15 Funko Pops Worth A Fortune (And 15 That Are Worth Next To Nothing)

Funko Pop Funatics rejoice! We've put together a list outlining 15 crazy pops that are worth a fortune and 15 that are absolutely worthless!

Funko Pops: They're either the bane of your existence or your sole reason for making a trip to the mall whenever possible. These little vinyl collectibles have taken the world by storm and driven fans to serious means to get their hands on Pops that represent their favorite character, and by "serious means" what we really mean is serious money. While Pops go for roughly $10-$15 in-store, once they're sold out or their exclusive lines have stopped running, the price only goes up.

So, imagine our surprise when we found out that some of these crazy little figures go for well into the hundreds, with some breaching the 1k mark. This might sound crazy to you but for fans of these little guys, having a shelf full of them is definitely something to be prideful about. It's not every day that you can have your favorite character sitting on a shelf staring back at you and some of them aren't cheap to find.

Obviously, as times change, so does the exclusivity of these Pops as well as what's trending. The editions that made this list are in accordance with what's trending right at this very moment, and, well, what's really not. Not all Funko Pops are created equal and some are, sadly, much less loved than others. However, some of these have a pretty significant price tag attached to them... If you're willing to part with one month's rent to add them to your shelf. We love collectibles just as much as the next person, but we have to wonder—is it really worth it?

30 Worth It: Zombie Merle Dixon

via: collectors.com

Don't lie and try to say that you weren't in tears when it came to Merle ultimately losing his life to a walker on The Walking Dead. And if you've just started watching and haven't made it to that part yet, well... Whoops. Un-zombified Merle goes for $70 on his own, so the bitten version of this misunderstood man will go for well into the hundreds. That is if you can even get your hands on one -- They're pretty elusive.

29 Worth Nothing: Agumon

via: snyderscandy.com

Digimon isn't really a thing anymore (please don't hate me for it, Digimon fans), especially with the serious rise in popularity of Pokémon upon staging its comeback. Poor little Agumon, in addition to many other sad Digimon Pops, is no longer worth much of anything, let alone passing the ten-dollar mark. This is great news for anyone who is really keen on the show and game(s), but not very good news for anyone who was hoping that someday Agumon would become more than a vinyl figure getting dusty on a shelf.

28 Worth It: Shadow Trooper

via: picclick.co.uk

Calling all Star Wars fans! We're talking some serious money with this Pop and the listing—the only listing—on eBay starts this Shadow Trooper off at a whopping 1k.

The reason this guy goes for so much is that it was a San Diego Comic Con exclusive, which means that you won't find it anywhere else now.

If you weren't able to be at SDCC but desperately need to get your hands on this Pop, it can be yours—for the price of the plane ticket you could buy to go to San Diego.

27 Worth Nothing: BB-8

via: hottopic.com

Yikes, BB-8. This version of the tiny android from The Force Awakens isn't really going for much unless you consider a steady $9.99 to be a steep price for a Pop (it's actually pretty average). You might think that any Star Wars Pops are going for a significant price due to its popularity, but that's exactly why they are so cheap. When it comes to the newer Pops that are inspired by recent movies, you'll notice a price increase, but not with this guy.

26 Worth It: Red Skull

via: twitter.com

Fans of Captain America and Pops rejoiced at the news that Red Skull would be joining the ranks of Funkos everywhere. However, Red Skull is a rare Pop that was limited so the chances you had of scoring him in the first place were pretty slim.

Now, this Pop goes for well over a thousand dollars—topping out at roughly $1,200.

If you're not willing to pay that steep of a price, you can probably find an unboxed (ouch) Red Skull for a few hundred instead.

25 Worth Nothing: Blair Waldorf And Friends

via: twitter.com

It's really not surprising that Queen B herself is worth next to nothing when it comes to Pops unless you are truly a hard-out collector of Gossip Girl memorabilia. In fact, you can get her and her best friend Serena Van Der Woodsen (who's worth a whole dollar less) for only $26.

In a bizarre twist of fate, the queen doesn't even go for more than $10, new and unboxed.

What on earth would her majesty say if she caught her Pop being sold for less than she spent on lattes every week?

