25 Funko Pops That Are Impossible To Find (And How Much They’re Worth)

Some Funko Pops are worth an absolute fortune! Here are 25 of the hardest to find and how much money collectors are willing to pay.

Ever since various franchises in pop culture started releasing items for fans that adore their product, collecting has grown from a hobby to a career. Cards, toys, and a multitude of other items can be found to display that love for all to see. And for those who have become knowledgeable enough, finding the right collectible can mean earning yourself a small fortune.

One of the latest collecting fads to take the world by storm are Funko's Pop! Vinyl figures. Founded all the way back in 1998, the company has made a name for itself by profiting off of our love for geek culture. Back then, it was simply a bobblehead company. What we know the company to be now wouldn't appear until 2010 at the San Diego Comic Con.

In the past eight years it seems like Funko has partnered with every beloved franchise imaginable. They've released a huge amount of adorable, big-headed figures for Star Wars, Harry Potter, the worlds of Marvel and DC, as well as about a million others. Collectibles from other companies, which tend to look much more like their source material, can go for a bit too much money. But for casual fans who don't have funds to blow on figures, Funko offered an affordable alternative.

Unless, of course, you find yourself trying to track down one of the figures on this list. Like any collectible company, Funko has crafted hard-to-find merchandise that is often exclusive to a store or an event. Here are 25 Funko Pops that are impossible to find and how much they're worth.

25 White Walker (Glow In The Dark): $600

Via: worthpoint.com

Ever since its debut in 2011, HBO’s Game of Thrones has become one of the biggest pop culture franchises in history. So it’s only natural that Funko would strike a partnership with the fantasy giant.

Pops for the vast amount of characters on the show have been created, some of which come with variants or special editions. The normal White Walker figure doesn’t go for much. But if you happened to get the glow in the dark version, which was exclusive to HMV, you’d have a toy worth $600.

24 Metallic Genie: $750-$800

Via: pixeldan.com

Get ready to see a mass amount of San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Pops, as each year brings a multitude of figurines that can only be found at that event. If you ever find yourself there, be sure to pick up a few if possible.

The most popular character in Disney’s Aladdin has always been the Genie.

So a shiny, metallic version would, of course, go for a high rate. This particular Pop is valued around $750-$800. It’s by no means the rarest figure the company has created, but that’s still a pretty impressive inflation rate.

23 Metallic Bobblehead Green Lantern: $700-$900

Via: stashpedia.com

Funko will occasionally go back to their roots by making some of their Funko Pops bobbleheads. And while not all of them are, some of these bobbleheads are exclusive versions of already existing figures.

This specific Pop figure of Green Lantern is metallic as well as a bobblehead.

Not every exclusive and expensive figure from the company is sold through a big event or niche company, as this one could’ve been found at Target. And it now goes for approximately $700-$900.

22 Black Hooded Skeletor: $830

Via: stashpedia.com

Masters of the Universe may not be the most popular franchise to appear on this list, but there are still many who adore the 80s cartoon. Skeletor, He-Man’s arch-nemesis, was a fan favorite on the show as can be seen by the high price of this particular Funko variant.

It features the villain in a black hood instead of the traditional purple and some more impressive armor. It was exclusive to SDCC and can currently be bought by a loyal fan for around $830.

21 Flashpoint Batman: $600

Via: ar.pinterest.com

Flashpoint was an interesting look at an alternate timeline if The Flash had never lost his mother and the impact it would have had on the entire DC world. One of the changes that came from it was Bruce Wayne’s father, Thomas, taking up the mantle of Batman after losing his son.

Naturally, a Pop version of this entirely different Batman would fetch a high price.

One was created as a New York Comic Con exclusive and goes for $600. There was also a slightly different figure sold at Hot Topic, though that one is only valued around $20.

20 Metallic Green Arrow: $700-$750

Via: pinterest.com

Oliver Queen has never been, and probably never will be, the most popular hero in the DC lineup. CW’s Arrow series has introduced the character to a wider audience, but the top spot will most likely always go to Batman or Superman.

That being said, Green Arrow’s metallic Pop figure, exclusive to Gemini Collectibles, can still fetch a pretty penny. Only 240 were made, so it is valued around $700-$750. That’s a pretty high amount given that he’s relatively unknown to general audiences.

19 Metallic Shazam: $800-$850

Via: worthpoint.com

Another one of DC’s lesser-known heroes (at least until the movie starring Zachary Levi comes out) is Shazam. He’s actually one of their more interesting characters as he’s just a kid imbued with the powers of various Gods like Zeus, Hercules, and Atlas.

