20 Hilarious Fallout Comics That Are Extra Sweet

Fallout is a post-apocalyptic role-playing game where players can help America become better or worse. The game has focused more on solving problems for humans and mutated creatures. There may be a few rare opportunities to spend some hours getting to know someone intimately, but the game wants you to be a fighter. After Bethesda took control of the series, more chances for romance were added to the game.

Most gamers believe that Fallout 4 was the very first game to offer serious romances. The Sole Survivor has a predetermined background as a military veteran or lawyer. Both were married and had a son named Shaun. Fallout: New Vegas first toyed with the idea of romances, but they weren't treated as seriously as Fallout 4. Some fans were disappointed that romance wasn't added from the beginning of the series, but that's not where the developers wanted to go with Fallout.

Fans decided to create their own stories and fan art describing love in post-apocalyptic America. Fallout 4 proved to be the most popular series to create fan art for since Bethesda gave artists new Companions that felt like friends and partners. Fans didn't want to say goodbye to their favorite characters. Since there's no word of Fallout 5, gamers are expanding on the Fallout world that currently exists. Our list contains some of the racier comics that fans have devised, along with heavy spoilers.

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20 No Dates, Only Helping Settlements

via: privateengine.tumblr.com

Some video games take freedom of choice too far. They'll allow you to romance every single character available. Fallout 4 is no exception. Your character may have been married to someone of the opposite gender, but they can now romance up the entire Commonwealth.

This comic by Privateen on Tumblr shows that when presented with a choice, just choose everything. The cast of Fallout 4 has reserved the entire Dugout Inn in Diamond City for some fun. The Sole Survivor is wearing a red dress similar to Magnolia. She has taken Hancock, Nick Valentine, and Preston Garvey, out on a date at the Dugout Inn. He's the only character missing his hat. Preston is also missing the opportunity to help more settlements. No matter how their date goes, Preston's mind will never be solely on the Sole Survivor.

19 Marriage Wouldn't Stop Changing Him

via: cad-comic.com

Most RPGs already have a default character that is used in promotional material. Fallout 4 featured real-life versions of Nora and Nate during the opening movie. When the game started, we see the couple standing in front of their bathroom mirror. Nate and Nora are preparing to go to an event and have to get ready.

If you don't care about appearances, you might choose the default character and keep playing.

Tim Buckley, of Ctrl+Alt+Del, has shown Nate and Nora as a happy couple. When Nate begins changing his entire body to prepare for the event, she gets scared. Nora could handle Mr. Gusty and Power Armor, but not a husband that could do plastic surgery on the fly. She decides he's a horrible creature and decides she has to put an end his madness.

18 She Doesn’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

via: theairie.deviantart.com

The world of Fallout is filled with a variety of characters. Super Mutants usually avoid most humans. Feral Ghouls are treated like irradiated zombies. Docile Ghouls often live among other humans or "smooth skin." Unfortunately, they're often treated poorly or used as slaves.

Gob is one of the sweetest Ghouls the Lone Wanderer will meet in Fallout 3 or even the entire series. He believes that you'll judge him because he's a Ghoul. The Airie proves that not every human is cruel and judgemental. Her Lone Wanderer treats Gob with kindness he's never encountered before. He's so enamored that he wants to spend more time with her after work. It's nice to see two people have a happy ending in the Capital Wasteland.

17 Can’t Turn Down Free Aid

via: teresanima.deviantart.com

John Hancock is the no-nonsense leader of Goodneighbor. He took charge of the settlement after overthrowing the previous leader. After gaining his trust, he becomes available to recruit as a companion or more.

Hancock is romanceable and has become one of the most popular characters of Fallout 4.

Teresanima has portrayed the Sole Survivor and Hancock as travelers in the Commonwealth. After traveling with a companion for a while, they'll offer you various items. Hancock will offer the Sole Survivor aid that will "take the edge off." After weeks of traveling together, Nate has filled a backpack full of Hancock's gifts. Nate tries to smile and be appreciative, so he doesn't hurt his friend's feelings. Hancock doesn't seem to notice and is happy he can take care of Nate.

