25 Hilarious Disney Comics That Will Make Any Fan Say “Same”

For over 80 years now, Walt Disney Pictures has been bringing us some of the best-loved animated movies of all time. Starting with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs back in 1937, the studio has told tales of princesses, heroes, animals, and dozens of other engaging characters. Disney movies still enchant kids and adults everywhere, and a new one being released is always a cinematic event. Many of us know all of the words to numerous Disney songs, and we've all seen at least a couple of the animated movies. Anyone who hasn't is seriously missing out!

Of course, any franchise that has a gigantic following has a dedicated fanbase that likes to pay tribute to its movies. Disney is no exception! There's a wealth of Disney fan art out there, including a whole host of hilarious comics that gently make fun of some of the best-loved films of all. Some present new perspectives on classic scenes that will change your outlook on the movie forever. Others give us pretty relatable commentary on some of the funniest, strangest, or silliest Disney moments of all time. Some even venture into the realms of fanfic, and present alternate storylines or endings for our favorite characters! Especially with the older Disney movies, there's a lot to be said for bringing their message into the 21st century...

Whether you're a casual Disney fan or basically an expert on the franchise by this point, there's a fan comic out there that are guaranteed to make you chuckle. Here are just some of our top picks!

25 Marlin's Questionable Parenting

via: kaffepanna.deviantart.com

Does using reverse psychology on kids ever actually work? Well, according to this comic by DeviantArt user Kaffepanna, it can do—and it could have vastly changed the plot of the Disney-Pixar classic Finding Nemo! In the movie, Marlin is the absolute definition of a neurotic parent, for slightly understandable reasons. Like, he did lose his wife and all but one of his children to a vicious barracuda attack. You can see why he might be a tad keen to keep his one surviving offspring, Nemo, safe and healthy.

However, Marlin's overprotectiveness goes a bit far and actually pushes Nemo to rebel and engage in some pretty dangerous behavior. Despite his father telling him not to, Nemo touches the butt—sorry, the boat—and is promptly kidnapped by a pesky human diver. Would this have happened if Marlin had employed reverse psychology and told Nemo that he should touch the boat? Well, maybe, but it would be kinda manipulative parenting!

Plus, this situation would have made for a very short movie. You can't exactly "find" Nemo if he's played it safe and not been snatched away to Sydney! Marlin would never have met Dory, and would never have learned to chill a bit when it came to his parenting style... Yeah, maybe it's best that this comic didn't come to pass after all.

24 Cinderella Fights Back

via: buzzfeed.com

How satisfying would it have been if Cinderella had rebelled against her evil stepmother from the start of her movie? Sure, it may have only made the relationship between the two worse, but it's not like there was much to salvage anyway. Plus, seeing a bit of subtle defiance from this princess-to-be would have added a little bit more empowerment to any otherwise pretty old-fashioned story. Cinderella may not have been in a position to save herself from her stepmother—she lacked the financial independence to do that—she still could have made her abuser's life that little bit more miserable.

In this hilarious comic by Emmy C on Tumblr, Cinderella has clearly snapped. After being asked to scrub the floor once again by her stepmother, she's just totally done with being the family servant. Who can blame her? She's left a pretty to-the-point message with the brief scrubbing she's done, and we're all internally cheering for her! We like to think that she stormed out after this, and finally left home to try and make it on her own. Either that or Cinders goes on strike and demands to actually be treated like a part of her family again. Just an idea...

23 Snow's Personal Proverb

via: samantai.deviantart.com

Once again, this comic reinvents a classic Disney princess as a strong, sassy, independent woman who can defend herself. Rather than etching messages in dirty floors like Cinderella, Snow is fighting back against the "witch" whose mission is to destroy her. In this comic by DeviantArt's Samantai, Snow has stopped eating the poisoned apples that come her way. Instead, she's quite literally throwing them right back at her adversary.

She has darn good aim by the looks of things!

