25 Hilarious Grand Theft Auto 5 Comics That Are Too Hilarious For Words

It’s been almost five years since Grand Theft Auto V was released, but it is still one of the most consistently popular video games year after year. This is due to many things, including Rockstar’s continued release of different missions and game modes, game-changing mods from the PC community, and Let’s Players keeping the game fresh and exciting. But if you boil it down to one main reason, it’s simply because GTA V is a great game in its own right.

It’s got everything we’ve come to expect from the series: a wide, open-sandbox to explore, a variety of different vehicles and weapons to find and try out, and exciting missions to partake in. It also boasts not one, but three different yet engaging protagonists to choose from, with the psychopathic Trevor Phillips easily taking the cake. And while GTA IV had a pretty decent dramatic story, GTA V pulls back on the grittiness in favor of the satire and over-the-top mayhem of San Andreas and Vice City.

While there are plenty of parodies and spoofs within the game itself, that hasn’t stopped some fans from spoofing GTA V and it's fan base. There are some animations and live-action videos that poke fun at the game, but today we’ll be looking at some fan-made comics.

So put down those gats and baseball bats, and watch out for any cops, cause here’s 25 Hilarious Grand Theft Auto 5 Comics That Are Too Hilarious for Words. And then I’m going to try to find the words for them because that’s my job.

25 Happy Birthday, Roman

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Grand Theft Auto IV was revolutionary when it first came out, taking the series out of the low-res, polygon-shaped characters to an HD gaming world. However, there were several aspects that were dropped for the sequel, such as car washes and the sepia tone look of the game. One of Grand Theft Auto V's main improvements over GTA IV was the removal of the friendship system.

It was fun for a little while, going to play the bowling and darts mini games in between missions with your cousin Roman.

But when you're constantly getting calls to go to an establishment or a club, even during missions, you start to wish you could just automatically send him to voicemail.

Of course, you shouldn't completely abandon your friends either, especially during special times. Like a birthday, for example. This comic kind of makes you feel bad for every time you said no to your cousin. Honestly, it's a bit surprising to see that Niko completely forgot when his cousin's birthday is. But I suppose he is busy with all those thefts and police chases. Plus, to be honest, Roman is kind of annoying. Oh well. Better luck next year, Roman.

Comic by Dorkly.

24 Not A Problem, Sir

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While the cops in Grand Theft Auto V do seem to be far more aggressive than those in any previous title in the series, they still tend to turn a blind eye to many obvious crimes and suspicious activities. Walking around brandishing a knife, gun, or even a rocket launcher yields no response from them unless it is actually being used. You can even throw C4 on as many buildings and vehicles as you want, as long as you don't detonate them. It seems Los Santos must be in one of those "open carry" states.

Running red lights and speeding also draw no reaction from the local police force, and hanging out with women all day looks just like a normal business transaction to cops (maybe that kind of thing is legal in Los Santos). It seems the only way to get a response is to actually do something to them. Of course, attacking them will have them turn on you, but even just bumping into them or tapping their car draws a fully hostile reaction. Apparently, LSPD is only really interested in "protecting and serving" themselves. I guess that some things don't change no matter where you are.

23 Living La Vida Normal

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While the Grand Theft Auto series is well-known for being the crime simulators of the video game industry, GTA V has increased how many legal, non-criminal activities players can participate in. Players can shop for anything from clothes to food to real estate. You can even buy cars instead of stealing them, like a law-abiding citizen, along with boats and even planes. Imagine that.

You can also purchase and manage small businesses and play the stock market, giving yourself a legitimate source of income for a change.

There are also sports to play during your down time, like tennis and golf and even extreme sports like base jumping. You can even unwind after a heist by going for a jog, taking a shower, watching TV, going on the internet or doing some yoga. That's right, yoga! With all these activities to keep you busy, you never have to commit a crime outside of the main story campaign ever again!

I mean, you probably will keep stealing cars and aiming at people whenever you get bored, though, but it is possible for you not to do that. Maybe sometime try playing the game as a simulator. It's surprisingly fun.

