28 Hilarious Disney Movie Comics That Are Extra Sweet

We’ve all had a favorite Disney film growing up. There are still new classics being released today, and people are rapidly becoming fans of them too. The thing is, though, that fans aren't just happy leaving things the way they are in the films. Once a fandom gets their claws into something, they twist them around and make them their own. Whether this is by making alternative fan art versions of characters or by making funny memes about the movies, every Disney film has seen fan engagement.

The thing is, though: when it comes to making something funny from a Disney movie, there's always going to be the portion of the internet that takes things to a different level and points out different things about the movies. Sometimes, this is just about the logic, but often it's about the characters or twisting the scene. Fans will always find ways to change things around, whether it's for the better or not.

Disney, being as big a company as it is, is a treasure trove of stories that make people feel one way or another. No matter the film, whether it be older ones like Tarzan and The Little Mermaid or newer ones like Star Wars Episode VII and Zootopia, there are always going to be one or two comics that take things to a whole other level.

28 Now, This Is A Rare Look For Them

via: amymebberson.tumblr.com

Maintaining your looks is no easy task, and these princesses know it. The same goes for maintaining their grace, if this workout is anything to go by. Still, who knew that Aurora would be the one to lead the ladies in their workout session? We have to look at these workout outfits, and honestly, the way that their gowns have turned into this is amazing. Amy gave us a look at their legs, too, which shows them as being more dainty. I can't help but wonder what exactly the goal of this session is. With both Merida and Mulan there in the background, it's likely not something action-related, since they don't need it. At least we know that they like to keep fit.

27 We All Got Punk'd Here

via: kiyomi-chan16.deviantart.com

Barring all arguments about whether or not the live-action Alice in Wonderland was good, there's no question that the film's Alice and Mad Hatter had more than a few shippers of their own. When looking at the scenes and dialogue between the two of them, as well as the fact that the second film is basically about her saving the Hatter and his family, it's pretty inevitable that these shippers exist. Add to that the rather loose outfits that Alice wears in the first film, and it's no surprise that Chessur would have something to say about that. Seriously, though, this art by Kiyomi-Chan16 is a tease. Who else wishes that this had ended with it actually being Alice, and Hatter sweeping her off her feet?

26 Distraction, Thy Name Is Beauty

via: gwendy85.deviantart.com

Now, this is one ship that people heatedly debate about. Given all the ships out there that come from rivalries and characters who started out on opposing sides, this shouldn't be much of a surprise. What's more, with how much this guy has been focused on tapping into the Dark Side, and how much emotion he's had, a girl like Rey might just knock him down a few pegs. That might be speculation at best, but who's to say that he's not like his father (or grandfather)? Gwendy85 gives Rey a new look which certainly doesn't help matters. Kylo is acting like a teenager who has never seen a beautiful woman before. Nobody is fooled by that last panel, Kylo. Nobody.

25 Love Is Love

via: hikashy.deviantart.com

It was pretty much cemented at the beginning of the film that all Snow white really wanted was to find her true love. And since we all know the tale of her and the apple, hikashy apparently wanted to take an interesting, though somewhat confusing, twist to that part of the story. This is pretty much three fairy tales being mixed together. Barring the questions on what the bad witch was supposed to get out of this, though, who knew that Snow White would actually look good with Ariel? Well, it’s not the first time that princesses got paired up together. And hey, Ariel got her wish here too, so it’s pretty much a win-win for the two of them. Really though, what was the witch’s plan?

24 She Just Needed Some Extra TLC

via: dorkly.com

Like any lady, Jasmine clearly wanted to have some pampering. And given the argument of how she could have gotten a few wishes in before Aladdin set Genie free, this scenario had a high chance of happening if she was feeling more than a little lonely. Think about it: Aladdin goes on all kinds of adventures, and Jasmine is either left behind or gets tangled into trouble. Can you blame the girl for wanting to be given some good TLC? Nothing against Aladdin, as there’s clearly a clone of him here, but every lady has her own wants. Having a genie who can pretty much bring anything into existence is pretty convenient to have around. Especially if the man you love is too busy with his adventures to give you more than a few dates.

Comic by Dorkly.

23 She's A Legs Gal

via: jeremykaye.deviantart.com

Everybody knows about Ariel’s obsession with humans and her want to be part of their world, so it isn’t much of a surprise that she would go spying on people from time to time. That look on her face, though: it’s hard to tell whether she wants to have her own pair of legs here, or worse... she wants to get those legs for the same reason she’s drooling. Honestly, Jeremy Kaye basically made Ariel’s lines and expression open to interpretation here. Other than the two previously stated, this pretty much shows that Ariel could also just appreciate a person’s legs more than their face. So does that mean that when Ariel said that Eric was the most handsome human she met, she was talking about his legs? The conspiracies...