16 Hold My Gear, Don’t Wear It

via: awkwardzombie.com

In Fallout 1 and 2, it was hard to see what your character was wearing. It was even harder to see what appearance changes would appear on your companions. Fallout 3 finally changed this by letting the Lone Wanderer change out of a Vault suit for the first time in their 19 years of life. Fallout: New Vegas' Courier only wore a Vault suit at the beginning of the game, but is promoted in media wearing the NCR Veteran Ranger uniform.

Katie Tiedrich shows what happens when you give your Companion your extra clothing to hold. Companions will usually act as a temporary inventory, but sometimes they will wear the clothing you give them. In this case, Arcade Gannon thought the Courier wanted him to wear the Naughty Nightwear instead of holding it. They're both confused when he's suddenly seen wearing the racy clothing.

15 She Found Two Valentines

via: littttleduck.tumblr.com

Nick Valentine is a fan favorite character of Fallout 4.  Bethesda made up for it by releasing the Far Habor DLC that expanded on his past. In Arcadia, we meet DiMA, who is Nick's "brother." They were both prototype Second-Generation Synths that escaped from the Institute. DiMA isn't romanceable, and can't become a companion.

Nick can choose to refuse DiMA as family, but most players repair their family ties.

Littttleduck attempted to make the best of the situation. Her Sole Survivor has brought the brothers together. She embraces the Synths with all her might. Nick isn't so pleased with the embrace. On the other hand, DiMA is smiling. He has his brother in his life again. If you believe you're a Synth, then you're also now part of DiMA's Synth clan.

14 We Didn’t Expect Him To Be So Beautiful

via: n4c9s.deviantart.com

Fallout 4 introduced the Brotherhood of Steel uniform. This distinctive uniform is an orange and gray jumpsuit the soldiers typically wear under their Power Armor. Paladin Danse is a recruitable, romanceable companion who wears this unique clothing. When he isn't wearing is a helmet, he can be seen wearing a matching BoS Uniform hood.

N4c9s created a comic that brought up a concern many of us wondered about our Brotherhood of Steel companion. Was Danse bald underneath that hood? In the game and this comic, we see that Danse has a beautiful flowing set of locks. His dark brown hair is much more luscious than we would have expected. This Sole Survivor is so impressed that her face has turned red in embarrassment.

13 Nobody Insults Her Husband And Gets Away With It

via: pistachiozombie.deviantart.com

Fallout 4 has romanceable companions that some players become very protective over. Hancock has some insecurities about his appearances. He doesn't care about being a Ghoul, but he can hardly stand to look at himself in the mirror anymore. The Sole Survivor seems to find him charming in other ways.

The Brotherhood of Steel thinks that all non-humans are abominations.

If you bring a non-human aboard the Prydwen, they will insult your companion. Pistachiozombie has drawn a comic showing what happens if you dare insult her husband in her presence. Hancock is used to the snide remarks. The Sole Survivor isn't going to let the soldier get away with the comment. Hancock wants her to let it go, but she refuses. We can already predict what happens next.

12 She’s Worth Leaving Your Brothers

via: twitter.com/mozzatou

Fallout 4's Brotherhood of Steel is led by Arthur Maxson. He retains the West Coast Brotherhood ways of discriminating against any creature that isn't human. By joining their faction, you lead them to believe you're of a similar mindset.

John Cosentino shows how one's mind can quickly change once a beautiful face enters the picture. His Sole Survivor was as discriminatory as the rest of the BoS. When he transfer's Curie's mind into a new generation Synth, his heart is set on fire. He no longer believes in destroying all Synths. Elder Maxson is shocked to learn he wants to quit. Unfortunately, it's much harder to leave the Brotherhood than it is to join. We know that Curie is worth the effort.

