27 Hilarious He-Man Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

He-Man and The Masters of the Universe is one of the most beloved franchises from the 80s. From cartoons, to live action movies, to action figures, Prince Adam and his exploits helped to define an era. Kids excitedly tuned in week after week to see how He-Man would defeat Skeletor and his minions. Kids would relive the exploits by staging their own battles with action figures or flexing their imaginative muscles by going outside and role-playing. No doubt arguing over who would carry the mantle of He-Man and with it the Power of Grayskull. After all the fate of Eternia depended on it. What child wouldn't want to possess super speed, strength, agility, and indestructible skin?

He-Man was a character so iconic that it spawned several video games and pop culture references. One of the most notable being in the movie Ghostbusters II. Out of business, the Ghostbusters are forced to take on jobs entertaining kids at birthday parties. At one particular party, while singing their famed theme song asked the kids who are they going to call to which they replied He-Man. A devastating blow for them but a W in the win column for the legend of Castle Greyskull. He-Man was and will remain one of our favorite cartoons from a past generation. It will forever be remembered next to cartoons such as ThunderCats and Voltron.

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27 The New Christian Grey

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You know how when you're a child you are completely oblivious to things, that as an adult, make you go hmm, that's not quite right? Well, watching scenes of one of our favorite childhood heroes He-Man interact with his sister She-Ra is one them. They have some awkwardly close moments that, to be quite honest, are pretty suspect. Not saying there is anything wrong going on, but from the outside looking in one could start to draw some conclusions that bring forth questions they might not want to answer.

We all have a love for our siblings no matter how much they get on our nerves.

It's just apparent that He-Man clearly will have a love for his sister for all of Eternia! Let us not judge too harshly because love is a beautiful thing. Especially when you have to spend all of your time at Castle Grayskull. It looks more like a palace of problems then someplace a prince and princess who love each other dearly would spend their time. Everyone has a different standard by which they judge beauty, but you have to draw the line somewhere. When defending the realm, with your beloved sister, you would think you would want a castle that personifies what it means to be a prince, who loves his sister.

26 It's Not What It Looks Like

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The bonds that guys hold with their boys is a sacred one. From the time of early adolescence to them coming of age as a man, these bonds define their social dictate within the group. One of the most coveted titles within their circle of friends would be that of the playa. The one who has the most skill, or luck, when it comes to courting the opposite gender. For this one, usually gaining the affections of a pretty girl he is interested in comes naturally. The others look at him with awe and wonder how he does it. Is it his charm, his good looks, all of the above?

Whatever the case, it often leads down a path of greed. If we have learned anything from the movie Wall Street, is that greed most definitely isn't good. Nor does it lead to anything resembling good. In this case, it comes in the form of the daunting task of juggling multiple girlfriends. A task that takes endless amounts of finesse to keep up the facade of being a "good guy." All it takes is one wrong move, which most make, then the jig is up. Your castle of love comes crumbling down. However, in the eyes of his friends, the playa is still king. He either learns a lesson and changes his ways or more commonly starts over from scratch and begins anew.

25 Emotions, What Are Those?

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We all know someone who is whose soul is black as night. Who has repressed their humanity and with it their ability to feel so deep down it would reach the fiery abyss at the core of the Earth. Which they will then use to scorch their enemies by roasting their entire life making a carbon copy of the soulless feelingless being they have become. Starting the vicious cycle over, leaving us to mourn another lost soul. We often look for a glimmer of hope inside the individuals.

Something that says there is a sliver of the person they used to be still hidden inside.

Oftentimes this is a mistake. You should proceed with caution or be prepared to have your feelings barbecued and devoured. These individuals aren't bad people. They aren't even misunderstood. They just want to be left alone to live their best life. Someone, however, always comes around who can't let the sleeping bear lie in the tranquility of his slumber. Someone must occasionally come around and test the waters by doing something that is supposed to be mean-spirited or hurtful. It's a trap and they will find out soon enough they should have left it alone. Let this be a cautionary tale.

