25 Hilarious Fallout Fan Comics That Will Make Any Player Say “Same”

Everyone remembers the great songs in Fallout. These were the lines that graced the ears of millions as we all turned on Fallout 3 for the first time in 2008. This wasn’t the first time we were introduced to the post-apocalyptic wastelands in the Fallout universe, but it did open the doors for many fans to get into the series.

Fallout officially made its debut in 1997, and most current fans wouldn’t even recognize their beloved franchise if they compared the first few entries to the more recent ones. The first few Fallout games were top-down role-playing games that relied heavily on that role-playing aspect.

The game was set in a post-war 1950s America, except that this America featured a much more technologically-advanced society introducing us to Mr. Handy robots and Star Wars-like laser pistols. Mix all of that with an unforgettable 50s styled soundtrack—oh, and a nuclear war that transforms America into a dust-filled apocalyptic wasteland—and we have ourselves one of the greatest game franchises of our century.

Fallout is held close to my heart and is right up there with legendary games like BioShock and Portal. I’ve put away hours of my life trying to defuse a nuclear bomb in Fallout 3, become the king of the Las Vegas strip in New Vegas, and parade around as a superhero known as the “Silver Shroud” in the latest installment. Fallout is a ton of fun. That’s why we’re going through 25 Fallout comics that will make any fan say “same.”

25 Have To Get Things Just Perfect

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As in most RPGs, one of the most important yet grueling parts is the endless hours put into perfecting your character. Now, for some players, this feature is equivalent to the satisfaction of peeling off that thin layer of plastic off a new phone. Perfecting your character is easily one of the best aspects of an RPG, but sometimes we find that players might sink too much time adjusting every detail on their characters.

Playing devil’s advocate, it obviously makes sense why so many players spend so much time here—this will be your character for the rest of the game, and you don’t want to later realize you accidentally made your character left-handed when they should've been right-handed all along! For a lot of fans of this series, every detail of their character has to be absolutely perfect. And if that includes changing eyebrow thickness from .5 to .6, then we say more power to you.

My favorite aspect of character creation is watching all the masterful user-uploads where people showcase just how much time they have on their hands. Never before did I think I’d see someone explore the wastelands as Nigel Thornberry or Kanye West, but here we are in 2018. Personally, I'm going to keep sticking to the default character option, a lot less drama.

Art by Josh Crandall & M.S. Corley.

24 Fallout 4: Sims Edition

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When Fallout 4 dropped in 2015, it was honestly met with a slew of polarizing opinions. The game was one of the most anticipated games and it’d be an understatement to say that people were oozing out hype for the latest installment. Yet when the game dropped, some surprisingly found themselves disappointed. Why? Well, for some of the reasons addressed in this comic.

Some of the fans' greatest fears were that the game would deviate from the RPG side, and that's basically what happened. Fallout was dropping RPG aspects left and right and replacing it with more mainstream game mechanics like making the game more action-based and adding a Sims-styled settlement builder.

For the first time, fans of the series were able to decorate the wasteland with nuclear-waste stained couches and Nuka-Cola themed furnishings. Settlement-building inspired more than a few internet rants as some people weren’t thrilled seeing Fallout leave the RPG side in replace of these new aspects.

I also wasn’t a huge fan of the addition, as the coolest thing I ever made in my wasteland was a full-sized basketball court. But just like the character creator, I enjoyed this aspect just to see what crazy concoctions fans could brew up. And it takes only one Google search to see the awe-inspiring castles, cities, and unique creations that passionate fans came up with. My recommendation? Search up "Sanctuary City" and be prepared to have your mind-blown.

Art by QwertyPieArtist.

23 Man's Best Friend

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Ever explore the dark and very linear-like tunnels of Fallout 4? Knowing that there’s definitely some prime loot at the end of the tunnel, but also making sure you exert every ounce of caution as you know that landmines and laser traps are littered through your path. For most players, these situations are still a piece of cake. Just keep your eyes open and always be ready to jump out of the way of a deadly trap you just foolishly set off. The only thing coming between you and that sweet end-of-the dungeon loot is your “loyal” companion Dogmeat.