22 Trees > Light Poles

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While the past couple of Grand Theft Auto games are known for having more realistic graphics than previous generations, some of the missions and game mechanics are still a bit silly. One such unrealistic aspect is what objects in the environment the game considers destructible and what isn't.

In GTA V, you're able to knock down most light poles and traffic lights with just about any vehicle. Even if you're driving a Mini Cooper, a golf cart, or sometimes even a fast enough motorcycle, these poles (which are apparently made of cardboard and tissue paper) will immediately crumble with just one hit.

Los Santos' city planning is definitely cutting corners on materials.

Trees, on the other hand, are apparently made of steel and are buried miles into the earth because they will stop you dead in your tracks if you ram into them at full speed. Trucks, hummers, and even tanks won't be able to uproot these speed bumps of nature. God help you if you get stuck between two of these unmovable obstacles in the middle of a high-speed pursuit. It's amazing how much a tree can withstand in the world of Grand Theft Auto.

21 A Calm, Sunday Drive

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Of course, trees made of steel are no problem if you decide to stay away from the sidewalks and drive around like a normal person. We've all had that moment where we decide, "You know what? I'm actually going to pay attention to the traffic lights today. Let's be a responsible driver today." This thought usually only lasts about a few minutes, after which you end up flying off a ramp after turning the traffic behind you into a massive pileup.

The reasons for this could be that the light was taking too long, or maybe that the cars in front of you are just too slow and you just want to reach your destination. Maybe you just can't see the traffic lights from your angle and you accidentally bump into another car and the driver starts yelling at you. It's at this point that you realize you already deal with this kind of crap every day in real life, so why would you want to reenact that stress in a virtual environment? That's when you blast past all the traffic and red lights and turn the street into a scene from Fast & Furious.

20 Problem/Solution: Hogging The TV

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As gamers, whenever we pick up a brand new game we just want to pop it into our console, sit on the couch and play non-stop for the next couple of days, or even the whole week. Of course, if you are living with family or roommates, this could cause some tension. Other people want to watch TV and play video games. Even worse, some people could actually criticize you for spending all day sitting around playing games.

So what do you do? Get off the couch, go outside and engage in some outdoor activities with friends? Of course not! The outdoors are for animals, athletes and the homeless.

Quitters never win, so how do you keep the TV to yourself and away from your greedy "loved ones?"

The solution, of course, is to criticize them even harder. Telling them you're doing them a favor taking the TV from them when they should be outside losing weight or spending time with real people will be sure to drive them out of the house. At the very least you'll annoy them enough to want to leave you alone. Now you can spend your days alone and stationary, just how you always wanted!

Comic by Dorkly.

19 Mixed Reactions

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Back in the months leading up to Grand Theft Auto V's release, there was an understandable amount of hype surrounding the game. Rockstar promised a world even bigger and better than what we saw in the previous installment.

However, not every gamer was excited about its release.

GTA V came out in September, meaning many students had just gone back to school. This lead to some difficult decisions: put aside your studies to marathon through the game's campaign and risk a failing grade, or focus on school first and risk getting left out of the current gaming loop. It was even worse for adult gamers with jobs, who had to wait until they had a day off before they could actually start playing the game. And just try to get a PC gamer to move on to a new game after they just finished modding the last one to perfection.

Among the non-gamers, developer Volition saw the game as the final nail in their coffin for Saints Row IV. All the downloadable content and expansion packs couldn't bring that game back from the dead after GTA V's release. And while some concerned parents were anxious about the game, fear mongers waited with bated breath, ready to draw connections to any contemporary violent crimes.

Comic by Dorkly.

18 My Car: IRL Vs. GTA

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As sad as it is to admit, most of us will never own a flashy sports car. That's one of the major appeals of games like Grand Theft Auto V. If you see a nice, flashy car, you can just take it and it's yours. Sure, you may have to shake off the cops every once in a while, but it's nothing a quick stop at the Pay 'n' Spray won't fix. No matter how nice your car may be in real life, chances are the one you're driving in GTA is ten times cooler.