24 I Wanna Be You

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They say imitation is the highest form of flattery but is it really? It's one thing to pay someone a compliment but to steal their entire swagger as if it were their own? Whatever happened to originality? Or at the very least being inspired and putting your own fresh unique twist on to things. Are we just going to sit back and act like it is okay to steal someone's whole life? What if they misrepresent everything you were trying to portray? People might think that the misrepresentation is apart of the original brand.

Now, we love us some Nicki Minaj, but can she really wield the power of Grayskull like a true champion? After a heated battle with Skeletor and the Snake Men, when the dust settles, can she really claim to have did it on 'em? The prospect seems very unlikely, and that is something that Prince Adam doesn't need in his life. He has bigger fish to fry and is far to busy to have to deal with the likes of an imitator. A fake power of Grayskull Super Bass wielding imposter. Let's let bygones be bygones and stick to what we do best in our respective fields. It's the right thing to do.

23 Grammar Police

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The internet is full of trolls of various kinds. People who hide behind the veil of autonomy and spew whatever rhetoric it is they believe in. One might come to think they find solace in what it is they do. Of all the kinds of trolls that exist, by far it is the grammar police that people feel commit the most egregious offenses. Always lurking in the shadows of your Facebook feed ready to pounce on any grammatical error one might commit. Once the moment happens upon them, with no hesitation, and extreme satisfaction, they strike with the vengeance of a thousand splendid English teachers.

Lecturing that whatever point you were trying to make is null in the wake of your grammatical deficiencies.

Further asserting their perceived superiority due to their mastery of language. It is a game that grows tiresome for the accused. Afterall, while proper grammar is in important, Facebook is hardly a venue people take seriously. It's not a medium that most people spellcheck or even care to craft well thought out sentences. It is a place to go to escape from the annals of their everyday life. To waste time in peace before they go back to the real world. We must rise up and end grammar tyranny.

22 Real Men Wear Pink

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Blue is for boys and pink is for girls. It is a debate as old as time. Boys are supposed to wear blue, like sports, cars, and all those other manly things. Girls are supposed to like pink, dolls, ponies, and all those other womanly things. That's all fine and dandy until you happen to cross paths with a feminine gearhead who knows more car engines then you do.

One might even be slightly turned on at the prospect of the opposite gender who is well versed in the ways of the muscle car. However, put the shoe on the other foot and all hell breaks loose. Catch a guy wearing pink, let alone riding a unicorn drabbed in pink, and immediately one might question which team that man is playing for.

The best answer to that question, without doubt, would be his own. Do you think the prince and defender of Eternia actually cares what a lesser man thinks of choice in color palate? It is much more likely that He-Man, arguably the man of all men, would be unmoved by the feeble thoughts of a man who cannot match his might. Especially when at some point in their life they wished to be him.

21 Who's Better Looking Than Me?

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Without a doubt confidence is attractive. It even has the power to make you more attractive than you actually are. But with that power also comes a weakness. A delusion that clouds judgment creating a fog for which the affected cannot see through. Other side effects include arrogance and other falsehoods that reverse the attractiveness attained by confidence. There are those who view themselves in a certain light. A light that doesn't necessarily shine to the rest of the world.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you can trust that for some their beauty is a thing to behold.

They don't care what the rest of the world thinks and to be honest, why should they? They're living their best life in a world oversaturated with negativity. Why should they not buy into their own delusions and strut their stuff? After all, if you want someone to believe something about you, you have to first believe it yourself. They have figured out a way to not feel small. To not be diminished by the thoughts and ideas of others. To channel their inner eye candy and project it out into the world for all to see.

20 Insta Model

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Instagram is by far one of the most popular social platforms out there. The photo-based app has seen a meteoric rise for the photography enthusiast, casual users, businesses, and brands. Out of it, the phenomenon of the selfie was born. Out of that the movement of the self-proclaimed Instagram models. With some decent lighting anyone who wants to call themselves a model can. All you need is your cell phone, the right filter, and to strike a pose. You no longer have to pretend to be a Tyra Banks.

