25 Funko Pops That Look Nothing Like The Characters

Funko Pop figures have taken the world by storm. What started out as a fun little company that made figures for popular characters has evolved into an empire that takes hold of just about every license imaginable and makes figures out of them. Love or hate them, these little figures are some of the hottest collectors’ items on the market, bringing in an insane revenue for the company. With exclusives and special editions added to the mix, there’s no telling how long Funko Pops will sell well.

The big reason why people seem to love them is because they’re cutesy recreations of the biggest names in pop culture. Everyone from Mega Man to Rick Sanchez has received a figure that recaptures their essence while providing an adorable spin on their designs. That said, not all Funko Pops are designed so well.

As a matter of fact, there are quite a few Funko Pop figures that don’t capture their characters as well as the fans would’ve liked. Many of these figures have gone down in infamy for how inaccurate they were to their source material, whether it be because of Funko’s design choice or because they were poorly designed. Needless to say, there are many Funko Pops that many refuse to collect simply because of how little they resemble their actual characters.

With that in mind, join us as we count down 25 Funko Pops that look nothing like their characters. Be prepared to look at some of the most-despised figures from the company.

25 Rigby

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Rigby from Regular Show is a beloved character. Everything from his eccentric personality to the way he is designed captivated many fans for the show’s run. Funko decided to immortalize him with his own figure, but people were quick to point out how strange it looked. With how concise the character’s design was in the show, it was surprising to have a figure so devoid of personality. Furthermore, the trademark black eyes hurt the figure’s display more than help it.

24 Sonic (Original)

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Funko has been able to craft decent Sonic the Hedgehog figures for a while now, but that wasn’t always the case. When they first tried their hand at creating Sonic himself, the results were less than impressive. Sonic’s body looked all wrong, and the color was too dark to properly represent him. Furthermore, the singular eyes made him look like someone wearing a mask. A big part of Sonic’s physical appearance is that his eyes connect, so using single circles made him look weird.

23 Goofy (Original)

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There are a lot of collectors that go after Disney characters in their classic costumes for obvious reasons, but the Goofy Funko Pop is one that doesn’t need to be on a display shelf. While he does retain his classic outfit, he suffers from having his face severely altered due to the translation to a Funko Pop. The result is something that looks creepy. The pale white eyes and the droopy look just don’t fit Goofy. It’s a good thing that later versions were fixed.

22 Agent 13

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Agent 13 has been in the MCU since The Winter Soldier, but it wasn’t until Civil War that she got her own Funko Pop. Unfortunately, Agent 13’s figure is underwhelming to the point where you wouldn’t even know it was her unless someone told you. What really throws the look off is the two batons she holds. She never used those in the film, so why are they attached to her figure? Was it an attempt to make her cooler?

21 Donald Duck (Original)

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There were many classic Disney characters who were given Funko Pops that were reminiscent of their original designs in the cartoons, but they didn’t always look good. Take Donald Duck for example. He has the classic sailor outfit, but the features are where things start to go off the rails. Not only are his hands uncharacteristically big for him, but the doofy smile and big, black eyes make him look far off from what fans of the character are used to.

20 Batman Impopsters

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Batman is such a big character than Funko decided to release a line of Pop figures that were labelled Batman Impopsters. These figures were classic Batman villains that wore their own versions of the batsuit. Not only was this a cheap excuse to have different batsuits, but few of them looked that good. The proportions of some of the villains wouldn’t work for a Batman ripoff, yet they somehow managed to fit Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, and Penguin in a scaled Batman costume.

19 Mr. Incredible (Original)

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When comparing the first version of Mr. Incredible to his re-design for Incredibles 2, it’s clear why the former made this list. This Funko Pop figure looks more like a baby than it does the stalwart, action-loving Mr. Incredible we’re all used to. What really throws off the look is the mask. While it’s not a sin to have the white eyes, it’s the fact that they’re so far apart that makes the figure fall apart. Couple that with him having the most basic pose in history, and it’s a figure that doesn’t resemble the character.

18 Crush

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Crush was well-known in Finding Nemo for having a laidback attitude, and channeling modern surfer bros. When it came to turning him into a Funko Pop, there were some differences that were hard to digest. Not only are his limbs much larger in the front than they have any right to be, but his face lacks the proper details we’re used to. The relaxed eyes and dopey smile just make him seem like he’s tired rather than someone ready to swim through the EAC.

17 Meg

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There aren’t a lot of human-based Funko Pops that have mouths, and it’s for a good reason. It causes the figures to look strange, if not creepy. One great example is Meg from Hercules. While the exaggerated lips were part of her design in the film, they don’t translate well onto a figure with an oversized head. To make matters worse, it probably would’ve resembled the character better if she didn’t have the mouth at all. As it stands, she’s far from the best.

16 Doghan Daguis

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If you don’t recognize Doghan Daguis, that’s because it was an alien from Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. Because Funko grabs the license to anything that has even a chance of becoming popular, these little guys got a series of Funko Pops. As you might expect, they were weird-looking and creepy. From top to bottom, the figures don’t resemble the character. The coloring is a bit off, and they don’t have the wings either. They’re just weird figures.

15 Doomsday

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The Doomsday Funko Pop was created for the release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. To be fair about the figure’s design, Funko didn’t have great source material to work with. Doomsday, in that movie, was hard to see and a poorly-crafted character. The figure, as a result, doesn’t look like the movie version. It tries to keep him muscular while still having a large head, which makes him look strangely scrawny. Furthermore, the details on his face are much more symmetrical than the monstrous character in the film.

14 Dementor

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Right off the bat, there’s something about the Dementor Funko Pop that doesn’t sit right with us. It all boils down to the head. The cloth molded to its face with the eye holds and open mouth don’t quite capture how they looked in the films. This is mostly because of where they tried to have holes for eyes; the figure might’ve looked better if it just had a mouth. Also, the pose seems too much like a wizard and not enough like a monster that sucks the joy out of its victims.