Dogmeat doesn’t prove as loyal when he foolheartedly sets off a series of lasers that annihilate you in seconds.

Somehow, Dogmeat finds a way to simultaneously be our best friend and worst enemy in Fallout 4. Obviously, any companion you choose to take with you can foolishly do the same thing and set off a myriad of traps, but for some reason, it just seems that Dogmeat has a knack for it.

Dogmeat might be a beloved pal, but we can only cut him so much slack before he really begins to irritate the holy-heck out of us. Still, I’ll never forget the smiles that Dogmeat puts on my face when he charges towards two Super Mutant Behemoths, only to get slapped into the solar system. He’s cute, brave, but also dumber than a sack of bricks. We’ll always love him, though.

Art by Dorkly.

22 Go Outside! Do Something Productive!

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“Go outside! How long have you been on this stupid thing?” Those were the words I constantly heard from my parents through the summer months when school was out and the weather was finally warm. And there’s nothing like warm weather and shamelessly choosing to stay inside your air-conditioned house just to grind away hours of your life in a great game like Fallout. While I was a pretty active kid through the year, I cherished the summer months as I had so much free time to finally sink into my favorite games.

The days of staying up until 2 in the morning to play Modern Warfare 2 or Fallout are the times I miss most about my adolescence.

Any true Fallout fan will tell you the number of hours the games have stolen from our lives, and when Fallout 4 dropped it was no different. I remember procrastinating more and more on college papers just so I could grind out a little more XP to level up or just finish one more quest. Fallout is a massive game that just requires too much time, but year after year, installment after installment, we still continue to willingly trade our lives away to our beloved RPG.

Art by TubeyToons.

21 Don't Forget To Lock Your Doors

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When the trailer dropped for Fallout 4 almost 3 years ago I was hyped, perhaps beyond hyped and so was the rest of the Fallout fanbase. That trailer still gives me chills to this day—it introduced us to the new wasteland we’d be exploring, some of the characters we’d come to love, and showed off the now-iconic Red Rocket Gas Station.

Even from the trailer players figured these gas stations might have a prominent role in Fallout 4, and from the look of the trailer it seemed one of these locations could serve as your post-apocalyptic home. And gamers were right again, as most of the gas stations proved to be worthy places of storing your favorite items and making a home out of the worn-down gas stations. Yet, this comic does make us scratch our heads wondering why all that valuable stuff is just left out in the open.

Unless you build a fortress around your personal Red Rocket, then your most likely just leave all your most valuable items up for grabs from raiders and other baddies. Obviously, they can’t actually take any of your cool stuff, but you would think with the power armor being smack dab in the middle of an open area that someone would try and steal it from you. We might as well put a sign that says “free” next to the power armor because it looks like the raiders would ignore it anyway.

Art by WomboArt.

20 I'll Get Back To That Quest Eventually...

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I don’t know if I’ve already stressed this, but the worlds in Fallout are absolutely massive. Every detail feels as if it’s been catered to your liking and it honestly feels at times as though there’s just way too much to see. “Woah, what’s that cool thing over there? And what about that cool thing over there?”

If you’re easily distracted, then Fallout will either be a lavish dream or sickening one for you.

It’s impossible to not get distracted by at least something in this creatively detailed world, and that can be fun for some or terribly frustrating. It seems like the artist of this comic knows the pain of wanting to commit to a quest but getting distracted by every little thing along the way. I don’t know how many times I’ve said, “Nope, you’re committing to this quest this time” only to then just go mindlessly off into the wasteland looking for some one-of-a-kind laser rifle.

This aspect of Fallout definitely rides the line between fun and frustrating, but the quicker you just accept that you’re going to be distracted the more enjoyment you’ll find. I’ll never forget the times I deviated from the main story only to find some of my favorite side-quests like the Ghoul problem at Tenpenny Tower or helping some robots fly a ship through downtown Boston in Fallout 4.