Unlike her movie counterpart, this Snow doesn't seem to blindly trust any old woman who shows up at her door. All things considered, this is a sensible move for a princess whose stepmother sent a huntsman to "dispose" of her! You have to wonder why, in the movie, Snow wasn't a bit more cautious when talking to strangers. Like, she knew that the Wicked Queen wanted rid of her, and would probably keep trying until she succeeded. Going and living with the dwarves—who Snow also trusted immediately, by the way, even though they were strangers too—was basically akin to the princess going into hiding. Why would she then blow her cover why inviting some random hag into her home to sell her some apples? At least this comic's Snow seems to be a bit less naive—and a bit more able to defend herself!

22 A New Disney Princess

via: lordsantiago.deviantart.com

As soon as Disney purchased Lucasfilm—and by extension, Star Wars—back in 2012, fans of both brands began to produce all manner of crossover pieces that either gently mocked or celebrated this new acquisition. A particular focal point of this art was the question of whether Princess Leia of Star Wars was now technically a part of the Disney Princess group! It's not outside the realms of possibility, all thanks to how these kinds of deals work! Would we soon begin to see Leia crop up in Tangled spin-offs, or sing a duet with Elsa in the next Frozen movie?

In this comic by Lord Santiago on DeviantArt, we're treated to a hilarious snapshot of how things might go if Leia met some of the actual Disney Princesses. It might be a bit of a culture shock for Belle, Cinderella and the gang at first! While their adventures were all pretty tame—and usually involved men coming to save them—Leia prefers to do things for herself! She's also not afraid to use a blaster when necessary, something that would definitely take the more 'traditional' princesses by surprise. Still, we're sure Leia and Mulan would get on pretty well. They're both veterans of warfare and both value their own abilities over the opinions of men!

21 A Strange Accident

via: berkeleymews.com

Remember our previous comic where Snow decided to use the Wicked Witch's apples as missiles to throw right back at her? Well, this comic by Berkeley Mews presents a slightly darker alternative as to what this Disney Princess did with the poisoned fruit. Instead of eating it herself, as the witch intended, she baked it into a pie for the seven dwarves, with devastating results. Those poor guys! They spend all day slaving down the mines, and when they got home, some literally dangerous food is waiting for them. Have a good nap, Dopey, Grumpy, Sneezy, and the rest.

You've sung "Heigh-Ho" for the last time.

Seriously, though... The Wicked Witch didn't think her plan through very well here. Yes, in the movie she convinces Snow to bite the poisoned apple as soon as she gets it, but what if the young princess hadn't been hungry at that moment? What if she'd decided to save the fruit for later, and then forgotten about it—or passed it on to one of her seven roommates? Was the Witch prepared to force-feed Snow the apple if she refused it, just to make sure the poison reached its intended target? If not, she seemed to be leaving a lot to chance here! As evil plans go, it's not the most fool-proof in the world. Still, it worked... Kind of.

20 The Heir And The Spare

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The first scene of Disney's The Lion King is one of the most iconic movie openers of all time. You have the majestic shots of the Pride Lands and their inhabitants. There's the beautiful sound of "Circle of Life" in the background, and that great sequence when Rafiki lifts the baby Simba for all of his future subjects to see. The scene is so powerful that we get to see another snapshot of it again, right at the end of the movie. In a moment very true to the whole "Circle of Life" thing, we get to see Simba looking proudly on as his baby cub is presented to the animals surrounding Pride Rock. How emotional!

However, when the sequel to this Disney classic was released—aka, The Lion King II: Simba's Pride—eagle-eyed fans quickly spotted that Simba's child, Kiara, was not the same cub featured at the end of the first film. She's an entirely different color to the original baby, for starters! This begs a potentially tragic question: what happened to this first young prince or princess? Well, this comic by the artist Koraden shows one possibility. Poor Rafiki messes up a tad, and drops the cub off the end of Pride Rock! But hey, at least Simba and Nala had managed to produce an heir and a spare, right?! Yeah... That doesn't make this situation okay. It's a funny comic, though!

19 Shang Gets A Shock

via: tumblr.com

In the totally butt-kicking feminist Disney classic that is Mulan, one element of the plot is left pretty ambiguous. Did Shang begin to develop feelings for Mulan when she was still in her 'Ping' disguise? Or did she only catch his eye in the very brief time they spent together when her disguise was rumbled, and he knew that she was actually female? It's an interesting conundrum and one that's captured the imagination of artists everywhere. The idea that Shang was Disney's first bi hero—being attracted to both Ping and Mulan—has become a pretty popular one.