13 Bad Ape

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To say that the Bad Ape Funko Pop from War for the Planet of the Apes looks bad would be an understatement. Not only is an awkwardly-designed figure, but it doesn’t capture the character at all. Bad Ape was an old and clearly tortured ape, but he had a certain joy and unease about him that made him one of the more lovable characters of the film. The Funko Pop just turns him into another generic figure that plays into his age more than his other defining traits.

12 Dory

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Taking animals and converting them to Funko Pops is a careful process and must be done well, or it won’t be good. Take the Dory figure, for example. Her Funko Pop is reduced to a blue tang fish wish big, black eyes. The result is a figure that lacks any of the personality of Dory from the movies. The giant eyes also back it look like a soulless monstrosity rather than a figure representing a character that kids love. At least the Hank figure had some expression on his face.

11 Mrs. Potts (2017)

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The Mrs. Potts Funko Pop from the live-action Beauty and the Beast is an example of how too much of a good thing can go wrong. The classic Mrs. Potts and Chip Funko Pop were fantastic, but the remade versions are simply horrifying. The problem with Mrs. Potts is that, in this version, she has a lot of detail, yet the massive eyes are a staple of minimalist art. When combining the two, it clashes so hard that the results create a character that looks like something straight out of your nightmares.

10 Joker (Suicide Squad)

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Joker’s design in Suicide Squad was far from great, and it’s poetic that the Funko Pop would be equally poorly-received as well as not properly resemble the character. Not only does a scene where he holds this pose shirtless never happen in the film, but there are a few details that are just off. The pants that say “Arkham” never appear. We also wonder what in the world is going on with that smile, where teeth are clearly missing just inside the lips.

9 Pac-Man

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In a lot of ways, the Pac-Man Funko Pop has a lot of the details about the character correct. Every color is on point, his eyes are shapes like classic Pac-Man, his eyebrows are at the right place, and he even has the classic pose. What went wrong? The problem with the figure is its shape. Because Funko tries to have their characters look uniform, the Pac-Man figure ends up being square as a result. Funko released a smaller, rounder, Pac-Man figure later that looks much better.

8 Toothless

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Toothless is one of the most lovable, adorable, and charismatic characters that Dreamworks ever brought to life. It’s a shame, then, that his Funko Pop would be so still, lifeless, and downright weird. Toothless, like many other Funko Pops, falls into the “eyes that are more creepy than cute” category. The choice of light green only draws more attention to them, making them stand out in all the wrong ways. Toothless is already cute, so it took a lot of effort to take his cuteness away.

7 Cuphead

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Cuphead proved to be one of the best indie games ever made. Funko quickly caught on, gaining the license to the franchise and wasting no time in creating Funko Pops for Cuphead and Mugman. The problem with Cuphead is that the standard “Funko Pop” proportions have made the figure much more stagnant. Not only are his eyes identical to Pac-Man’s as a figure, but his head shape is off too. Funko released a separate figure that faithfully recreates the character, and it’s ten times better than the Pop.

6 Green Arrow

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Ever since Stephen Amell began his portrayal of Oliver Queen in Arrow, the Green Arrow has become one of DC’s more popular superheroes. Unfortunately, the Funko Pop doesn’t quite capture the character in the show. The shade of green is off, and the facial hair without a mouth just looks distracting. It dances on the line of realistic and cartoonish, and it causes the figure to fall apart as a result. It looks much better on the box art than it does in reality.

5 Black Widow (The Winter Soldier)

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Black Widow has been given a Funko Pop for just about every single movie appearance she has had to date. Her figure for The Winter Soldier easily takes the cake for the most inaccurate. Making her forehead much larger than it needs to be, the figure looks like a bootleg action figure than something officially licensed by Marvel. She is also given strangely thick legs, which make her more reminiscent of a Cabbage Patch Doll than a Funko Pop.

4 Geoffrey Iron Man

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There are so many things wrong with this Funko Pop. Not only are we wondering why this figure was ever made, but it gets a lot of things wrong. By slapping Geoffrey’s head on Iron Man’s body, the proportions for the giraffe are entirely lost. It was like Funko had some leftover Geoffrey and classic Iron Man figures and slapped them together for kicks. Somehow, the figure does manage to look cuter than the actual Geoffrey Giraffe, though it doesn’t quite resemble him.

3 Hello Kitty

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Hello Kitty was a character that was destined to get a Funko Pop. Hello Kitty merchandise is popular in just about every corner of the world. To be fair, a lot of the Sanrio characters are fairly accurate, like Badtz-Maru and Keroppi. However, there’s something off about Hello Kitty. Already having small, black eyes, giving the figure large eyes instead make the character a lot more horrifying. The cuteness factor is gone, creating a character that looks nightmarish rather than adorable.

2 Cap (Bucky Barnes)

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This Cap Funko Pop takes the cake for having one of the laziest designs to date. One look, and you wouldn’t be able to tell that Bucky Barnes is underneath the suit. It vaguely resembles his suit in the comics, but it also reuses a lot of components from other Cap figures. It’s the kind of figure that doesn’t give even collectors much reason to nab it for their shelves. If you need Bucky, you’d be better off trying to find an actual Winter Soldier figure.

1 Hancock

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John Hancock is a popular character for Fallout fans. Being the ghoul mayor of a special town, he has a surprisingly good attitude and knows how to smile in spite of the craziness happening in the world around him. When he was turned into a Funko Pop, much of his personality was lost. The figure makes him look angry, like some lame zombie that you fight in the game. It simultaneously recreates his appearance well, while destroying it by giving him an angry expression.

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