Art by Tim Buckley.

19 Where The Heck Was He Storing That?

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You know there’s a few things in Fallout that just don’t add up; where are you really storing all those bottle caps and bobby pins? I mean, even the deepest pockets wouldn’t be able to hold 1000 caps, 20 weapons, and still have room for a sweet roll. Oh, and how come you find weapons or other human-related items on animals or insects? A better question and one that this comic posed: Where the heck do you find all this loot on some people or creatures?

Sometimes you’ll find that some enemies just seem to have a ton of loot on them that you’d have no clue how they could hold. Especially when you’ve just reduced your enemy to chunks, yet you still seem to find 10 days' worth of food, maybe some furniture, and 50 more useless things on their person. Something’s just not adding up here, and they’ll probably never be any real answer to explain this unnatural phenomenon in the Fallout universe.

Maybe loot is in actuality just really tiny and people can store hundreds of items that can be shrunk or enlarged at any moment's notice. Or maybe Pip-Boys can scan items into some virtual world and bring them back when you access your device. We’ll never know for sure, but we’ll keep guessing away until Bethesda delivers some answers.

Art by Julia Lepetit and Andrew Bridgman.

18 From Broke To Ballin' Out

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At the beginning of any Fallout playthrough, you are sure to struggle, and struggle badly. I remember playing Fallout 3 for the first time and finally escaping Vault 101 to reach that glorious sunshine. I felt good and thought, “Well, looks like the hard part's done.” If only I knew how wrong I was because surviving out in the wasteland is excruciatingly difficult especially on harder difficulty settings.

It’s not easy not having a dime to your name.

Experienced players know how important it is to literally pick up anything you come across so you can sell it to those greedy merchants. And even if you follow that strategy, you’re still sure to have little-to-no money at the start of your game But like this comic shows that all drastically changes by the end. When you finish the story and you’re finally balling out with the rarest power armor and enough bottlecaps to rule the post-apocalyptic world you can't care less about the merchants who once mistreated you.

By the end of the game, you’re sure to feel like an all-powerful being that doesn’t have time for petty transactions. If you want something, you take it, well, unless you’re trying to bring in some good karma. But even then, you’re sure to smack around someone at some point for just getting in your way or raising the prices of Radroach meat.

Comic by Dorkly.

17 What A Weird Idea

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While this comic is definitely one of the funnier ones on this list, there’s definitely a hint of truth in this joke if not more than a hint at this point. When Fallout 4 dropped, there were plenty of lovers but also plenty of critics who didn’t like that Bethesda was steering away from an RPG based game. It didn’t seem like choices even mattered anymore and the dialogue more often than not resulted in the same conclusion no matter what option you chose.

Bethesda games were becoming more action-based leaving the RPG elements behind.

This was a trend that Bethesda fans noticed with Skyrim and were worried that Fallout 4 would also be a more action-centered game. Unfortunately, this did pan out to be true as Fallout 4 is an entry worthy of being apart of the series yet it’s the least RPG styled game in the franchise.

My big gripe was definitely the dialogue—I mean, c’mon Bethesda, only four dialogue options now? You might as well just strip Fallout of its title and instead call it “Fallout 2k18” or “Fallout of Duty: Modern Apocalypse 4.” Sorry, those were the best I could come up with, but hopefully, Bethesda doesn’t continue down this road making Fallout more action-based and finally brings this beloved franchise back into the RPG limelight.

16 Another Settlement Needs Your Help…

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You haven’t played Fallout 4 if you haven’t heard these infamous five words while roaming the wastelands. These five words are first uttered to you by the leader of the Minutemen, Preston Garvey, who after some progress in the story only ever talks to you about the next settlement that apparently needs your help.

The first few times you help out a settlement definitely feels rewarding; clearing out some super mutants so that people can now grow crops or defending one of your communities against a savage group of raiders. You definitely pat yourself on the back the first few times, and it seems like the quest is a good way to get some extra caps and XP. Except it gets a bit tedious when another settlement once again needs your help, then another, and another, and so on until you're about ready to feed Garvey to the Mirelurks.