However, this comic by Somewhere In Between on Tumblr light-heartedly showcases another possibility. What if Mulan and Shang had romantically connected when she was still presenting as Ping—and what if Shang was totally cool with the idea that he was in love with another man? If Shang was, in fact, gay—and totally comfortable in his orientation—then finding out that Mulan wasn't actually a dude would be something of a disappointment! Then again, maybe there's a message in here about the fact that we should look past gender and fall for people because of their personalities, and not because of some arbitrary label? Man, Disney can get deep at times!

18 That Awkward Moment...

via: memorabilia_studios.deviantart.com

While some people might see Disney's Beauty and the Beast as the ultimate Stockholm Syndrome romance, others choose to take from it that we should love others for what's inside, not their outward appearance. Apparently, this is okay even if the romantic in question is a non-human beast rather than an actual person... But that's a weird observation for another time. In this comic, Tumblr user Memorabilia Studios pokes fun at the idea that Belle fell in love with the Beast not because she could sense his human personality shining through, but because, well...

She was into that whole "hairy beast" thing. Awkward.

When poor Prince Adam returns into his human form in this comic, Belle is, as you'd expect, initially surprised—but is also visibly disappointed. How dare he turn back into a pretty attractive and muscly human prince! She was just getting used to the idea that she might have a thing for the more, er, "rugged" beastly look! To be honest, we viewers would have been more than a little bit concerned if Belle had turned around and reacted like this in the actual movie—especially the live-action version. Dan Stevens is a way preferable life partner than the Beast. Although at the end of that movie, Belle does make a joking comment about her prince needing to grow a beard... Maybe this comic isn't too far off the truth after all!

17 Hair Goals

via: popsugar.com

Time for another comic that gently mocks Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm. Again, this version of Princess Leia seems to have been added to the Disney Princess roster—and Merida and Rapunzel find it pretty amusing. This comic by Studio Bueno on DeviantArt shows these two pretty recent princesses laughing about the fact that Disney seems to love signing on characters with notably extreme hairstyles. Of course, they're totally ignoring the fact that Leia and her trademark space buns have been around for literal decades now. Darn Millennial princesses, not bothering to learn about the hairstyles of their forebears! They just think they're so much better than the classic Disney heroines...

To be fair, this comic has a point: even if they don't mean to, Disney does create a lot of iconic hairstyles in their female characters. Just cast your mind back to early 2014, when everyone ever seemed to be rocking the iconic Elsa braid. Then you have Mulan—one of the most iconic scenes of that movie involves the titular heroine chopping off most of her hair with a sword so that she can pass as a dude! Of course, Rapunzel's entire Tangled storyline revolves around her magical locks. This artist definitely seems to be onto something here!

16 Poor Lumiere...

via: pinterest.com

One of the most emotional moments of both the animated and live-action versions of Beauty and the Beast is the scene where the enchanted castle's cursed inhabitants transform back into humans after living as furniture for years. They all get to reunite with their human loved ones—no, you're crying! Belle realizes that she's not fallen in love with an animal after all! Mrs. Potts can hug her young son Chip again! Lumiere and his former-feather-duster girlfriend can be together once again... Or can they?

In this comic by Berkeley Mews, poor Lumiere draws the short straw somewhat. Clearly, he was embracing the wrong duster when he transformed! He isn't kissing his newly-human lover at all, but just an actual cleaning implement. Either that or the duster wasn't an enchanted human at all—Lumiere, being so lonely as a candlestick, simply imagined that an inanimate object was in love with him. It's kinda sad if you think about it! Let's just hope that his actual girlfriend is slightly out of the frame of the comic, laughing on alongside all of the other inhabitants of the castle. Lumiere has a good heart—he deserves to find true love! Especially since he was so instrumental in helping his master find it too, thus breaking the curse!