Of course, when you are driving in GTA, you're not quite as concerned about things like car insurance and personal safety as you are in real life either. Driving in real life has real-life consequences, so naturally, you're a much more cautious driver than when you're playing GTA. That's why most of the time that flashy sports car of yours ends up being a total wreck whenever you drive from one end of Los Santos to the next. Say what you will about your real life car; at least you don't have to take it to the auto shop every time you go for a drive.

17 Never Pull Over

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Common sense dictates that whenever a cop asks you to pull over, you should do what they say unless you want to end up on one of those "wildest police chase" videos or experience police brutality firsthand. Even if you end up getting fined, it's better than ending up on the news. If you're playing Grand Theft Auto, though, you should just throw common sense out the window and put the pedal to the metal.

While real-life cops will ask for your license and registration, Los Santos cops will just start firing at you immediately.

That's because the LSPD has a tendency to shoot first and ask questions never. Since the police in Los Santos aren't familiar with the ideas of "nonviolent offender" or "surrender," pulling over will just ensure that your car turns into Swiss cheese on the same level of the Bonnie and Clyde style car. Surrender simply isn't an option, so your best bet is to just outrun the cops and hide, which works surprisingly well whenever you find a Pay 'n' Spray. It's kind of weird that cops don't recognize a person/car as soon as there's a paint job, but sure.

16 Making Progress

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When it comes to the representation of black people in media, it has been steadily growing in the past ten years. There have been more black characters in recent superhero movies and even Star Wars, and TV shows like Black-ish, Insecure, and Black Lightning show that the medium has grown past using black people as stereotypes.

However, when it comes to video games, there only seem to be a few token playable black characters (Cole in Gears of War, Jax in Mortal Kombat, Zack in Dead or Alive), with most of them appearing in either sports games (with Madden and NBA games being based on actual athletes, I don't know if they really count as "characters") or games based on stereotypes, like the Grand Theft Auto series.

Stereotypes or not, it is still cool to have playable minorities. But how do they compare to other characters in the franchise? While CJ's first mission has him stealing a bike he can barely ride straight, Franklin's first mission has him stealing and racing cars with expert skill. He might not be the best role model, but Franklin does show some signs of progress. Maybe in the next game they'll have a better role.

15 Through Their Eyes

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Though it came out five years ago, Rockstar continues to release updates and new content for Grand Theft Auto V on a regular basis. One update that made a big splash with players was the release of first person mode. Instead of just looking over the shoulder of our characters, we could explore Los Santos as if we were really there, visiting all it's famous landmarks in stolen cars.

Of course, part of that big splash was the reaction players got when they first killed people in first person. Suddenly, all the violence the game is known for becomes that much more visceral and realistic when it's happening right in front of your virtual face, and some players just weren't ready for that level of immersion.

Alternatively, getting hit by cars and falling off buildings became much more disorienting due to the first person ragdoll physics making it look like the whole world was spinning around you. And of course racing and escaping police became much harder due to the limited view players had. These reasons may be why most players still stick with the third person perspective.

Comic by Dorkly.

14 Spoiler Alert!

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The lead-up to the release of an AAA game can be very tense, but it can be even worse when people get the game early and start spoiling plot details and posting screenshots online. It's even worse when spoilers get spread before the game's released, either by foreigners who got the game early or by hackers data mining demos for future game content. Even just reading the details from ESRB ratings can spoil you on all sorts of surprises and twists in the game.

The desire to learn more about a hyped game conflicts with the desire to leave yourself unspoiled so you can experience the game for yourself firsthand. Of course, when it comes to a game like Grand Theft Auto V, most fans aren't all that concerned with the plot. Not to say the story is terrible, but it's no The Last of Us or The Walking Dead.

As with most sandbox games, the real fun in GTA V comes from doing whatever the hell you want, however the hell you want to in a large, open-world filled with vehicles, weapons, and interactive characters. Something like that can never really be spoiled.

Comic by Dorkly.