Fallout 4 tries to make it seem like the game can go on forever in new exciting ways, but it seems only the former is true in that statement. I’m glad Garvey’s shenanigans got called out by the rest of the internet because now we’ve been exposed to some quality Fallout comics and memes. I haven’t turned on Fallout 4 in months, but for some reason now I’m kind of craving to hear Garvey murmur those notorious five words one more time.

15 Potato Graphics

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Another big gripe some critics had about Fallout 4 was its graphics. Personally, I defended against this argument the best I could but I definitely did come to see the point that some critics were trying to make. In comparison to graphically impeccable games like Witcher 3 and Tomb Raider, Fallout 4 definitely looked a tad below par. But you know what fixes that? Mods.

Who doesn’t love a good mod? Turn some dragons into flying Thomas the Tank Engines in Skyrim or even buff your graphics out in Fallout 4; with mods anything is possible. Though, with graphics mods getting crispier and crispier through the years, it was only a matter of time before people called most of them trash as well.

Especially in the age of pushing graphics cards well past their max—gamers have acquired an impossible standard for graphics nowadays. Every detail has to be so lifelike that your actual hand looks more video-game like in comparison. It’s awesome to see graphic-mods push our rigs to levels we never truly thought we’d see but at some point, people have to learn to be satisfied with what we have. That day will likely never come, but it doesn’t hurt to ask for it.

Comic by Dorkly.

14 You’re A Lot Weirder Than You Think

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We’re completely aware of our actions in the real world. You might want to just start dancing on your desk in the middle of class, but you’re never going to do it. You know why? Well, I’m sure this isn’t the technical term, but you have common sense and will always think of the repercussions, potential embarrassment, etc. You might be wondering where I’m going with this; well, you pretty much don’t have to ever exhibit that common sense in any video game, especially in a game as open as Fallout.

Plenty of times I’ve done the exact thing this character has done in this comic.

While I’m talking to people in Fallout, I’ll just start jumping around, try to loot everything around them, and on my mischievous days I’ll even drop a live grenade in their pocket in the midst of their boring dialogue. It might be borderline sadistic, but we do it because it’s a video game and we know there are no real consequences to anything we do.

Trust me, there would definitely be a few consequences if you did this in real life. So save all your weird and possibly bad fantasies for the Fallout world. You can do whatever the heck you want there and I promise no one will bat an eye.

Art by Katie Tiedrich.

13 You Just Can’t Please Everybody

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This is definitely one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to any video game. At the beginning of any story-based game, the characters around you are sure to call you scrawny, weak, and pretty much useless. It’s pretty much all the words your coach would use to motivate you when instead it just wanted to go make you crawl into a corner to cry. Characters in a lot of games say some pretty rude things as well and it definitely serves as some good motivation to get stronger in the game.

But what really sucks is when you’ve finished the game and you're now the almighty wasteland wanderer and people are still chastising you for being "too weak." I just don’t understand being called a “weak useless piece of garbage” by some random townsperson despite being decked out in power armor while I’m holding a mini-nuke launcher. Something’s just not adding up.

Obviously, the developers just forgot to update dialogue for some of the random townies, but I still take the criticism very personally. Obviously, you can’t please everyone out there in the wasteland, but you’d think after you cleanse the water for entire populations or defend communities against super mutants that people would be a tad more grateful. Guess you just can’t please everyone.

Art By Namika.

12 Expectations Vs. Reality

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This comic touches on a little bit of everything in the Fallout universe and brings us back down to Earth to make us realize we’re not as cool as we might sometimes think we are. My favorites are what this comic explores in weapons, companions, and armor in the wasteland.

Starting with weapons it’s hilarious to see the real fear in the eyes of our character while he wields a wooden spoon to fend off a Deathclaw. Obviously, you become a little more prepared as the game goes on to fight those bigger and badder enemies; but we’ve all been there before, scared to take on our first Deathclaw with a weapon that seems a little too small for that fight.