22 Someone Seems Tense

via: collegehumor.com

Wow. We all know that people like to poke fun at Belle's supposed love of furry beings (it's true, though, since she fell in love with the Beast in the first place). But this comic goes to a place that hasn't been explored. Really, the artist over at CollegeHumor really dug deep and got creative with this comic. One thing's for sure: it's not hard to see these two becoming friends. The look on Jane's face pretty much says, "I didn't know this about you, and I kind of wish I didn't." But let's not look down on Belle, though; maybe she's just feeling that things just aren't the same now that the Beast has turned into a human.

21 When Things Get Too Heated

via: dorkly.com

Lumiere is what you would consider a stereotypical flirtatious French man. This is something that was proven by not only his suave demeanor, but also by how he basically tried to see Fifi the duster behind a set of curtains. Seeing as he basically has his hands and head on fire, it's not surprising that there'd be a chance for one or two mishaps. Mishaps that comic artists are only too glad to show in their art, as shown here. Seeing where the fire is located, it’s pretty clear that things got a little hairy this time. With this kind of result, it seems like he won’t be seeing any glimpses of her feathers for a long time. Guess this is why he wants to turn back to human so bad! You can’t blame the guy.

Comic by Dorkly.

20 No Secrets For Him

via: twitter.com/Fluffy_HappyCat

Beast was a truly fearsome character to behold in the film, and him practically growling out rules pretty much established how intimidating he could be. However, what if when Belle questioned about the west wing, rather than being quieted by him practically yelling it’s forbidden, she began questioning him like this? She is a curious girl who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Besides, don’t you think Hannah Alexandra’s twist of the scene just adds more to their characters? Just look at Lumiere’s face here: he’s clearly getting a kick out of this like we are. What’s more, Beast ends up looking rather adorable in this, don’t you think? Clearly, though, Belle has been reading some rather strange stuff if this is what she comes up with.

19 S0 Who's Mad At Who?

via: pinterest.com

Elsa is, by far, the most shipped Disney princess out there. This is due to not only her looks, but her personality and powers as well. Anna has also seen her fair share of ships... but what about the guys? Well, in the world of fandom, princes get shipped with each other all the time. So we did it here too! Kristoff is turning things around here by being the one to initiate things. It looks like they might have been in an argument before this! Honestly, though, is it bad to say that the two of them actually look good together? The two didn't even interact with each other in the movie! That's how strong the fandom is. Judging by that last panel, it's clear that some people aren't happy with that idea, though.

18 The Man Needs Human Companions

via: dorkly.com

Now, come on, Gepetto. We all know that he made a puppet in the shape of a boy and wished him to come to life. If that doesn't show that he was a bit lonely, or had some troubles in his life, I don't know what else will. Still, though, for him to want a female doll too? He's definitely in need of some companionship. The question is, though: if the Blue Fairy had appeared because of a wish made on a star, how does this scenario really work? Are there rules to the wishes she can grant? That aside, it's somewhat understandable why Gepetto made Pinocchio. He really just needs a family, I think.

Comic by Dorkly.

17 Not In Front Of The Kids!

via: dorkly.com

The Incredibles was a fun little superhero film disguised as a family story. We all know families have some pretty crazy moments, so why would they be any different? Dorkly has shown that even the most heartwarming films and cartoons can have a different side. Just look at the kids' faces: no matter how the parents act, they're just a bit disgusted by their parents' romance. And they were just about to have breakfast! Really, this is probably worse than anything that could happen in real life. At least it's safe to say that there's still some chemistry between the parents. But their kids probably won't want to look at them in the eye any time soon, judging by this panel!

16 Just A Spoonful Of Sugar

via: digitalgil.deviantart.com

We all remember Mary Poppins as the prim and proper lady who seemed a bit strange, but taught the children valuable lessons and the importance of finding fun in everything. Nobody can deny that she's a lovely lady, and clearly, digitalgil more than agrees. Think about it, though: she's a very beautiful woman. This was even seen in the movie, as she had a romance of her own in there. Just because she's a little less prim than usual here doesn't mean that she's a totally different person. From the look on Michael's face, here, it seems that he's a little surprised at how his nanny looks now. And his frog seems to be the one paying for it! Look how desperate he is to escape.