15 Not Every Princess Needs A Prince

via: carmenfoolheart.deviantart.com

Over the years, the core message of the Disney Princess franchise has changed radically—and rightfully so. While Snow White and Sleeping Beauty were reduced to damsels in distress who quite literally just lay there and waited for a prince to come, newer characters like Mulan, Merida, and Anna don't rely on men to solve their problems for them. They're feminist role models who prove that women can control their own destinies, and are just as adept in a crisis as men.

However, one way in which Disney is still a little bit behind the times is in the heteronormativity of its leading couples. Yes, we occasionally get hints that LGBTQ characters exist in its fictional universe, but this hasn't yet included any of its main heroes or heroines. Hopefully, we won't have to wait too much longer for this situation to change. Luckily, until it does, we have fan comics to keep us going!

In this piece by Carmen Foolheart on DeviantArt, a common theory—that Elsa from Frozen is gay—is brought to life. While a group of classic characters consoles Elsa for not having found her prince yet, she makes it very clear that it's actually a princess that she's after! Will this become a reality in Frozen 2? We'll have to wait and see!

14 The Genie's "Rules"

via: dorkly.com

In Disney's Aladdin, the titular character stuck fairly well to the rules that the Genie—the granter of his wishes—gave him. Sure, he basically wished for a whole new princely identity, thus committing fraud, but hey—the Genie's got nothing against that! Resurrecting people, however, is a line that this magical being won't cross. When he's listing the rules that Aladdin must follow, he claims that he's tried to bring people back from beyond the grave, and it hasn't gone well. In the film, Al just accepts this and move on. However, what if he'd thought a little bit harder about what the Genie had just said?

This comic by Dorkly highlights the fact that the Genie has definitely engaged in some "banned" wish-granting in the past. It's not like he physically can't resurrect someone, send them to their grave, or force them to fall in love with someone—he just doesn't really like doing it. Somehow, this comic's Aladdin manages to convince the Genie to abandon his principles, and a seriously questionable situation ensues. It looks like Aladdin has had Jasmine "dealt with," had her brought back to life, and then forced her to fall in love with him! It's a bit excessive, mind—surely he only had to break the last rule to get what he wanted! Whatever the case, we're just glad that this isn't the actual route that Movie Aladdin followed...

13 Wonder Woman Meets Disney

via: n8twing.deviantart.com

We've already had a couple of Disney/ Star Wars crossovers... But what if the DC Universe met the fairytale land of the Disney Princesses? Admittedly, it'd make more sense if a Marvel superhero had cropped up here—Disney does own the MCU now, after all! However, we're not exactly going to complain: we get to see Wonder Woman in Disney Princess form! She's like no other cartoon royal we've seen, and it's incredible. Need a strong, animated female character to inspire young girls everywhere?

Make it Princess Diana of Themyscira!

In this comic by DeviantArt user N8twing, the Fairy Godmother and a generic handsome prince get a bit of a shock when they meet the latest addition to the Disney Princess roster. They've shown up to help her defeat the bad guys, and perhaps even rescue her—but of course, Wonder Woman doesn't need them at all. She's already totally bossed it and greets them sword in hand. With the possible exception of Mulan, there's no actual Disney Princess who's got involved in a battle like this. That long gown must have got in the way a bit, mind—Wonder Woman's usual outfit is definitely more convenient when you're out there saving the world.

12 The Princess Life Isn't Perfect

via: pinterest.com

In this slightly refreshing but also kinda sad comic, we "ordinary folk" are reminded that Disney Princesses have insecurities too. We may only get to see the glamorous and joyful side of their lives in their movies and other media, but that doesn't mean they don't have problems! Tyler Feder of Roaring Softly on Tumblr has drawn up a few of the best-known princesses and considered what their individual self-doubts might be. It's an incredibly clever comic that makes so much sense on so many levels!

For example, let's look at Snow White. Her anxiety centers on the fact that she's not got the best complexion in the world for a girl of her age. That's right, time to drop a slightly creepy truth bomb here: Snow is basically supposed to be a pre-teen in the original fairy tale. Disney is delightfully ambiguous regarding the age of their version of the character, and now we know why. Like... Prince Philip is definitely a grown man or an older teenager at the youngest! So much ew!