13 From Rags To Riches

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As with many of the previous Grand Theft Auto titles (and most classic gangster movies), Grand Theft Auto V allows players to experience a classic rags to riches story through Franklin Clinton. Unlike Franklin, Michael already starts the story rich but unsatisfied, going back to crime as part of his midlife crisis. And though Trevor may live in a trailer park and look like (and probably smell) like a hobo, he actually runs a pretty successful illegal trades empire.

Franklin, on the other hand, starts as a two-bit crook living a dead-end lifestyle.

With his ambitious attitude and the guidance of his mentor Michael, though, he is able to escape his dying neighborhood and earn himself a wealthy lifestyle. That would be an inspiring story if he hadn't got there by committing theft, illegal government work, and having a generally laidback attitude toward things like ending people. Hopefully, no one ends up seeing this as an idealistic road to success.

But at the end of the day, he still achieved (a somewhat twisted version of) the American Dream, and isn't that what really matters? In some weird way, Michael has actually gotten what most people only dream of.

12 Prepare To Face Justice

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As with many video games, the player character in Grand Theft Auto V can quickly become an overpowered god. It doesn't take long for you to start outwitting and outgunning all the police and N.O.O.S.E. forces the city of Los Santos has to throw at you. As if the in-game weapons and armor weren't enough, you can tip things even further in your favor if you have mods installed in your game and you're causing mayhem as a villainous version of Ghost Rider, the Hulk or even Iron Man.

What should the LSPD do in extreme cases like these? The cartoonist at Dorkly imagines that if they had a seventh star, they could call in the biggest gun they have: Gypsy Danger from Pacific Rim. A giant robot might be overkill, but how else do you stop a rampaging, super-powered maniac? On the flip side, if you were somehow able to take down this mechanical behemoth, you could pilot it around and cause even further chaos and destruction!

Note: If there are any modders reading this, a seventh star that calls in Jaegers or superheroes would be awesome! Please make it!

Comic by Dorkly.

11 Littering Is A Serious Offense

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As was said earlier, the cops in Grand Theft Auto V are much more hostile than those in previous titles. Whereas in older games the police seemed to be practically blind to anything but the most blatant and direct crimes, it seems that just brushing past GTA V's cops or even looking at them funny will cause them to immediately attack you.

Of course, they don't really seem to mind much if you do something that doesn't immediately affect them. Pushing around unarmed civilians is perfectly fine, but if you accidentally rear end a cop car, you become public enemy number one. Considering how trigger-happy they are, it's probably a good thing they're not as vigilant as they should be.

If they really did notice you walking around with a gun in broad daylight or giving a "working woman" a lift, they would do what they do best and start firing at you immediately, forcing players to constantly be on alert whenever they're out in public.  Citizens would be living in constant fear of this police state, where the slightest offense would result in a full-scale assault. Good thing they're only worried about themselves, huh?

Comic by Mart Virkus.

10 The Thin Blue Line

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On the other end of the spectrum, here we take a look at why the cops in Grand Theft Auto V have to be so hostile. As friendly and likable as characters like Franklin and Michael may seem, they are still dangerous (and strange) criminals, especially when they are put in the hands of the average GTA player. The cops, on the other hand, are just regular guys trying to earn an honest living to support their families.

Unfortunately for them, every day in Los Santos some maniac is blowing up cars and planes and going on mass crime sprees with what appears to be an entire arsenal of weapons in their back pocket. There never seems to be a clear motive for these crimes, leading the cops to think these rampages are the result of a bored madman.

The worst part of it is, if these criminals do get arrested, they're able to bribe their way out of jail. They are also apparently immortal, shrugging off fatal injuries in just a few hours, walking out of the hospital and starting their crime sprees all over again. It's a sad, hopeless world for the average Los Santos cop.

Comic by Dorkly.

9 Run, Granny, Run!

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One of the most interesting parts of Grand Theft Auto V is the vast amount of NPCs you can encounter throughout the city. Many of them have interesting and unique designs, and different locations have different types of NPCs inhabiting the area (gang members in the inner city, elitist WASPs in Rockford Hills, hicks in the Alamo Sea, etc.). They all have varying outfits, body types, and even unique dialogue. It's a far cry from the days of San Andreas and Vice City, where you would run into the same six people wherever you went.

