters will be chosen: Squirtle and Charmander. Four months back, a Reddit user posted an image that supposedly leaked the upcoming figures in the line. Bulbasaur was listed, as well as Charmander and Squirtle. Mewtwo and Meowth, plus a mysterious character labeled "M(Chase)" (maybe Mewtwo in his armor) were also listed. With Bulbasaur's announcement, this leak is sounding more legitimate.

While Funko did not provide a release date for Bulbasaur on its blog, the company held a Periscope stream at the Pokémon Headquarters in Washington. There, it was revealed that Bulbasaur will be released on February 27th. Not only that, but unlike the Target-exclusive Pikachu Pop!, Bulbasaur will be available at any location that sells Pop figures. This means that you should be able to find one at GameStop, Hot Topic, or any other store with a wall of Pop figures. Entertainment Earth already has a pre-order up.

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In addition to the normal Pop!, The Pokémon Center announced that it was working with Funko to bring another line of Pokémon figures called, "A Day with Pikachu." There will be 12 figures, with the first releasing on February 13th. From there, each month will bring a new scene with Pikachu celebrating the different months and seasons.

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The year 2019 is probably the best time to consistently release Pokémon Pop! figures. This year is a huge one for the Pokémon franchise. First, Pokémon is getting the mainstream treatment with the wide release of Detective Pikachu in theaters in May. Then, a new animated Pokémon movie bringing back fan-favorite Mewtwo will be released in Japan. Finally, the first home console core Pokémon game will be released on Nintendo Switch. Pokémon has always been big, but with all this, it's going to get even bigger in the public eye.

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