There are a couple of more light-hearted insecurities on this list, though. Take Cinderella's small feet, for example! They may have landed her a prince, but they also must make general shoe-shopping every difficult. We can definitely sympathize with Rapunzel's split ends, too. They're the bane of any long-haired person's existence, and that's without magically lengthy locks to deal with!

11 Ariel's Trolling Us All

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As anyone who's ever seen The Little Mermaid knows, poor Ariel takes a little bit of time to get used to all of the customs of the human world. The most infamous example of this comes at the dinner table with Prince Eric, when she casually uses a fork to brush her hair. Presumably, after a little while, Ariel realizes that her whole life has been a lie and that this implement is actually used to spear little bits of food. Goodness knows how the poor girl would cope with all of the technology we have today if utensils are still a struggle for her...

Anyway, it's fair to assume that after Ariel has spent a little bit more time living on land, she gets used to life on two legs. But does she sometimes revert to her old, hilariously naive ways from time to time, just to wind people up? This comic by Amy Mebberson suggests that she does and that her fellow princesses are tired of her tricks! Jasmine knows that Ariel's only eating with a hairbrush for a laugh: the look on this ex-mermaid's face says it all. Hey, if you can't poke fun at your past mistakes, how are you ever going to move on from them? We've all done stuff that's turned out to be highly embarrassing—Ariel is just rolling with it and turning it into a punchline.

10 That Was A Short Movie

via: buzzfeed.com

This comic by Adam Ellis on Buzzfeed is pretty dark but still hilarious. Remember that part of "Colors of the Wind" in which Pocahontas sings about tasting "the sun-sweet berries of the Earth"? Well, you have to hope that said berries aren't poisonous. In the 17th century, we humans weren't so knowledgeable about what we should and shouldn't eat. If Pocahontas had made one tiny mistake while eating those berries, it could have been one short movie. Hey, at least then we wouldn't have been subjected to the awful straight-to-VHS sequel...

It's not just the "berries" joke that makes this comic so wonderful.

It's the fact that even in her last breaths, Pocahontas makes sure to warn her bestie not to date Kocoum, her distinctly dull betrothed from the start of the movie. Women have each other's backs, even in the direst of circumstances. That's true friendship right there. To be honest, poor Nakoma looks a bit too traumatized by what she's just witnessed to even think about her love life right now! Never eat random berries you find in the forest, folks. It could kill the mood, prematurely end your beautiful song about nature, and lead to an early demise. What a bummer.

9 So. Much. Hair.

via: nerfherders.deviantart.com

Anyone who's ever lived through the stressful experience that is having long hair will relate to this Tangled-themed comic. You know the drill: once your hair gets past a certain length, you suddenly start finding it EVERYWHERE. There are strands all over your pillows, on the sofa, on the kitchen floor, in your car... It even seems to get all over objects that you barely use. Having a shower is the low point of the trauma that is shedding, though: when you wash your hair, whole clumps of the stuff seem to congregate on the shower walls and floor. You don't want to send it down the plughole, so have to peel it off and throw it in the trash. Nightmare!

Well, if we normal-haired folks struggle with this issue, imagine how poor old Rapunzel feels. Worse than that: what about Flynn? This comic by Nerfherders on DeviantArt addresses his reaction to living with someone with super-long hair. Over the years, Rapunzel probably got used to her extreme shedding. You adapt to that kind of stuff eventually. However, it's a whole new experience for her new boyfriend, and judging by his facial expression in the final frame, he's struggling. Things must have got so much easier for Rapunzel after she cut all of her hair off. Sure, no more healing powers, but it's worth it for the sheer convenience factor...

8 Poor Malnourished Simba

via: dorkly.com

While The Lion King is a heartwarming and poignant story at heart, some of its finer details really don't make that much sense. In this comic by Dorkly, we're left questioning how exactly Simba survived while living in the jungle with Timon and Pumbaa. The young lion's lifestyle—especially his eating habits—isn't really compatible with that of his new guardians! You can sing "Hakuna Matata" all you want, guys, but it won't get rid of the fact that there are some things in life that you SHOULD worry about.

