The 15 Weirdest Funko Pops (And 15 That Are Crazy Rare)

Pop culture merchandise has never been more in demand than it is now. From action figures to T-shirts and everything in between, fans love to show off their favorite television show or film characters with weird and wonderful products. In recent years, pop culture manufacture Funko has seen their revenue go through the roof thanks to their wide range of Funko Pop Vinyls. These miniature figures are based on an Eastern style and typically depict licensed characters with large black eyes from a number of well-known franchises, including the Marvel and DC worlds, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and many other pop culture entities.

Funko Pop Vinyls have revolutionized the action figure market, producing wonderful recreations of famous pop culture identities for both boys, girls, and adult collectors. Along with your standard looking figures, there are numerous strange and rare dolls that have had a limited release over the years. This article highlights some of the weirdest and rarest Funko Pop Vinyls on the market, including the extremely rare Blue Metallic Batman and weird looking B. A. Baracus head on a van Pop.

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30 Weird: B.A. Baracus

via: funko.com

If a figure of The A-Team's B.A. Baracus isn't enough to get you pumped how about this insane looking amalgamation of Baracus and the A-Team's famous black van?

This Pop features Baracus' head on top of the sleek looking black van, with the attention to detail quite incredible.

Sure, it looks a little different with Baracus bobblehead but it gives this Pop a unique look and one I'm sure many collectors and fans of the A-Team would love to proudly display in their house.

29 Rare: Arlia Vegeta

via: coleka.com

Regarded by collectors as one of the hardest Funko Pop Vinyls to come across, Planet Arlia Vegeta is a delightful take on the much loved Dragon Ball Z character. This version of Vegeta was released in 2014 as an exclusive for the New York Comic Con and Toy Tokyo. Based on the planet Vegeta and Nappa destroyed before their rivalry with Goku during the Saiyan Saga, it's a solid representation of the character. It might not look that special but this figure is worth somewhere in the region of $850, making it worthy of a place on this list.

28 Weird: Tupac Shakur

via: worthpoint.com

As well as producing figures of fictional characters Funko have also released a line of figures based on real-life people. From movie stars to musicians, some of the biggest celebrities have had their own likeness represented as a Pop Vinyl, including legendary rapper Tupac Shakur.

The thing is, his figure doesn't really resemble the West Coast rapper.

Sure, there's the microphone and the red bandana but the only give away this is 2Pac is the thug life tattoo across his stomach. This is one of the more confusing creations from Funko that's best left on the shelf.

27 Rare: Loki

via: YouTube (The Funko Corner)

Funko made a successful Avengers line of Pops that included the likes of Iron Man, and Thor. At the San Diego Comic-Con in 2012, they released a limited edition figure of Loki, Thor's shape-shifting brother. The original figure features Loki in green and black apparel, with this special edition coming decked out in a gold vest with black pants and sporting the gold-horned helmet as seen in the first Thor film. This exclusive figure fetches around $1200 on the internet and is one many fans wish they had as part of their collection.

26 Weird: Sweet Tooth

via: cafr.ebay.ca

Anyone who's played Twisted Metal will remember playing as Sweet Tooth, aka Needles Kane, whose vehicle of choice is an ice cream truck. The cult character has featured in every incarnation of the game, with his face made up like that of a clown and his hair continually on fire. He's Pop figure is a great representation of Sweet Tooth, complete with creepy grin, flaming hair, and wielding some type of blade. This isn't a figure I'd have on clear display during the night though as it's actually terrifying. Plus you can't trust clowns.

25 Rare: Darth Maul

via: funkofunatic.com

The Star Wars prequel trilogies aren't great but the character of Darth Maul is one of the few redeeming features of the films. Although he meets his end in The Phantom Menace he quickly became a fan favorite and went on to have a resurgence in the animated series. This figure of Darth Maul is another San Diego Comic Con exclusive from the 2012 exhibition. What makes it so special is the fact this Pop can glow in the dark, enabling you to use Darth Maul as a nightlight. These Pops are extremely rare and sell for upwards of $1,500.