24 Worth It: Planet Arlia Vegeta

via: oddpurchase.com

Dragon Ball Z Pops have had their fair share of rare runs and Planet Arlia Vegeta is probably one of the rarest at the moment. Aside from the fact that he's stunning in all of his flaming-haired glory, he's also incredibly difficult to come by.

The price attached to this five-inch vinyl figure is astounding;

We've seen up to $3,000 on eBay alone, with a low price being $1,900. Anything else that you see is a fake in all likelihood because it was a New York Comic Con exclusive from 2014.

23 Worth Nothing: Chewbacca

via: shopdisney.com

Although Chewbacca's bobblehead is totally adorable and should be worth more than only $25, it's not. The edition of this Pop that's worth slightly more is snow-covered Chewbacca, which goes for an extra $15. Overall, this version generally hovers around $10-$15 and you won't find them at much higher a price unless you go to eBay, where they're well-overpriced. There are many a Star Wars Pop that is worth more, but Chewbacca is more of a novelty than a rarity.

22 Worth It: Iron Man [Unmasked]

via: wizeguyscollectibles.com

This edition of Iron Man doesn't go for a super steep price but compared to other Marvel Pops, he's pretty expensive.

You can find him on eBay for roughly $70 but other than that, your shopping options are limited to Amazon.

Edition 96 is an Amazon exclusive, therefore they claim the rights to selling this somewhat rare version of the superhero. If you're in the market for an unmasked Tony Stark, head in their direction and get your wallet ready.

21 Worth Nothing: Dave

via: ebay.com

Don't get us wrong—it's not that minions aren't worthless, it's just that this one is. Dave is the minion Pop that everyone has and the one everyone knows so well from the movies. While this edition only goes for $9.99, there is a version of Dave that goes for much, much more. If you manage to get your hands on a metallic version of the adorable little tic tac monster, you could be shelling out hundreds. And this isn't the only metallic minion out there, they're all worth quite a pretty penny for an avid collector.

20 Worth It: Indiana Jones With Idol

via: youtube.com

There are a few of these editions out there so don't get it confused; We're talking specifically about edition 199: Indiana Jones with the infamous idol.

There's no saying that you have to get your hands on this one, but if you choose to, you could be paying up to $400 or more for it.

Indiana Jones and his little idol were a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, which means you'll never see him on shelves or anywhere else that's not a personal seller website. You can find other editions of this famous adventurer for $99.

19 Worth Nothing: Dr. Emmett Brown

via: ebay.com

This Back to the Future favorite is sold at a surprisingly cheap price, which we suppose makes sense when you consider that although the movies aged well, they're competing against other top movies and shows of today's generation. You can find a used version of the Doc on eBay for just over five bucks, or a brand new one for no more than $20. If you're really crazy about the movies and a huge fan of the Doc's work, there's a signed Pop floating around—If you're willing to spend just over $800 for it.

18 Worth It: Headless Ned Stark

via: reddit.com

While the Ned Stark Pop who still has his head doesn't go for more than $12.99, his post-mortem vinyl body goes for up to $2,499, even though the current estimated value is only $1,320. Game of Thrones has an insane following and any fan knows how amazing it can be to add a Pop like this to their collection. Just like Zombified Merle Dixon, Headless Ned Stark comes with a price if you want this addition from the San Diego Comic-Con line to your Pop shelf.

17 Worth Nothing: Eeyore

via: boxlunch.com

This is just sad now. It's bad enough that poor little Eeyore was positively gloomy through the entirety of Winne the Pooh, but it's even worse knowing that even his Pop isn't worth that much.

The estimated value of his adorably sad face is only $15, but you can find him going for as low as eight dollars.

The Winnie the Pooh line of Pops obviously isn't one that people are running to stores to collect, but they'll always have a special place in the hearts of all lovers of the 100-Acre Wood.

16 Worth It: Green Arrow

via: pinterest.com

Green Arrow was released in 2011 and his estimated value isn't too far off from what he's going for on nearly every seller website. He's estimated to be worth $220, but the highest we've seen him selling for is $398. Since it's an older Pop, there's little to no chance that you'll find this selling for any less than that since he's a bit of a rarity nowadays. While not as popular as some of the other Marvel and DC Pops, he still holds his own if you've got a few extra hundreds to spend.

