The 10 Funniest Ways To Die In Video Games

Video games can have a great sense of humor when it comes to death. After all, you can die hundreds of times in a video game with little consequence. When that happens, death can be taken lightly and it leaves room for humor and creativity.


Keep in mind that dying in games and a “game over” is different. This list is strictly for the death of the character you control in a game. Though are certainly hilarious “game overs” out there that do not involve dying, we are sticking to game overs from ridiculous in-game deaths.

So here are ten hilarious ways to die in various video games.

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10 Nier Automata: Eating A Mackerel

In Nier Automata, there are a ton of side quests. One character that gives you side quests is eloquently named Jackass. In one side quest, she simply gives you a Mackerel just because she wants to find out what happens if you eat it. However, you are an android and Jackass notes that it is likely that eating a mackerel will destroy your robot body.

Despite Jackass’s warnings, you still have the option to satisfy her curiosity and eat the fish. So what happens? Well, you die and unlock “Ending K,” also known as the “Aji wo [K]utta” ending.

9 Spider-Man 3: Fire Escape Fail

The 2007 Spider-Man 3 game was not notable. However, there is a death scene that went viral on the internet. This death scene occurred if you failed a quick-time event in which Spider-Man is escaping a fire. As he is attempting to escape, there is a woman calling for help. If you fail as Spider-Man makes his way to her, he falls flat on his face onto the floor. She looks at his failure, the woman in distress states “I’m going to die.”

8 Undertale: Getting Dunked On

This may be one of the most “trollish” deaths in video game history, as it is a way to die in the games’ most difficult boss right when you are at your closest to winning. This fight only occurs in a Genocide playthrough of Undertale. Sans has made a name for himself as one of the hardest video game bosses so only the best of the best players can complete a Genocide run.


However when Sans in on his last leg, he offers Mercy. He takes advantage of the players’ heart since the game is very meta at this point. So many unsuspecting players to accept Mercy only to immediately be killed by Sans. As the Game Over menu pops up, Sans says, “Get dunked on.” This was so funny to the players; this death even became a meme.

7 Oblivion: Angering Sheogorath

If you had Elder Scroll Oblivion’s DLC, The Shivering Isles, then you were in for some madness, literally. The DLC takes you to Sheogorath’s world. Being the Daedric Prince of Madness, Sheogorath has a lot of insane hijinks up his leave and gets the player caught up in them.

With how silly he is, it could be easy to forget that Sheogorath is a God in his own world. If you attack him, he casts a spell that paralyzing you. Ominously he says, “Enjoy the view.” Next thing you know, your character is teleported into the atmosphere and goes crashing down into the world. What makes matters funnier is you land amongst other bodies, so apparently teleporting people into the sky is a common punishment for Sheogorath.

6 Borderlands 2: Killing Yourself

When the main antagonist taunts the the hero to kill themselves, it’s pretty funny if the hero actually commits to the bit. This happens in Borderlands 2 when Handsome Jack tells the player that he will pay them to kill themselves. If you do, you hear in laugh as you fall and he says “Okay, I guess you just killed yourself. Head back to the bounty board and I’ll pay ya.”

No harm, no fowl, since being resurrected is not just a mechanic but is canon to the games’ story.

5 Resident Evil 4: Don’t’ Shoot The Water

There are tons of ways to die in Resident Evil 4, but none are quite as hard-hitting and hilarious as this one. If Leon shoots at the fish in the lake too much, a giant monster comes out and eats him. Trophy hunters do this on purpose because it gets you the game achievement “Don’t Shoot the Water.”


If you were unlucky, you may have just been shooting the water for fun only to get killed by a Diabolus ex Machina fish monster. For those that didn’t save close to this occurrence, they probably find this death a little less funny.

4 Mortal Kombat 3: Animality

These ridiculous finisher moves were introduced in the third installment of Mortal Kombat. As the name indicates, the character turns into an animal and finishes off the duel in a final attack. What makes these transformations hilarious is that what a character turns into is always unexpected and outlandish. For example, you would expect Scorpion to turn into a Scorpion wouldn’t you? Well, he turns into a penguin instead. His penguin finisher is laying an explosive egg. So you can be killed by a man named Scorpion turning into a penguin.

3 Mass Effect 2: Sleeping With Morinth

After surviving what everyone called the “Suicide Mission” of Mass Effect 2, you can still get Commander Shepard killed. In fact, this death happens after you beat the entire game!


However, this is only possible if you sacrificed Samara and have Morinth in your party. While you cannot do much once you beat the game, you can still explore your ship and talk to characters. If you do this is Morinth, you can commit to a romance with her. She’s known as a killer, but she thinks Shepard is strong enough that their relationship will work out. Except if you commit to a relationship with her, Shepard immediately dies.

2 Re:Kinder: Leaving The Town

This game is not very well known, despite its uniqueness and compelling message. It’s a horror game, but with black comedy. Next to those opposing elements, it can also be called one of the most depressing games of all time once you start to realize what the message is really about.

While there are a lot of funny and unique moments, a big one is trying to leave the town. You can literally click an option that says, “'ignore the plot and force your way out of town.” If you do, the creator of the game blows up the town before you can leave.

1 Space Quest 1: Forgetting Your Suit

Space Quest comes from back in the 1980s and was famous for its many death scenes, which were often super funny. It’s a science fiction game where you play a janitor named Roger Wilco who travels through the galaxy. This game was infamous for having Roger die for any random reason and a snarky text post about what happened appearing.

Picking a single death is difficult. But a good example is when he enters space without a spacesuit. His avatar explodes and the game says, “That concludes your experiment involving the effects of total vacuum on the human body, Roger.”


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