The regular Pop figure for Shazam is a tad hard to find and is valued around $230. The metallic version exclusive to Gemini Collectibles, on the other hand, is even more difficult to track down and goes for $800-$850.

18 Biggs Darklighter: $750-$850

Via: amazon.com

The Star Wars franchise is famous for taking any character, no matter how short the amount of screen time they receive, and giving them a fun toy as well as a whole backstory that is never explored in the films.

One of the most famous of the non-essential characters to appear in any Star Wars movie is Biggs Darklighter, a rebel fighter pilot and friend of Luke Skywalker. Biggs was given a bobblehead Pop figure exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con, which is currently valued around $750-$850. Not bad for a character who only appears in a couple of scenes.

17 Metallic Blue Suit Batman: $1,000-$1,100

Via: collectors.com

One of the earliest Pop figures Funko ever created is now one of the most expensive to buy. In 2010, the company showed off a lineup of DC characters exclusive to SDCC before creating more from other various franchises to sell at retailers.

A metallic blue suit Batman figure from that original collection is now worth quite a large sum of money.

It goes for around $1,000-$1,100. Another version of the Caped Crusader was released at the convention in 2017 with the entire figure being metallic blue. That one goes for $400-$450.

16 Flocked Chewbacca Bobblehead: $1,100-$1,300

Via: hobbydb.com

Star Wars has a lot of lovable characters. One of the most beloved and one of the most consistently merchandised is Chewbacca the Wookie. He comes in handy constantly with his crossbow and considerable strength.

This bobblehead Pop figure was released at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con just as the little figures were beginning to gain more popularity. It’s also notable for being flocked, meaning it’s a little fuzzy and soft. The majority of Funko’s pop figures do not have this quality and it's typically only used for characters with fur.

15 Black Suit Batgirl: $1,000-$1,200

Via: pinterest.com

Though the character hasn’t been given the proper big screen treatment (I’d like to forget about the Schumacher days), Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl is still one of the toughest and most capable allies Batman has thanks to her photographic memory and excellent hand-to-hand combat skills.

DC and Funko know how fantastic the character is, as she’s received a plethora of different Pop figures.

This particular black suited variant debuted alongside other DC heroes at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con. As one of the first Pop figures, it now goes for around $1,000-$1,200.

14 Freddy Funko In Boba Fett's Armor: $1,200-$1,400

Via: stashpedia.com

Freddy Funko, as his last name might suggest, is the mascot of the company. And they’ve had a ton of fun making special variants of the character dressed as pop culture icons.

This one specifically is probably one of the coolest since he’s dressed as everyone’s favorite Star Wars bounty hunter, Boba Fett. Only 196 were created for the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con, so it now goes for about $1,200-$1,400. If you don’t have that kind of money you could always settle for a regular mass-produced Boba Fett, which is about $12.

13 The Avengers' Loki: $1,300

Via: stashpedia.com

There are many who believe Loki to be the best villain to ever appear in the MCU, and with good reason. He’s tragically twisted, which is only bolstered by Tom Hiddleston’s terrific performance. So you best believe a San Diego Comic Con exclusive Pop figure is worth a lot of money.

This particular version, based on his appearance in The Avengers with his fancy gold armor, can go for $1,300. There are many other figures based on the character, though none with that level of exclusivity.

12 Flocked Lotso: $1,600-$1,800

Via: coleka.com

Another flocked version of a character, and an arguably more adorable one at that. Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear was a deceptively evil stuffed animal in Toy Story 3. The antagonist, and the movie as a whole, was received extremely well so it makes sense that a rare Pop figure for the character would be hard to find.

The flocked version could only have been found at the D23 Expo held in 2011. While there were more created than some other, less expensive Pops on this list, this one still goes for $1,600-$1,800.

11 Star Wars Shadow Trooper: $1,400-$1,500

Via: picclick.com

This next one may seem confusing at first as it isn’t a figure of a well-known character or even one that is specific. But this shadow trooper was given out at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con (the same as Flocked Chewbacca), so it’s had some time to rise to $1,400-$1,500.

Also, of all the franchises in the world to put out merchandise, there is none that is respected quite like Star Wars. And there is no group of fans that loves collecting merchandise quite like that of the galaxy far, far away.

10 Planet Arlia Vegeta: $1,800

Via: stashpedia.com

Were you beginning to think that the only rare and expensive Pops were those of Disney, Star Wars, and superheroes? While the majority of them are, due to the massive and loyal fanbases, there are still Pops from other franchises that can earn you some serious money.

Dragon Ball Z is one of the most popular anime of all time and Vegeta is one of the most popular characters of the show.