15 Worth Nothing: Katsuki

via: funko.com

Sorry, My Hero Academia fans. There are many Pops out there that go for a hefty price (we're looking at you, Dragon Ball Z) but this Katski is not only inexpensive, but it's still relatively too new to be worth anything significant.

Since its release in 2017, the price hasn't really fluctuated much and its estimated value is still hovering around $28.

While it's more than many Pops on this list, you can still find him for as cheap as $15. He's a great addition for any fans of the anime, so who knows... Maybe his cheap price is a gift rather than a disappointment.

14 Worth It: Freddy Funko

via: poppriceguide.com

The Freddy to end all Freddys... Just kidding. This Pop comes at a price, though; If you're a fan of all things original and more of a Funko Pop fan than a fan of collecting Pop figured inspired by movies, television, or games. Freddy goes for roughly $90 online which is still super cheap when compared to some of the other more elusive Pops on this list. Freddy Funko is an exclusive, however, so your chances of finding him anywhere but online in places like eBay are pretty much slim to none.

13 Worth Nothing: Kitana

via: produto.mercadolivre.com

This fancy fighter from Mortal Combat X premiered in 2017 but definitely didn't boast the same price tag that some of her counterparts did that year. This is great news for fans of the game but not such great news for those who think they might have a valuable Pop someday. While her features are on point and she's quite the looker in a Pop collection, the lowest we've seen Kitana go for is four dollars. The highest price you'll pay is eight dollars, but Kitana's estimated value hovers somewhere around six total.

12 Worth It: Flocked Lotso

via: box.es

This Disney exclusive goes for so much more than you'd think it would, but it was an exclusive released during the D-23 Expo.

The estimated value alone of this Pop is $1,590 which means it's being sold by personal sellers for a whole lot more than that.

If you're a fan of the Toy Story movies then perhaps there's not price tag limit for you, in which case, get ready to shell out at least $1,300. We've seen this go for as much as $1,850, though, which is pretty extreme—Even if he is one of the greatest toy villains to ever walk the playground.

11 Worth Nothing: Notorious B.I.G.

via: supportivepc.com

The crowned Notorious B.I.G. Pop is actually premiering September of 2018, however, that doesn't mean it will be out of your price range. The Pop is already being pre-sold on Amazon for $10.99, which is incredibly cheap compared to his prior edition, which is metallic and goes for well over one-thousand. Fans of the hip-hop king can get their hands on this Pop soon enough though, and while the price isn't that steep right now, who knows what Biggie will be worth in future years.

10 Worth It: Flashpoint Batman

via: worthpoint.com

There are two very similar versions of this Batman edition Pop, so don't get this one confused with the original that's only worth twenty bucks. This New York Comic-Con exclusive was only released once back in 2011 and is still going for plenty today. There are tons of DC fans out there who we're sure would love to get their hands on this guy, and you can for anywhere between $600 and $900. Those prices aren't too outrageous considering the Pop is valued at $750 and for some avid Batman-lover, the price is right.

9 Worth Nothing: Peggy Bundy

via: plasticandplush.com

Are there even any Married with Children fans reading this right now? The show, made popular in the 90s, really holds no relevance to today and was actually kind of creepy. It's far outdated now and really only serves as a cheap retro throwback for avid fans of the television show. Peggy goes for the low, low price of $8.99 if you really are interested in collecting her and you can probably get the rest of the family for around the same price. If you're really keen on the Bundys, a special leopard-print Peggy is premiering in November 2018.

8 Worth It: Dark Phoenix

via: snupps.com

Marvel seems to have the bragging rights when it comes to Pops that are well worth their weight in gold (although that wouldn't be very much, they're pretty light). Dark Phoenix is one that comes with a price tag even though it's not quite as outrageous as some of the others.

In the world of exclusive Pop collectibles, she's fairly well priced at an average of $90.

Dark Phoenix was released in 2013 and vaulted, though, so while $90 is her estimated value, you could find yourself paying just over one hundred dollars for this Pop instead.