And who hasn’t just sent in their companion only to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show?

I used to always use my companions to weaken tougher enemies only to steal the valuable XP with the last shot on the foe. My favorite panel out of this comic is definitely the section about armor. It takes awhile to get some pretty cool armor that everyone drops their jaws for, so until then you’re just stuck with some really janky outfits. Sometimes I’d just go talk to some people in my underwear to see if that would spark a reaction. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t but I kept trying anyway.

Comic by Dorkly.

11 Diamond City’s New Security System

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Now this one gave me a pretty good laugh as I don’t see how a system like this could obviously fail. It’s especially foolproof knowing that most humans usually have to take these tests over and over again to get the right answer. See I never realized that the purpose of these tests were to see how impossibly quick these bots answered these tests so that websites could easily spot them out. So truthfully I’m not sure how practical this test would be on synths but boy is it hilarious.

I honestly hope this is a mod so I can decorate the exterior of my Diamond City in hopes that it keeps out more synths.

Since synths can pass for human, I am extremely curious how they would approach a test like this as it would be too funny if the Institute forgot to program their synths for simple tests such as these. But at this point, I’m sure the synths would be able to come off as more human-like than the actual humans taking the test.

It does make you wonder though if Diamond City would still be ruled by a mayor who is, in actuality, a synth and how drastically different the city would be without having a synth for a mayor. Oh, um spoilers by the way. Well, the game’s been out for three years so you can’t really blame me on this one.

Art by tamaleknight.

10 How We Really Spend Our Time In Fallout

via: cad-comic.com

If there ever was a Fallout comic I could yell “preach” to, it would without a doubt be this one. This one-page comic deconstructs how most players actually spend their time in Fallout, and for the most part, they’re pretty much spot on. While I personally would give a much larger portion to yelling at my companions, I definitely relate to every aspect of this comic.

I mean, just look at the small sliver given to questing. It’s so sad but so hilariously true at the same time. Most time spent in Fallout is spent doing things you were probably not promised by the back of your game box.

The largest portion of this pie chart is given to being over-encumbered and from that undeniably true fact alone you know this artist has definitely sunk more than a few hours into the Fallout series.

Boy, did I hate the days of having to rearrange my inventory so I could pick up a flashy new outfit or weapon. And this artist continues to bring up good points; like what’s up with no screws being in ovens? I swear, the amount of times I’ve checked an appliance only to disappointingly find the material I’m looking for in some random tree is just too frequent. C’mon, Bethesda, we know you're better than this.

Art by Tim Buckley.

9 Forced Emotions

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Fallout is a game that almost forces you to play over and over again. The joys of going back through the story as a villain of the wasteland or just to go back to see how a separate story-line would’ve played out if you made a different decision. There’s plenty of reasons to play the game but multiple replays are definitely going to lower the shock value on some major plot points.

Seeing your wife perish the first time may be a real tear-jerker but the second time around, *yawn*

Some things are just not going to be as fun the second time around. It’s like going on the same roller-coaster every day; sure, it’s a ton of fun the first time and even the second time, but eventually, you’re just going to get bored of doing it, no matter how exciting it was the first time. The good thing is, in Fallout, there’s just so many ways to have fun that the feeling of boredom almost never comes.

There’s just too many quests and stories that play out differently if you make different decisions. Fallout is practically begging you to keep playing it over and over again with all the content packed in. So definitely go back to the wastelands after you're done with your main character because there’s so much more excitement waiting to be replayed.

8 Do I Smell Plot Holes?

via: 9GAG.com

The world of Fallout can be rather confusing sometimes especially when trying to explain it to friends who are unfamiliar with the franchise. These questions are sure to fire up if you’re explaining it to someone: “So, it’s old-timey, but also in the future? Why are robots running around in the 50s? Who the heck is Keyser Söze?” Well, with the exception of that last one you’re sure to get those questions when explaining Fallout to someone.