15 Anyone Else Feeling A Little Flustered?

via: queenbean3.deviantart.com

Raise your hands if any of you thought that Ralph was a good looking guy. Sure, he wasn't conventionally hot like most Disney heroes with their sharp looks. But there are more than a few women out there who find guys like Ralph attractive! Seriously, the guy is basically a muscle-man teddy bear. If he looked this good, people would be swooning over him. Clearly, Queenbean3's character, the Sorceress shown here, agrees, given her reaction. And from Ralph's face, he clearly doesn't think a lot about his looks. Given his history, we're not really sure we can blame him. Still, can't you just imagine him being swarmed by a group of fans? The look on his face would be priceless.

14 The Flame Of Passion Sparks

via: ladyofdecay.tumblr.com

Well, Coco had to come into the world somehow, right? Do you really think that Hector would be the one to initiate anything? Imelda may have come off as stern and intimidating, but there's no denying that the woman has a fire and a love for her husband. This comic by Ace shows what could have happened during one of Imelda's attempts at flirting with Hector. Then again, there isn't much that's been revealed about the two's past, their courting, or their married life. There are all kinds of stories about Hector chasing after her before they get married, but not enough about how things would be when Imelda turns the tables. We can just feel the passion Imelda is showing here.

13 She's A Teenager Who Wants A Guy, What Else?

via: qwazicx.deviantart.com

We all remember the conditions Ursula had made, in exchange for Ariel's legs and prince. And then there's the whole thing where she could have just written a note to him. The fandom really can't get over that one. But here's one thing that most people forget: she's younger than we think! And this comic by qwazicx pretty much captures a perfect question that fans have. Honestly, she saw the guy, didn't know anything about him (other than the fact that he was a handsome human), and decided that she was in love with him after saving him. I think that we all know the truth behind this one! Just look at her face here; I don't want to know what's going on in her mind.

12 We All Have Our Likings

via: twitter.com/Fluffy_HappyCat

Everybody's got their own preferences about what books they like. Belle is a bookworm, so she's no different. Now, we know that Belle likes romance stories, but what if she took that to a whole other level? We know that there are lots of women out there who like the idea of two guys together... more women than you would think. And sometimes, there are ladies who like the kind of thing that Belle is reading. Well, not necessarily exactly like that, but pretty close. What? Everybody likes something that other people would find weird, and not just with books. Still, though, who knew that Hannah Alexandra could make a sheep look so judgmental?

11 A Shipper's Dream

via: twitter.com/Fluffy_HappyCat

Even before the live-action remake, many people thought that LeFou and Gaston were a gay couple. Now that the live-action remake has been released, this ship has been pretty much cemented. Okay, so take out how Gaston ended up being pretty crazy in the newer movie and add in a dash of the original film and you get this lovely comic. Just imagine how many things would have been solved if these two had ended up together! What's more, LeFou could be the one to sweep Gaston off his feet. Just look at Gaston's face; the tables have really been turned around. I know a lot of shippers who would have been happy to see this scene, done by Hannah Alexandra, come true.

10 Thirst Is Strong With This One

via: doritowaifu.tumblr.com

Poe and Finn were, by far, the quickest ship the Star Wars fandom has ever developed. This was especially due to the hug between them in The Force Awakens. It doesn't help that the two of them are just generally fun and sweet characters. They just look way too good together! This comic by DoritoWaifu shows Finn wanting to be more productive for the resistance, and Poe deciding to "help" him in his own way. It's amazing to look at the shorts, his muscles, and his expression on his face. The guy just looks like he can't tell whether he's made the best or the worst decision. Can you really blame the guy, though? We sure can't, and we're sure that the shippers love this.

9 A King Has His Needs

via: archiveofourown.org

Is there any attractive guy in the Marvel universe that Tony hasn't been paired with? Okay, they do make for a handsome pair. And they've both got their own responsibilities, between saving the world and living their lives. From the looks of things, though, they're working it out. While T'Challa's got a kingdom to tend to and inventions to work on, they've both got their own needs. And nobody can resist a photo of Tony Stark the way he looks here. I can't help but feel bad for Shuri, though. Now she doesn't have to just deal with her brother's antics, but Tony's, as well. Fiskibein, you've managed to capture such a perfect scenario, so kudos!

8 He's A Warrior, Not An Artist

via: thefredricus.deviantart.com

Tamatoa is, by far one of the most flamboyant, and fabulous, villains that you'll ever meet in a Disney movie. He's pretty awesome, to boot. He's a crab who has a love for jewels, and we all know that the Heart of the Sea (from the movie Titanic) was, well, thrown into the sea. Conspiracy theories and questions aside, it's clear that the shiny-loving crab found it, and wants to capture himself in it. Does anyone else feel like we're entering into a weird part of the fandom that shouldn't be spoken about? We're looking at you, TheFredricus, for making this. Or, maybe it seems like a deal was struck here. That drawing might not make Tamatoa happy, Maui.