Despite their unique appearances, their behavior is still mostly the same, especially in regards to the player. If you start hassling someone they may pick a fight with you. Even wimpy or non-aggressive looking characters could challenge you to a fistfight. But if you fire a gun, everyone in the immediate area will start running for their lives as if you just started a 100-meter dash. This includes citizens who look overweight and elderly, who happen to run just as fast as everyone else. It seems that adrenaline really gives does give an extra boost to the muscles. Maybe this grandmother should enter the Olympics.

8 Strapped For Cash?

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Whenever the hot new AAA game or system comes out, gamers everywhere drop what they're doing to pick one up. However, some gamers don't have a lot of money to spare. You could wait until the price drops, but that won't be for a few months, long after everyone's stopped playing and talking about it and people have moved on to the next big game. So what do you do?

Why not take those skills you learned in Grand Theft Auto and put them to the test? Steal a car and sell it for parts. Start cooking and selling your own "Blue Sky." Take some really shady and risky jobs from a balding guy with a limp. Rob a convenience store, or better yet, a GameStop and just take the games you want. Just think of it as playing a really immersive, super realistic new "alternate reality" GTA game.

But seriously, don't do this. We already get enough crap from politicians and parent's groups about the "violent influence of video games." Just play Saints Row IV or something. It's actually a really fun game. Very few games let you play as a super powered president that can shoot dubstep from a gun.

Comic by Dorkly.

7 Virtual Tourism

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Some people don't have the time and money to visit Los Angeles whenever they want. While it's not an exact replica, the city of Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V provides a large and detailed recreation of many of the city's most famous tourist spots and landmarks. Players can visit a close approximation of Downtown Hollywood, the Hollywood Sign or the Santa Monica Pier whenever they want. This, coupled with recreational activities like golf, jet skiing, and scuba diving, create what almost feels like a real vacation.

I say "almost" because you will inevitably end up stealing a car or accidentally (or intentionally) attacking someone, and then you'll go right back into GTA's "shooting and looting" gameplay. It's kind of hard to take a selfie with the Vinewood Sign when you got the cops chasing you down. And I imagine that most people's real world vacations don't end with explosions and drive-bys.

At least, I hope they don't. I know my vacations don't end like that. They mostly just end with travel fatigue and too many tacky souvenirs. It's maybe a good thing that real vacations are more low-key.

Comic by Dorkly.

6 Swimming With The Fishes

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Grand Theft Auto V's use of three playable protagonists brings some unique aspects to the gameplay, mainly when switching between characters. Switching to a new character can lead to you finding them in some interesting situations, like being stuck in traffic, coming home from a date or, in Trevor's case, in the middle of a fight with the Lost biker gang. Some of these situations are crazy and sometimes pretty funny, but do you ever wonder what happens to the character you left behind?

Well, if you just left them behind while they were relaxing at home or driving around, then we can assume they're just going about their normal business. But what if you left your character in the middle of a high-speed police chase or an intense shootout? Well, those guys are career criminals. Surely they could manage to get out of those situations.

But what if they were someplace completely out of their element, like when you're underwater diving with a shark? Seeing as they can't pull a gun out while underwater and sharks can swim faster than people, maybe you shouldn't count on them still being available when you switch back.

Comic by Double-XP.

5 Single Player Only

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Five years after its release, Grand Theft Auto V is still as popular with gamers as when it first came out. A lot of that has to do with the constant updates from Rockstar and modders, but mainly it's because GTA V has one of the best online multiplayer experiences of all time. You can engage in missions, races and other game types with various people at any time. It's almost the perfect online game.

There's just one problem: there are a lot of trolls online.

If you've spent a lot of time playing online games (or just reading people's comments on the internet), then you've come to expect people like this in online games. But there's something about GTA that seems to bring forth even more of them, or it makes the trolls even bigger jerks.