And honestly, it’s a pretty difficult world to explain as this comic points out. It’s weird that there are futuristic advancements in some parts of society yet they still have black and white televisions that seem extremely outdated when compared to everything else. A colored television seems a lot easier to make than a nuclear-powered butler who can cut the hedges while warming your coffee.

This is why I try to stay away from explaining the lore to people as it just doesn’t make much sense when you actually think about it. Don’t get me wrong, the Fallout universe is one of the richest and oddly unique across all games; but boy, does it really make little-to-no sense at all. Oh well, we’ll just try to not think too hard about it in the future.

7 You.. Don’t Like Fallout?

via: collegehumor.com

That’s right, swallow your pride and wipe your tears because there are people out there who actually don’t like Fallout. Ring the alarms! Light the beacons! Somebody hold me!

Well, it’s obviously not that serious but some fans do seem to try and make it that serious when they find out someone isn’t into their favorite post-apocalyptic RPG. Some Fallout fans need a taste of reality because there will always be people who don’t like something as much as you do.

I wish we lived in a world where people didn’t feverishly fan-boy out over things in their lives but found that they could enjoy a game or anything at all while pointing out its flaws. Just because something has flaws doesn’t make it bad!

The Fallout fan-base seemed to implode when some fans voiced their complaints about how Fallout 4 stepped away from the RPG side of things. It was a just complaint that some fans apparently just wouldn’t acknowledge out of fear of bashing their favorite franchise.

This comic is a reality check; some people love Fallout, and some people just don’t. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is whether you like it or not.

Art by noobtheloser.

6 Pre-Order Strike

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If you ever find yourself over on the gaming subreddit you will always see around the time of a gigantic game release that people will put up friendly reminders to never pre-order. “But why?” you might ask. Well, gamers have just been burned too many times to care for pre-ordering anymore.

And while Fallout 4 looked good, like “holy cannoli, here’s my wallet already" good, people still reminded the gaming community to avoid pre-orders, even for Fallout 4.

Thankfully, Fallout 4 was pretty solid at its release. It only featured a few bugs and glitches, but nothing that Bethesda fans were already used to. So while it did work in this instance it was still a safer bet to just not pre-order Fallout 4 and wait to see if it was broken.

Though I never understand why it seems that people seem to be in full support of the pre-order strike only to go ahead and pre-order games anyway. And every-time these people pre-order they get burned, they were burned pre-ordering Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2 and they were burned pre-ordering Watch Dogs and The Division. Here’s some advice: Stop pre-ordering, it just isn’t ever worth it! So when Fallout 5 eventually rolls around in 100 years or so, remember, don’t pre-order it; play it safe, don’t get burned.

5 The Future Looks Bleak

via: dorkly.com

This comic dives into some of the deepest fears and worries of some Fallout fans; will all of this one day be true? Some days it does seem like we’re on the brink of nuclear warfare and it almost feels like in one instance that our world will look a lot like this game and a lot less like what we see every day.

It’s a scary thought, but it’s almost impossible to not think it at least once exploring the wasteland.

Especially in Fallout 3 or New Vegas when you’re walking around familiar landmarks and think “Wow, could this actually happen?” Is the government building secretive vault shelters in the rare case that we have a nuclear war with China or Russia? Well, we say take off your tinfoil conspiracy hat, because it’s definitely pretty unlikely but still pretty interesting to think about.

I just know that I would be pretty much helpless if the world turned into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. As I write this, I’m sneezing all over my keyboard as I suffer from seasonal allergies so I can only imagine what nuclear fallout does to the sinuses. Cross your fingers this doesn’t one day become our reality, but just in case you better start stocking up on bottle caps and bobby pins.

Comic by Dorkly.

4 Bobby Pins: More Valuable Than Gold

via: dorkly.com

Fallout gets a lot weirder as you progress through the game; not just because the story begins to develop more resulting in you being tasked with strange things, but because you start to pick up weirder habits.

When you search through drawers and cabinets, you’re no longer looking for weapons and outfits but are now looking for bobby pins and quirky items like Wonderglue for crafting. Your priorities definitely get a little stranger as you keep playing on.