24 Weird: Bob Ross

via: amazon.com

The painter and art instructor Bob Ross rose to fame as the host of The Joy Of Painting, an art show dedicated to, you guessed it, painting. Ross hosted the program over a decade from 1983 to 1994 and was known for his afro, love of art, and quirky one-liners. He passed away in 1995 and became a cultural icon during the 21st century when episodes of his show were uploaded to YouTube, resulting in a new fan base. Funko created a figure in tribute to the great man, capturing the bushy-bearded painter ready to complete his next great piece of art.

23 Rare: Freddy Funko Boba Fett

via: ebay.com

For the uninitiated, Freddy Funko is the official Funko Pop Vinyl mascot. There are multiple figures of the freckled fella available with many Pop's featuring Freddy dressed as a well-known pop culture characters. This figure of Freddy dressed as Star Wars favorite Boba Fett was a special release at the San Diego Comic-Con back in 2014. It might not look too spectacular but it's worth around a couple thousand dollars, with one figure even selling for close to $6,ooo!

22 Weird: Cthulhu

via: amazon.com

Howard Phillips Lovecraft, otherwise known as H. P. Lovecraft, is recognized as one of the shining lights of the horror genre. Saying goodbye at the age of 46, he achieved posthumous fame for his scary short stories and novels. He is responsible for the mythos behind Cthulhu, an ancient entity that looks like an octopus, dragon, and human and is worshiped by off people. For some reason, Funko thought Cthulhu would make the ultimate Pop and have transformed the ugly evil into a cute looking green creature with tentacles for a mouth.

21 Rare: Shadow Trooper

via: funkopopitalia.com

Star Wars Funko Pop Vinyls are a dime a dozen these days. Similar to Star Wars action figures, you can find Pops of the most obscure characters who have limited screen time, but what makes the Shadow Trooper so special is the fact only 480 were released. First available at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con, these Pops are not only great looking, but fetch upwards of $1000 amongst collectors. So if you happen to stumble across one of these on the cheap make sure you snatch it up quick smart.

20 Weird: Sharknado

via: YouTube (ReelRetro87)

Ever since Jaws scared the life out of audiences Hollywood has been trying to replicate Steven Spielberg's blockbuster. Sharknado is nothing like the aforementioned classic but has found a home with the direct-to-DVD market, resulting in five films about sharks wrecking cities all over, with a sixth said to be on its way. This Pop features a shark caught up in a water cyclone ready to take a bit out of someone.

Why anyone would want Sharknado merch is a question I can't answer, but it sure makes for a fun looking Pop toy.

19 Rare: Biggs Darklighter

via: amazon.com

Here's another lesser known Star Wars character who's Funko Pop Vinyl is extremely rare. Biggs Darklighter was Luke Skywalker's best friend as the two grew up on Tatooine. Darklighter became a pilot for the Rebellion and fought alongside Skywalker in their attempt to destroy the Death Star during A New Hope. Unfortunately, things didn't end well for Darklight, who was defeated by Darth Vader. Despite this, his Pop figure is worth a small fortune. Limited to a release of 480 like the Shadow Tropper Pop, Darklighter fetches for around a grand, ensuring his memory will live on in collectors hearts.

18 Weird: Laura Palmer

via: popcultcha.com.au

When it comes to television shows it doesn't get any weirder than Twin Peaks. If the first two seasons of David Lynch's abstract mystery aren't baffling enough, anyone who caught last year's long-awaited third season would have found themselves scratching their head and thinking, "What the heck did I just watch?" With a huge cast of characters to choose from Funko decided to created a Laura Palmer Pop Vinyl. Tied up and wrapped in plastic this creepy Pop is a strange way to represent Twin Peaks but one I imagine fans will love.

17 Rare: Blue Metallic Batman

via: funkopopnews.com

Another San Diego Comic Con exclusive this blue metallic Batman Pop was a limited release at the 2010 edition of the much-hyped convention.

Selling online between $500 - $800, this Batman figure is absolutely striking, with the blue metallic color visually pleasing.