7 A Little Too Close For Comfort There

via: ehryel.deviantart.com

Does anyone remember Fifi? The feather duster that Lumiere was constantly flirting with, who ended up being rather eye-catching in the end? Take her, add in a Sleeping Beauty crossover, and an attraction between ladies and you get this wonderful piece by Ehryel. You'd think that in the first two panels, nothing is happening, but they take a turn by the third. From the look on Belle's face, she didn't expect for something like this to happen. I guess a lot of people might like French maids, but clearly, someone here doesn't really agree. Who knew that our favorite princesses could get into this kind of trouble if given the chance? We have to wonder what Aurora thinks about all this...

6 She's A Helpful Bunny

via: pinterest.com

Judy and Nick clearly became close friends towards the end of Zootopia, so it's not hard to imagine them just hanging out, having some treats together. With the way that Nick is so relaxed about everything, it's no surprise that he'd leave a treat like a popsicle just hanging around. Clearly, though, this would lead to a bit more of a mess than he expected. Judy, being the helpful bunny that she is, decides to help out her friend before he makes a bigger mess. Looks like it didn't really help, though, and resulted in some confused feelings. But it also looks like Nick doesn't mind. Judy just seems happy to have helped. Unless she knew what was going to happen...

5 He's A Nobel Who Knows How To Charm

via: jagodibuja.deviantart.com

Are there any Game of Thrones fans here? Is that even a question? Anyway, we all know that one of the things that made the series so well-known on the internet (of all places) was the amount of extra fun... shall we say, saxophone-worthy scenes. Tyrion Lannister is, by far, one of the favorite characters in the series. There's no question that he is, in no way, meant to be in this line-up here. This was supposed to just be an introduction of the dwarves to the Prince. Jago, why must you be so good at creating scenarios that do things like this? Well, Snow White certainly doesn't seem to mind the attention she's getting. She might as well be swept away.

4 Keeping Things Fresh

via: jagodibuja.deviantart.com

Okay, first, Jago, why did you have to change Tiana’s color palette here? It looks kind of weird looking at it. That aside, goodness gracious, who knew this hard working woman had a different side to her behind closed doors? Well, there’s no doubt that she’s a feisty lass. But really, Naveen is looking pretty zonked out here. Or maybe it’s just the frog eyes talking. Putting aside the questions that her explanation raises, this comic just goes to show that no matter the film, there will always be someone who will find the the strange side of things. Still, though, can we all just agree that the magic of Princess and the Frog can be weird? At least the two seem to be having a fun married life, at least.

3 Boys Will Be Boys

via: makeitstoopid.com

Big Hero 6 made its own kind of impact in terms of story and great characters. One of the great things about the film was that the female characters actually had a solid role as beautiful and strong ladies. Still, their hero suits are rather… fitting, to say the least. You can’t blame this confident lady for wanting to show off just a bit. While they are all geniuses though, they’re guys, and this comic by MakeitStoopid pretty much shows that real wacky things can go on if you leave them alone for even just a moment. It’s no question that Hiro is behind this robot even knowing and doing this dance but where did that, well, revealing bottom, to say the least, come from? And how is it not snapping?

2 He Got More Than He Anticipated

via: pinterest.com

Admit it, people, the second you saw this first panel, your minds didn't really know what to do with the information. With every Disney movie released, if there were a male and a female character, people shipped them. There will always be a part of the fandom that does this, and Zootopia is no different. In fact, with the dynamic seen between them in the movie, it's no surprise that this is what happened. The bantering, as well as the little trick Judy did towards the end of the film, really helped to bring this ship to life. If it weren't for Nick's reaction in the end, here, this would be pretty much canon.

1 In Charge In Battle And Behind Doors

via: ashleym0.deviantart.com

Fix-it-Felix and Calhoun are the kind of fan pairing that you would usually see, so it's great that the movie made them endgame. It doesn't hurt that they had some pretty cute moments together and don't look half bad together. But we already know what happened in the film. What the fandom wants to know is what happened after the happily ever after. And given Felix's clear gentlemanly nature, it's pretty much fact that Calhoun would be in charge of their honeymoon. AshleyMO shows what could happen after the movie. Unless, of course, Felix plucks up some courage himself and takes charge. But knowing him, he probably wouldn't, making this scene all the more probable.

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