Bobby pins are one of the wasteland’s hottest yet underrated commodities. You would think they’d be everywhere in a wasteland littered with junk, but you’d be lucky to find a single one in an entire building complex. Especially at the start of the game when you have hardly any items at all, it can be frustrating knowing that a bobby pin stands between you and that sweet, sweet loot.

That’s why it’s essential that you pick up as many as possible while you progress through the game. They have hardly any weight and yet they can bring you some of the greatest items and rewards in the game. There isn’t any other game that I can think of where a bobby pin holds so much significance, but that’s why we love Fallout.

Comic by Dorkly.

3 It's Not That Bad Right? Right..

via: 9Gag.com

Wow, is this one weird and overall just laugh out loud funny. Remember when I said some people just don’t like Fallout? Well, these are how some of them felt when they turned on Fallout 4 for the first time. Sure, I have my reservations about the game, but I definitely don’t fall this far thinking it’s basically a trashcan of a game. It has its ups and its downs, yet I still can’t help but burst out laughing from looking at this comic.

When Fallout 4 made its debut, one of the biggest and most popular complaints was the graphics.

They just seemed like a bit of letdown compared to other graphical titans. Some thought the game could be saved graphically by user-developed mods, but according to this comic, that wasn’t even enough to save the game from burning down.

I like that Kyle the dog represents the optimistic fan in all of us. We obviously don’t ever want to bash something we so dearly love, and in doing that some of us will wait until the game is completely on fire before uttering even one complaint towards it. This comic’s cherry on top is the crashed screen that we see in the last panel, even seeing that now just makes me want to shake my head in disappointment. But despite all of it I still love Fallout 4, I think.

2 Maybe We’re A Little Too Strong

via: electricbunnycomics.com

Like any RPG, you can always let out a sigh of relief once you finally make it to the top. Enemies once made you their punching bag, but now it seems they all quiver at the sight of you and your wicked power armor. No one’s messing with you, but as this comic illustrates sometimes we might just be a little too powerful for our own good.

I lost count of how many times I blew up a companion or obliterated a random stranger by accident.

You just don’t know your own strength once you get to a high enough level. It feels like if you blow on an NPC too hard that they’ll just go flying into the sky never to be seen again. You really have to tread lightly, because it doesn’t take much to start a fight in Fallout.

Even after you free the wasteland from the Enclave in Fallout 3, or Caesar's Legion in New Vegas, or even blow up the institute in Fallout 4, you’re still just one misplaced shot away from everyone in a town turning on you.

The good thing is, the developers of Fallout must’ve anticipated this at one point and allow you to sheathe your weapon to get back on everyone’s good side if you accidentally shot the town doctor or stole a bobby pin. You might not always deserve redemption, but we're glad it's there.

Art by ElectricBunnyComics.

1 The Hero Of The Waste, Who Also Delivers Your Mail

via: 9gag.com

This last comic provides one of the best reasons why Fallout: New Vegas is the best entry in the series (Sorry, Fallout 3 fans). In every other entry, you play this supposed “chosen one” type character who feels prophesied to bring balance to the wasteland. But in New Vegas, you play a mailman. That’s right, just a mailman who’s been roped into a pretty dicey situation.

New Vegas offers a story that just gives a little peek at what is transpiring out in Las Vegas during this post-apocalyptic time.

The story in New Vegas is simple: you’ve been shot and just want to get some revenge/find out why. And this game is proof that a game can start off with a simple plot yet still turn into a story that is so enthralling. New Vegas starts simple but grows from there, and by the end, you're stuck in the middle deciding on several different options to close out this mailman's story. If I had to choose a character to win a Fallout-styled battle-royale I’m always putting my money on the mailman.

Obsidian Studios gave us a game that mixed the RPG elements of the old Fallout while perfectly blending in the modernism and evolved mechanics of the new Fallout games. So please, Bethesda, give the keys back to Obsidian so they can keep making legendary Fallout games.

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