Even without the Batman logo on the figure's chest, you know who the Pop is modeled after, with the flailing cape and pointy-eared mask dead giveaways. A wonderful creation from Funko.

16 Weird: Oram

via: funkopopnews.com

Here's one for Alien fans with a Funko Pop Vinyl of Chris Oram from Alien: Covenant, unfortunately, being attacked by a face hugger. Just like the film, this Hot Topic exclusive figure details Oram being subdued by a facehugger before his end later in the film. This Pop is pretty funny considering how massive the facehugger is in comparison to Oram's body, and is a good reminder nobody can hear you scream in space.

15 Rare: Glow In The Dark Green Lantern

via: theblotsays.com

The Green Lantern has had a tough time when it comes to Hollywood. Ryan Reynolds portrayed him in Green Lantern, an absolute turd of a film, and his cameo in Justice League ended in his premature end. Thankfully, Funko have given the legendary character a boost in popularity with this limited edition glow in the dark Pop Vinyl. Only 240 of these were released to the public during the 2010 San Diego Comic Con and can now be found online selling for over $1200.

14 Weird: Bing Bong

via: amazon.com

The imaginary friend of Riley Anderson from the 2015 Disney/Pixar animated film Inside Out, Bing Bong is a strange looking pink elephant character who tries to find his way back into Anderson's mind in the kiddy flick. Bing Bong has a sad story arch in the film but this figure is far from upsetting, with the likable fella sporting a huge grin and waving one arm. Although his trunk resembles a certain part of the male anatomy, Bing Bong is a faithful recreation of the weird and wonderful film character.

13 Rare: Bobble Head Chewbacca

via: pintrest.com

You can purchase a few different versions of Chewbacca Funko Pop Vinyls but this limited edition bobblehead version is very hard to come by. As the name suggests, this Pop is also a bobblehead, with Chewie's familiar Wookie head able to bob about. Not only does this figure have a bobblehead but he's covered in fake hair to resemble his shaggy coat instead of the smooth vinyl of standard figures.

As with most limited edition Star Wars Pops, this one isn't cheap, often going for over $1200 on the open market.

12 Weird: Spider-Man

via: collectorstoyden.com

There are tons of different Spider-Man Funko Pop Vinyls available but if you're looking for one that stands out as a little different then you can't go past this replica of the web-slinger from Spider-Man: Homecoming. Wearing civilian clothes over his Spidery outfit, Peter Parker is also sporting a large pair of headphones over his ears, reminiscent of a fantastic scene from the film. The detail is great and although the headphones don't play music, this is another interesting choice of Pop from Funko.

11 Rare: Khal & Khaleesi

via: gamesradar.com

Although not the most expensive Pop on this list —you can pick this two set up for roughly $200 - $300— the beautiful couple of Khal and Khaleesi is on the rare side. The set depicts both the Dothraki warrior and his Queen Daenerys Targaryen not long after they've been married. Drogo holds his arakh and looks ready for battle while Daenerys appears somewhat stunned at now being the wife of the Dothraki leader. Although the two don't end up living happily ever after, this is a great set of two of Game Of Thrones best characters.

10 Weird: Ned Stark

via: whatculture.com

With the success of Game Of Thrones, it didn't take long for Funko to capitalize on the show's success. They released numerous figures based on the main characters from the show, with the best easily being headless Ned Stark. Unlike the other versions of poor old Neddy, this figure has a detachable head so you can recreate the beheading scene from the first season if you're a little on the dark side. Not only does Ned still have the Hand of the King insignia attached to his chest, but he also depicts the breathtaking final moments of season 1, staying true to the demise of the much-mourned character.

9 Rare: Harley Quinn

via: actionfiguregeek.com

This all silver Harley Quinn was a special edition created for Hot Topic. Only 144 figures were created but these weren't for sale on the shop floor, instead given out as gifts to staff for doing such a tremendous job. Along with Quinn an all silver Superman was also produced for the tireless workers. Although both figures are rare they aren't that expensive on the resale market, with Quinn going for around $500 and Superman $700, although that's still a heck of a lot of money to pay for a Pop figure.