Whether they're camping the auto shop, ready to blow up your ride after you just finished fine tuning it, running you over every time you spawn, or just relentlessly taunting you over the voice chat, eventually, staying in single player starts sounding like a good idea. This is why a lot of people just don't like online mode.

Comic by Dorkly.

4 How Do Haircuts Work?

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When it comes to modern games, everyone seems to be pushing towards more realistic graphics and mechanics in order to gain that elusive "full immersion." While it is great to feel like you're actually in the world you're playing in, sometimes immersion has to be sacrificed in favor of simple, traditional game mechanics in order to make the gameplay flow more smoothly.

If you're going to be questioning how a barber is able to magically give you an afro and beard, you may as well start questioning how eating candy heals gunshot wounds. Or how a Pay 'n' Spray works when the cops see you drive into one. Or how you're able to carry eight guns at once and pull them out of thin air like you have access to some sort of extradimensional space in your pockets.

If you question a video game's mechanics, you start pulling apart all the threads that make up that game world's reality. It's just like the theme song for Mystery Science Theater 3000 always says, "Repeat to yourself, ' It's just a [game]. I should really just relax.'" Some things are just better left unquestioned, including this.

Comic by Dorkly.

3 See The Difference?

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While the police in Grand Theft Auto IV weren't exactly pushovers, the police in V make them look like the Keystone Cops. As has been seen in several of the previous comics, the cops of Los Santos are much more rough, swift, and overall a more effective crime fighting force than what we've seen in previous games. Running and hiding from the cops is now a tense, nail-biting experience that could go horribly wrong at any point.

By comparison, the cops in Liberty City are no better than Chief Wiggum, scarfing down donuts off his revolver like some sort of edible Russian Roulette. In fact, some of the cops in Liberty City appear to be quite as girthy and old as Springfield's chief of police. The cops in GTA V, on the other hand, are all lean, mean, police machines. They don't have time to get fat and old when they're hunting down three of Los Santos' most wanted criminal sociopaths.

It's like comparing the cops from End of Watch to the ones from Super Troopers. Both caught the bad guys and stopped crime, but which police force felt like a real, actual threat?

2 A Different Way To Do Things

via: letsbefriends.com

The Grand Theft Auto series is no stranger when it comes to controversy. Despite the controversy of earlier titles, GTA V may be the one that went too far in one of the most uncomfortable missions in the entire series to date: the unskippable, cold-blooded torture of a most likely innocent man. Though the car battery and pliers were memorably cruel (and the less said about the wrench, the better), there are some alternate forms of torture that could be worse.

Though many people may not remember it now, Fox's Dads (a 2013 sitcom about two video game developers who's fathers suddenly move in with them) drummed up a lot of controversy, mostly for how blatantly prejudiced it was. That's nothing new to series creator Seth MacFarlane. Family Guy gets away with this kind of stuff all the time.

The difference here, though, is that Family Guy was actually funny. Dads used this stuff to mask dumb and uncreative comedy. Though Dads tried to use this controversy to market themselves as the edgy, "not politically correct" show, it was still canceled after one season. Having to marathon all that uncomfortable cringe would make anyone talk, in our opinion.

Comic by Let's Be Friends.

1 GTA V Will Consume Your Life

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Whenever a new AAA game comes out, gamers tend to get sucked into it and disappear like it's a black hole from which there is no escape. This is especially true if the game happens to be a large, open-world sandbox type game. And while Grand Theft Auto V doesn't have the role-playing mechanics, crafting system and dialogue branches that Fallout 4 or Skyrim has, it does have vehicles, heists, and online multiplayer.

It's such a terrifically engrossing game, in fact, you might not want to stop playing it for the next few days. Or the next week. Or ever, really. Pretty soon, you find that you've stopped going to school and work and you're spending all your time locked in your room playing GTA. Friends and family have become concerned about your health and future, and are trying to get you to stop via interventions.

But unlike them, none of this worries you. You're too busy trying to prep for this new heist, and you still need to find the right car to win that last race you lost. Remember, you're a successful car-jacking criminal now, and no one can ever take that away from you.

Comic by Dorkly.

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