11 Non-Romanceable Valentine

via: lord-of-lemons.deviantart.com

Nick Valentine is intelligent, charming, and the best partner you'll ever have. There's only one drawback. He can never be your romanceable partner. Nick and Deacon are the only Synth companions that can't be romanced in Fallout 4. Players who don't have access to mods were crushed by the news. Lord-of-lemons created a parody comic in the spirit of Hark! A Vagrant by Kate Beaton displaying his disappointment.

Nick tells the Sole Survivor he wants them to watch his back in battle, not romantically.

This protagonist took his words the wrong way. He believed that Nick meant it romantically. Since Nick can't be wooed, Nate is filled with the disappointment of what could have been. At least he still has an incredible Synth partner at his side.

10 Is It Too Late To Change His Job Title?

via: superyummyjello.deviantart.com

Fallout: New Vegas brought some of the original developers back into the series. They wanted to bring back elements from the original isometric series while also sprinkling in some fun. One of the characters you'll meet is simply named Yes Man. He's an AI program that is the Courier's nemesis', Benny's, assistant. He is designed to do whatever he is commanded to do without any arguments. Another robot in the series, Fisto, is designed with more specific purposes in mind.

Superyummyjello brings the two robots together in a romantically creepy comic strip. The Courier wants to see what happens once the most agreeable character in the game meets one with a more devious job description. With a single tear running down his digital face, Yes Man knows what painful activities will happen during the Honeymoon.

9 She’s Got Him In Her Sights

via: greyallison.tumblr.com

The Fallout series has a variety of weapon choices. Your character can be a master of hand-to-hand combat, an expert of handguns, or a sniper. In Fallout 4, your Companion can pick up any weapon along the way to help out. They're an expert in every weapon.

Grace Allison has drawn a comic that portrays the Sole Survivor and one of Fallout 4's most laid-back guys, Deacon. He asks her if she's trying to use her sniper scope to check him out.

Deacon is using his charm to try and get on Nora's good side.

Nora isn't falling for his flirtatious charms. She has a witty retort for him as well. Nora informs Deacon that she would rather keep him at a distance. She probably realized that he's not romanceable and doesn't want to develop feelings for him.

8 Curie’s Whole New World

via: galagraphia.tumblr.com

Curie is trapped in the depths of Vault 81 until she is rescued by the Sole Survivor. She requests to tag along to view the Commonwealth. Curie is amazed by the world around her. She is the only companion who is open to every new experience the Sole Survivor shows her. After she is transferred to a synthetic body, Curie's curiosity only increases. She is no longer interested in the world, but also her abilities.

Galagraphia makes some implications in this comic featuring Curie, MacCready, and the Sole Survivor. Nora is interested, yet slightly embarrassed to know what discoveries Curie has found in Mutfruits. MacCready has already assumed the worst. Dogmeat is happy to be part of the conversation. We can only imagine what Curie will discover next.

7 He’s Got The Perfect Mug

via: commonwealthcass.tumblr.com

Hancock is a charming character. Once the Sole Survivor gets to know him, he reveals his painful past. Even before Hancock purposely turned himself into a Ghoul by using experimental substances, he couldn't bear to see his reflection. He didn't like his face then or now.

Hancock realizes that most humans are scared of Ghouls and will joke about his "ugly mug."

Cassidy Muller begs to differ. She wants Hancock to know that he's absolutely perfect. He's damaged, like every other Fallout character, but he's perfect for her. She even had a mug made with a photo of his face. Hancock is slightly embarrassed by his girlfriend's mug and of her glowing endorsement. Hancock should be thrilled to have such a loyal companion.

6 The Most Wonderful Guy

via: madkingofchile.tumblr.com

In Fallout 3, there aren't many companions who will join the Lone Wanderer. Even you reach the ending, Fawkes and Charon won't even help you, proving how disloyal they are. There is one character you can trust to help you. Liberty Prime is a giant robot created by the Brotherhood of Steel. The robot takes out the Enclave without any issues. With its powerful move set and hilarious quotes, it's more impressive than any other companion in the game.