8 Weird: Cuphead

via: andromedaspop.com

Cuphead is a 2D video game produced for the Xbox and PC whereby you take control of the title character or his brother Mugman. As either one of the cupcentric characters, you must navigate multiple levels and bosses to repay a debt to the devil.

Much like this figure, the game is wacky, with the animation inspired by 1930s cartoons.

It's easy to see similarities between Cuphead and Mickey Mouse in terms of design, and the eternal question posed by Cuphead still remains, what's actually in his cuphead?

7 Rare: Zombie Merle Dixon

via: sortitapps.com

When The Walking Dead first began airing, Funko was in its infancy as a company, so it made sense the two entities would team up. Since then, there have been a number of The Walking Dead and Funko Pop Vinyl crossovers, with the 2013 figure of a zombie Merle Dixon one of the hardest to track down. Zombie Dixon comes with his missing hand as well as a splattered t-shirt. Although it will only cost you a couple hundred, Zombie Dixon is tough to find and no doubt will be an excellent addition to any Walking Dead fan's collection.

6 Weird: Poet Anderson

via: popcultcha.com.au

Here's an obscure Pop Vinyl you might not be aware of. Poet Anderson is the focal point of the 2014 animated short Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker. The film is directed by Tom DeLonge, Edgar Martins, and Sergio Martins and features music from DeLonge's band Angles & Airwaves. Rarely seen, the film is a strange mixture of animation styles and is inspired by films such as Blade Runner and A Clockwork Orange. Poet Anderson looks like an old-timey detective with his black suit, umbrella, and bowler hat and remains one of the strangest characters to get the Pop Vinyl treatment.

5 Rare: Two-Face

via Popvinyl.net

Batman has already featured on this list so it's only right one of his greatest nemesis also makes an appearance. Two-Face, the alter ego of Harvey Dent, is one of the Caped Crusaders most recognizable foes and this Pop Vinyl is a great take on the classic character. Capturing the normal side of Dent and the villainous Two-Face, this figure is both colorful and disturbing. First released in 2013, it's not readily available these days and goes for around $180 on the resell market.

4 Weird: White Walker Conan O'Brien

via: coleka.com

The well-known Talkshow host Conan O'Brien has had quite a number of Funko Pop Vinyls created in his image over the years. His show, The Conan O’Brien Show, has regularly attended the San Diego Comic-Con over the years, with Funko releasing a Batman Conan, Jedi Conan, and even a Ghostbuster Conan. The weirdest of the lot though is the White Walker Conan, with the figure coming in a blue color with piercing eyes and a rather buff torso, very unlike the real-life Conan.

3 Rare: Blue Mr. Incredible

via: stashpedia.com

The Incredible's long-awaited sequel hit cinemas this year and has received as much praise as the first film. The original remains an animated classic and Funko realized people wanted figures based on the family and went about releasing a variety of different Pop Vinyls. During the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con Funko made a limited edition Mr. Incredible in his blue suit available to entrants. Although the only difference between this and the regular red version is the color, it's still high on collectors list and is worth around $650.

2 Weird: Paul Feig

via: pintrest.com

When it was announced Funko were set to release a line of Pop Vinyl based on directors, film buffs couldn't contain their excitement about who would be the first filmmaker immortalized as a figure. Would it be the great Martin Scorsese or the legendary Stanley Kubrick? Turns out Bridesmaids and Ghostbuster director Paul Feig got the honor.

Why? I've no idea, but his figure is rather dapper looking and is a good representation of the well-liked director.

I'm still patiently waiting for a Francis Ford Coppola figure to be released.

1 Rare: Indiana Jones

via:YouTube (John Carlos McMaster)

Indiana Jones is an iconic film character brought to life by Harrison Ford's laconic charm and quick wit. Another San Diego Comic Con exclusive, this figure is relatively new and was only released in 2016. The figure comes with Indy wielding his whip and holding the gold fertility statue he finds in Indiana Jones And The Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Despite only going for $200, this figure is a great replica of Jones and is sure to be a collector's item in the coming years.

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