This differently colored Planet Arlia version of the character, which was a Toy Tokyo exclusive, can sell for about $1,800.

9 Silver Batman: $1,650-$1,900

Via: ebay.com

Batman may be the character to receive the most amount of Pop figures yet. He’s loved by the masses and is one of DC’s most intriguing heroes so he’s been given a lot of versions over the years. And while Hot Topic has received some exclusive figures, there are none that have been quite like this one.

Only 108 of this Silver Batman Pop were made and they were only given out to employees as rewards.

Due to them not being available to the general public, they can now go for $1,650-$1,900.

8 Headless Ned Stark: $1,650-$1,700

Via: pinterest.com

Poor, poor Ned Stark. He was always honorable, always trying to do the right thing. But his nobility ended up losing him his head. And this macabre little toy commemorates his demise, perfectly capturing one of the most memorable scenes in Game of Thrones.

A little over 1,000 of these were made. But they were released at San Diego Comic-Con in 2013 and their value has only risen as the show has become more popular. Right now, they sell for around $1,650-$1,700.

7 Blue Suit Mr. Incredible: $1,700

Via: picclick.com

If you ask someone what their favorite Pixar movie is, there’s a good to fair chance they’ll say The Incredibles. So respected and well-made is Pixar’s superhero film that fans were clamoring for a sequel until they got one 14 years later.

That world has received a large number of Pop figures over the years that could be found at various retail outlets. The one of Mr. Incredible in his original blue suit, however, could only be purchased at the Disney store during the 2011 San Diego Comic Con. It now goes for $1,700.

6 Darth Maul (Glow In The Dark): $2,000-$2,100

Via: poppriceguide.com

Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace may have had some problems but the double-bladed lightsaber-wielding Darth Maul was not one of them. Everything from the character’s look to the way he fought was praised, so much so that he took center frame on the poster for the 3D re-release despite not appearing in most of the movie.

The point being: he’s a fan-favorite Sith.

So this glow in the dark Pop figure for the character, which was exclusive to the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con can go for a hefty sum. $2,000-$2,100.

5  Green Lantern (Glow In The Dark): $2,200-$2,400

Via: pinterest.com

The second variant of the original Green Lantern Pop that debuted at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con, but by far the more expensive and harder to find of the two. While the metallic version of the figure could be bought at Target, only attendees of that same Comic-Con would’ve been able to get their hands on this glow in the dark version.

This one is a bit of a double whammy. Not only was it exclusive to the convention, but, like Darth Maul, it was a glow in the dark variant of the original figure. Therefore, it is valued around $2,200-$2,400.

4 Metallic Frankenberry Freddy Funko: $3,400

Via: snupps.com

Yeah, it’s a bit of a weird one. Freddy Funko has been dressed up as all manner of characters, including cereal mascots like Frankenberry. And while that original Frankenberry Freddy Funko is still worth a decent amount of money, this metallic bobblehead version is something else entirely.

Only 12 (yes, 12) of these were made so they’re harder to track down than most. They were exclusively at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con and now go for about $3,400. Similarly, a metallic Freddy Funko dressed as Count Chocula is valued at the slightly less affordable $3,500-$3,700 price range.

3 Gold Dumbo: $4,000

Via: ebay.com

One wouldn’t expect a Pop figure of Dumbo to be valued as high as it is but given that only 48 of the golden variants were made for 2013 San Diego Comic-Con, it makes a little bit more sense.

Dumbo isn’t nearly as beloved as other Disney classics like Snow White or Cinderella.

But exclusivity is everything, so this certain Pop is valued around $4,000. You can find custom painted ones online for cheaper, but what kind of collector would want one of those?

2 Clown Face Dumbo: $4,500-$5,000

Via: worthpoint.com

If you thought the Gold Dumbo Pop was as expensive the flying elephant could get, you are sadly mistaken. During the same Comic-Con fans could grab a Gold Dumbo figure, they could also get one with his face painted to look like a clown.

While there were just as many of these produced as the gold variant, the clown face version no doubt feels a bit more special to fans of the film. Which is probably why it’s valued slightly higher around $4,500-$5,000.

1 Alex DeLarge (Glow in the Dark): $13,300

Via: stashpedia.com

And in the end, the Pop figure that’s valued higher than any other isn’t of a superhero or someone from a beloved franchise of films. It’s of a certifiably insane British teenager from one of the most disturbing movies ever made, A Clockwork Orange.

And it wasn’t even a Comic-Con exclusive.

Only 24 original figures were made and half of them were glow in the dark, but all of them were given out to Funko VIPs and signed by the current CEO. A regular figure still nets $2,500, but the glow in the dark version is valued at $13,300.

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