Correctly feeding a lion cub is one of them.

As the movie shows, Timon and Pumbaa live on a diet of bugs, beetles, and other small insects. When Simba expresses how much he'd love to eat some raw meat one night, these two small animals—understandably worried by this—introduce the young prince to the delights of their diet. Simba happily begins to slurp on some worms and crunch on some critters, and that's that. In reality, though, this diet definitely wouldn't satisfy a growing carnivore for long. Even if he could resist his primal urges and not eat Timon and Pumbaa, Simba wouldn't fare very well on this totally inappropriate eating regimen. It's a wonder the poor guy had the strength to fight Scar!

7 The Chip Conundrum

via: dorkly.com

This comic by Dorkly raises an interesting issue about the logistics of Beauty and the Beast. What happens if one of the pieces of enchanted furniture gets damaged? Does the human trapped in the inanimate object suffer too, or would any bumps and cracks magically get repaired if the curse were to be broken? Well, this artist seems to think that damage to the furniture definitely causes damage to the original human, with poor young Chip being Example A.

Apparently, the chip that gives this boy his name is more than just an aesthetic feature of his teacup form. It's a sign of actual damage, and it's had quite the impact on him! Even though Chip was apparently "messed up" before his transformation—mainly due to his mother being pretty old when he was born, something which is definitely a bit weird—being dropped by the Beast certainly didn't help matters. Looks like his slightly cracked exterior represents some kind of human head injury.

This comic raises another question: did the inhabitants of the castle age at all while they were under their spell? In the live-action remake, it's explicitly stated that the castle is frozen in time, but it's never addressed in the animated film. Are the cursed pieces of furniture literally watching their lives slip away while the Beast fails to break the spell for years on end? That's pretty dark...

6 Grandmother Willow, No!

via: goneintorapture.com

Now, don't get us wrong, we're all for recycling... But did things really have to end up this way for poor Grandmother Willow? As if it's not bad enough that the white colonizers have turned up in Virginia, stolen loads of resources, messed up the landscape, and attacked the natives, they've also turned this much-loved character into toilet roll. Well, at least in this comic by Gone Into Rapture, anyway! We doubt that Willow would have been that calm about her fate if she knew what her "next life" had in store for her. Delivering tidbits of wisdom to Pocahontas is a far better pastime than, well... You know.

Still, even in her tree form, Grandmother Willow doesn't have it easy.

She's shown to have numerous birds and animals living in amongst her branches and roots, which must get pretty annoying if you're a sentient being. Like, those critters must leave their mess on her all the time! Plus, towards the end of the movie, Willow's sap is retrieved to make a medicine for John Smith. We don't even want to think about how it must feel for her to be jabbed, prodded, and scraped by the humans that are trying to retrieve that stuff! At least as toilet paper, she'll only go through an unpleasant experience once, not constantly...

5 Mother Gothel's Tricks

via: mynerdobsessions.com

If Mother Gothel had really wanted to keep Rapunzel happy to remain in her tower forever, she should have just bought her a ton of dystopian novels to read. As this comic by Artist Abe hilariously shows, Rapunzel wouldn't have known that all of that stuff is fiction! Gothel could have presented something like The Hunger Games, Divergent, or even The Handmaid's Tale as a scathing expose on the ills of society, and Rapunzel would never have got the urge to leave home again. We know, we know—those books don't exist in the Disney world! This is just a meaningless crossover! Yes, it is—but it's a hilarious choice.

To be honest, though, we think Rapunzel would have wanted to leave the tower in the end regardless of what she'd read. Her curiosity was just too much, and even after years of brainwashing by Mother Gothel, she still wasn't convinced that the world was THAT unsafe. Who knows what her adoptive mother had been telling her throughout her childhood! The whole thing was pretty messed up, to say the least. But hey—it all worked out happily ever after in the end! Except for Mother Gothel, but let's face it, nobody really cares.