Madkingofchile has drawn an adorable comic expressing his love of the giant robot. He uses one of Fallout 3's songs "A Wonderful Guy" by Tex Beneke to express his adoration of the beast. After watching Liberty Prime take out an army of angry Enclave enemies, we can't help but love the robot as well.

5 Lucy’s Got The Wrong Idea

via: reachfarhigh.deviantart.com

Everyone has their ways of coping the Mojave Desert in Fallout: New Vegas. Red Lucy hides her emotions in her work at The Thorn. She uses the arena to make some extra caps and invites the Courier to join in on the fun. Like most NPCs, she asks the Courier for help to make her arena more popular.

Reachfarhigh accepts her offer, thinking it could be an easy quest. Unfortunately, the side mission led him to steal eggs from a variety of creatures. He believes that his reward will be a stack of bottlecaps.

Unfortunately, the Courier is extremely shocked and disappointed when he reaches Lucy's room.

She wanted to treat him to more devious activity instead. Lucy shouldn't have assumed the Courier wanted romance instead of cold, hard caps.

4 Can’t Keep Our Eyes Off Of Elder Maxson

via: mozzatav.tumblr.com

Fallout 3 first introduces us to a young boy named Arthur Maxson. He's unsure about his future but knows he is destined to one day lead the Brotherhood of Steel. Maxson quickly moves up the ranks and becomes Elder Maxson in Fallout 4. The Sole Survivor has the opportunity to meet him in person if he joins the faction.

Mozzatav is just as impressed as we were when meeting the young Maxson again. It isn't Maxson's rugged appearance that catches his attention. It's Elder Maxson's stunning fur-lined coat. Elder Maxson has noticed the Sole Survivor's wandering eyes. He thinks that Nate is gazing at something lower. The only thing on Nate's mind is taking down the young leader and stealing his beautiful coat.

3 When MacCready’s Jokes Go Far

via: bookwormcat.deviantart.com

One of the best parts of having a companion in Fallout 4 is watching them interact with each other. The Sole Survivor is only allowed to have one companion at a time. They will talk to each other and wish them well on their journey.

MacCready will flirt with all of the female companions after replacing them.

If he's your hired help, it may not matter much. If you have romanced him, like Bookwormcat, you may not think MacCready’s flirting is cute, especially when he does it right in front of you. The romanced companions don't care if the Sole Survivor flirts and cheats, but it's up to the player if they're okay with the same behavior. Bookwormcat is upset at her boyfriend. He tries to apologize, but it doesn't work. She's making him sleep on the floor tonight.

2 Bethesda Made The Companions Too Lovable

via: pistachiozombie.deviantart.com

The Sole Survivor's first meeting with the Brotherhood of Steel is at a Ghoul firefight. Paladin Danse needs their help to secure the police station. After a few more side quests helping the Brotherhood, Danse will ask you to visit the Prydwen. If Hancock is at your side, the other soldiers will insult him to your way to your initiation. The Sole Survivor is asked a variety of questions.

Pistachiozombie shows us how one question, in particular, may make us sweat. She doesn't know how to respond. Hancock is her husband, so it's clear that she has had a serious relationship with a non-human. Hancock isn't offended by her nervous behavior. He thinks it's hilarious and rolls on the floor, laughing.

1 An Issue With Fallout Shelter

via: dorkly.com

Fallout Shelter is a mobile game where players can control a vault. Players can train them and take them out on missions to collect valuable goods throughout the post-apocalyptic wastelands. One of the oddest features is making your Vault dwellers have babies. Each Vault can hold up to 200 residents. Memorizing everyone's family tree can get confusing, fast. Julia Lepetit has drawn a strange possibility that we all fear will happen in our Vaults.

Pairing up residents could lead to potentially harmful situations with disgusting results.

Luckily for us, Bethesda thought ahead and brought us a solution. Family members can't help increase your Vault size. They'll enjoy each other's company, but not in a way that will make you sick to your stomach.

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