The problem with that is some people take it too far in the name of beauty. Instead of becoming Instagram models they've become an instant cat-fish. Here's something that you might not know. No one likes to be catfished. Pop culture is most likely to blame with a little male chauvinist sprinkled on top for good measure. Women just have too many expectations of what makes them beautiful forced on them. The revolution has begun though.

Slowly but surely, women have been snatching back their power and defining for themselves what makes them beautiful. Embracing what makes them unique or quirky and turning it into their greatest asset. Well done, ladies.

19 You're In My Personal Space

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There is always that one guy or uncle that always wants a hug. Or the friend that is a tad bit too touchy-feely. The behavior is both questionable and borderline creepy. Especially for the women. Now a hug can be a great thing. In some cases, it can be soothing or comforting. In other cases, it can be suggestive and exciting. Whatever your poison the right hug at the proper moment can arouse feelings of euphoria.

However, miss the mark and you've just opened the door to a world you don't want to be associated with.

The world of the creep. It doesn't even matter if you actually are a creep. Just being perceived as one is enough to start the rumor mill and have Freddy Kreuger securing a hot date on a Friday night before you. Frankly, that would just be embarrassing because that guy is super ugly. You don't want to be the handsome dateless dude when the super ugly dude is getting some action. How will you be able to live with yourself? There's only one thing to do. Quickly learn the etiquette involved with the hugging of the opposite gender.

18 Fake Friends

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Universally, people tend to dislike someone who says one thing and then does another. Especially when it is done on purpose with the intent to undermine whoever the deed is being done to. We have all undoubtedly crossed paths with a person who is like this. To say it is frustrating would be the understatement of the century. Often times this person's efforts are pointless. Their motivations unclear as to why they would just pretend to want the best for you. Maybe it's because some people just love to stir up drama and sit back from afar and watch.

It is true that people often do or say things when they think they are safe from repercussions or reprisal. Unbeknownst to them, karma is almost always nipping on their heels waiting to give them the whooping their parents clearly never gave. The walls of their constructed misery comes tumbling down and they become lost among the destruction that they wrought. No one feels sorry for this person but somehow almost always finds a way to be forgiven.

Some learn their lesson while others do not. They fall back for a period waiting for the dust to settle and the memory of their treachery to fade so that they, in secret, may begin anew.

17 Are You Really Going To Wear That?

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Fashion is a culture in itself. It is something that binds us together or separates us into clicks. It is used to make one feel good about themselves and used as a tool to make others feel lesser. Some use it as a show of their affluence. Proudly the boasting the latest high fashion trends they've seen their favorite celebrities wear. The right outfit can make anyone feel like a brand new person. Like they matter in the world.

However, there is an art to crafting the perfect outfit.

People go to school to learn this stuff. Assemble your outfit poorly and be prepared for the fashion snobs to shoot you a glare that would make Medusa herself look away in fear. The scathing look of judgment will burn a hole in your soul so deep you risk being lost in the abyss of ridicule. Every part of your ensemble critiqued from head to toe. From your choice of color scheme to every accessory used to augment your personal style.

It can be a hard cruel cold world outside. So bundle up tight. Find yourself a warm jacket to keep the coldness of the world's judgment at bay. Just make sure your hat matches.

16 Climate Change Is Real

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One of the biggest challenges that face society today is the hot-button issue of climate change. Some believe that climate change is real and that it will have an adverse effect on not only the planet but humanity itself. Others believe that it is all a hoax perpetrated by a generation ill-equipped to handle the stress of everyday life. Regardless of what side of the spectrum you fall there are compelling arguments to hear. Nobody, however, likes to have ideas forced upon them. They like to arrive at conclusions on their own. For the pro-ecofriendly, that might be a problem. Nobody has time for you to make up your mind the world is at stake.

Chicken Little is screaming it's cloudy with a chance of meatballs! So you have to adopt their train of thought immediately. If history has taught us one thing it's that when someone is told they have to do something without fail, they will most likely do the opposite. Even if they're wrong they're going to do it anyway out of spite. They will not be told what, when, and how to do something. They will resist at every turn with all their might and you can trust they are a mighty bunch. They will no be moved. However, riding a tiger is pretty cool. Harold & Kumar already proved that.