7 Worthing Nothing: Eleven With Eggos

via: madetoscaleshop.com

Hear us out on this one because we don't make the rules, we simply just follow them. Eleven is a well-loved character from the show Stranger Things and since its premiere, it has inspired all types of memorabilia from drinking glasses to clothing, including Pops.

These are so prevalent since their release in 2017, however, that they're not really worth anything at all in this point and time.

You can find Eleven for roughly nine bucks, Eggos included. This is great news for fans of the show, though, and even greater news for lovers of Eggos... Mainly because you'll still have enough money left over to buy some.

6 Worth It: Blue Suit Mr. Incredible

via: madetoscaleshop.com

Wowzer. If you're looking for the big kahuna of collectible Pops, Disney sure knows how to throw 'em at you. This blue-suited edition of Mr. Incredible was only released in 2011 during San Diego Comic-Con and the price of owning one has steadily increased since then.

The estimated value alone of this Pop is $1,840, which means you'll find this online going for well over $2,000.

The highest we've seen this being sold for is $2,575, but the median average you'll find it at is $2,300. That means this Pop costs the same amount as a clunker kick-around car or a vacation... Choose wisely.

5 Worth Nothing: Superman

via: produto.mercadolivre.com.br

Clark Kent can save the world, but he couldn't save his price tag from dipping below ten bucks. Whether you were a fan of Dawn of Justice or not doesn't change the fact that this Pop has an unusual standing as far as collectibles go. The estimated value is only seven dollars and you won't see it going for much more than that but the Pop itself has since been vaulted. That has seemingly had no effect on the price, however, and the average is much lower at five dollars. We have seen this Pop (attempting to, anyway) with a selling price of nine dollars, but we're pretty sure no one would even pay that much.

4 Worth It: Bloody Rorschach

via: crazypopcollectibles.com

Surprise surprise, Bloody Rorschach from Watchmen was yet another San Diego Comic-Con exclusive that was released for the first time in 2013.

This gory and slightly disturbing Pop is estimated at around $570 overall price value, but we've seen it going for much higher than that.

It tops out around $850, but many of these Pops hang around the price range of $600-$700. Whether or not these sellers are successful in selling their Bloody Rorschach is unclear, but there's no denying that it's debatable whether something without a face is worth double a car payment.

3 Worth Nothing: Terry Bradshaw

via: radartoys.com

It's true, people do collect sports Pops. To be honest, this was news to us until we initiated the research on what Pops could actually be worth and unfortunately for Mr. Bradshaw, he falls on the low end of the spectrum. Sports Pops don't really seem to be a big thing as it is although there are quite a few out there, Terry Brashaw is one of the cheapest on our list. His estimated value is on six dollars, but this un-Pop-ular (did you see what we did there?) Pop has been sold for as little as $ 3.25. We've seen Terry Bradshaw going for just over ten dollars, but we're going to take a wild guess and say those Pops are still on the market for a reason.

2 Worth It: Biggs Darklighter

via: worthpoint.com

Last but definitely not least in our list of crazy-selling Pops is one more from Star Wars. It only seems fair that while cute Chewbacca goes for virtually nothing, Biggs Darklighter has to pick up the slack and sell for over one thousand. This is the last San Diego Comic-Con exclusive to make our list and it was released in 2012, so good luck finding any of these that are still for sale. The estimated value of Biggs is $960, but he's being sold for as much as $1,300. The average price hovers somewhere between $920 and $1,100, so if you're willing to shell out the dough to feed your Star Wars love, have at it.

1 Worth Nothing: The Grinch

via: supportivepc.com

Just like his non-existent heart, The Grinch also has a nearly non-existent price tag as well. He goes for $12 which is average for any Pop. The one thing The Grinch has going for him is that he premiered in several different forms and colors, including a black and white edition as well as a dark blue edition, both of which go for $20. It's still not much when you compare them to others on this list, but it's something. This version of The Grinch came out in 2017 which could explain why it's still so cheaply priced, but we're guessing people probably aren't running out in any other month besides December to snag this one. You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch.

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