4 A Crabby Crossover

via: pinterest.com

In the last thirty years of animated Disney movies, there have been two crabby characters who have caught the eyes of viewers everywhere. Sebastian, one of the protagonists of The Little Mermaid, is a very musically adept crab who's tasked with looking after Ariel. He both despairs at her antics, and ultimately supports her in her choice to stop living "Under the Sea." Tamatoa, on the other hand, is a somewhat less friendly and much, much bigger crustacean who poses a bit of trouble to the demigod Maui in Moana. They may be the same species of creature, but these two characters couldn't be more different!

To highlight this, Tumblr user Gabitz Art swapped these two crabs around, placing Sebastian in Moana and Tamatoa in The Little Mermaid! The result is a hilarious comic that proves these two were definitely in the right movies to start with. Admittedly, Sebastian can't really do much to Moana and Maui—he's way too small to steal the latter's famous hook! However, Tamatoa's aggressive attitude has vastly killed the mood of the romantic "Kiss the Girl" moment from The Little Mermaid. Both Eric and Ariel are probably ready to run for the hills after this interruption...

3 Isolation Is Boring

via: bleedingcool.com

While we're all for Elsa empowering herself in Frozen and building a huge ice palace to prove it, it seems like she didn't exactly think her plan through. As this comic by Amy Mebberson shows, this Ice Queen will have got bored pretty much immediately once her flashy "Let It Go" sequence came to an end. She didn't bring any form of entertainment with her to the castle. Nothing. Not a single book, no materials to draw with, no games, not even a pack of cards. She's got nobody to pass the time with, which was kinda the point but also not helpful to the whole intense boredom thing. All she can really do is sit there making ice sculptures all day which, while fun for a while, would get old pretty darn quickly.

Here's another somewhat practical thought: is Elsa going to be warm enough in the slinky new dress she crafted for herself? Like, it's gorgeous and all, but it's hardly going to provide much insulation. Do Elsa's powers make her immune to the cold somehow? Could she run through the corridors of her icy palace in shorts and a T-shirt and not feel a thing? These are the important questions that need to be answered in Frozen 2! Well, okay, not really—but they're still interesting to think about!

2 The Villain Club

via: carmenfoolheart.deviantart.com

Speaking of Frozen, isn't Prince Hans just the worst? He comes along, sweeps poor, lonely Anna off her feet, and then turns out to be a lying, power-crazed scumbag. Upon first viewing of Frozen, it's pretty easy to fall for this character's charms. A lot of people really had no idea that he was a villain until they'd sat through the entire film! Many of the usual "villain signals" simply aren't there. There's no point where he conveniently expresses his true evil intentions out loud, no hint of darkness behind his affable personality, and—most crucially—no epic villain song to give us all a clue. Hans only gets to sing in "Love Is An Open Door," which is most definitely just a love song.

This comic by Carmen Foolheart on DeviantArt takes this lack of a "villain song" and makes it a hilarious way to mock Hans even further. The man in question is shown appearing in front of a panel of "bad guys" from various Disney movies, and attempts to join their "villain club"... But he simply doesn't make the cut. As Judge Frollo notes, "Love Is An Open Door" is pretty puny compared to his song, "Hellfire." To be fair, though, "Hellfire" just took things too far. Have you ever listened to the lyrics of that thing? So creepy!

1 Hans Deserves This

via: sango94.deviantart.com

Now, we couldn't mention the song "Love Is An Open Door" without referencing this hilarious comic by Sango94 on DeviantArt. This is basically the thing that every Frozen fan wants to do to Prince Hans after they've finished watching the movie. He deserves to be smacked in the face by that door, again, and again, and again. It makes sense for excitable, bouncy Anna to make a mistake like this... And we're loving it. To be fair, she probably wants to do far worse than just hit him with a door after discovering the true depths of his deception. While Anna should really have been a bit more cautious before falling for a guy she'd just met, none of that excuses the fact that Prince Hans is essentially the Disney equivalent of a piece of trash.

Here's an interesting thing to consider when it comes to Anna, though.

We the viewer are supposed to find her newfound love for Kristoff cute... But actually, she's barely spent any time with him either. Sure, they've been through a lot together in their brief time knowing each other so far, but they're still practically strangers! Does Anna learn from her mistakes, and opt to wait a while before rushing into marriage to Kristoff? Here's hoping Frozen 2 reveals all!

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