15 Crew Love

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For guys, the support of a well-rounded crew of friends is essential for navigating everyday life. Loyalty, devotion, and honesty are among the qualities that make crew tight-knit pack. Like wolves, a crew's strength comes from running with the pack and not alone. We depend on each other for camaraderie, career advice, and back up when courting a potential mate. Most importantly, when it's time to throw down against another crew they are primed and ready to pounce to flex their superiority.

To show our appreciation for those in our crew we engage in the time-honored tradition of the roast.

Nothing says "hey, we're best friends" like mercilessly making fun of your friends. It's a rite of passage that we hope to graduate from. A bat mitzvah of sorts but with savage insults that wound. Male friendship can be a strange thing. They are often fickle but totally necessary. The circle of friends a guy keeps around him will often define him and guide his life choices. The wrong group of friends can make one's life more difficult then it needs to be. The right group of friends can set you on a path that is full of possibilities.

14 Mine, Mine, Mine

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Who are we kidding? We live in a very selfish and greedy world. There are those that like to share with their contemporaries but usually, people want to have it all and keep it for themselves. They want to hold all the chip and all the cards. Why should Prince Adam be any different? He is, after all, a part of the ruling class. It's only natural that he wouldn't want to share the power of Grayskull.

Honestly, who would want to share the power of Grayskull? Whoever has the power can rule over Eternia. No way any self-respecting person would pass up the chance to become supreme ruler of Eternia granted by the power of Grayskull. That doesn't even sound like something sane people do. Clearly, ruling over an entire planet is a dream come true and to do so you need the power of Grayskull. Not just some of the power but all of the power. The power is essential. Like Rice Krispies in those little marshmallow treats everyone likes so much.

It is important, however, when determining the proper ratio of the distribution of the power that you consider one thing. No one is better suited than you to have it all.

13 Beard Gang


Over the past few years, there has been a rise in the perceived attractiveness of men rocking beards. It has become a trophy of manliness that is coveted by men from all walks of life. Not to mention the ladies seem to like it very much. To the baby-faced gangsters of the world, the decline of the classic shaved face is a disappointment, to say the least. Some clean-shaven men have a good job that requires the face be cleanly shaven.

Others have the great misfortune of not being able to grow any.

In truth, a beard does seem to have magical man powers infused into them. The proof is when a man with a beard shaves his face and morphs into a prepubescent boy. Worse is when you are left with the Skeletor face. Just a sad boney shell of a face. It's not a good look. Skeletor by no means is what you would call a handsome man. So the prospect of having the Skeletor face is heartbreaking. No guy wants to be the Skeletor face guy. So, if you suffer from Skeletor face syndrome you should either grow a beard or eat some double cheeseburgers. Actually, you should do both.

12 Princesses Aren't What They Used To Be

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The Disney Princess. The crown jewel of almost every young girl's existence. As they watch their favorite princesses they imagine themselves living in their shoes. The beauty, the grace, and memorable songs often stay with them until they can share the experience with their daughters when the time comes. But for some young girls, the Disney Princess does fan the flame of their imagination. For other girls, they dream of being tough warriors that can do anything their male counterparts can do. The girl on the playground beating up the boys and sending them crying to their fathers.

These girls scoff at the prospect of being viewed as a weak woman. They don't take any nonsense from boys and some may even strong arm a few into the time-honored playground romance. These girls will most likely become the future leaders of the world or future UFC fighters. At any rate, whatever they do will be governed by an iron fist that you don't want to cross paths with. They are proud of who they are and exude confidence. Qualities they learned from the She-Ras and Xenas of the world. They are tough, smart, and not with the bull.

11 Knights Of The Grayskull

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There is symbolism in everything. Hidden messages that are left in plain sight for anyone who is paying attention to find. Messages left by secret societies and ancient orders that may or may not be real. One of the most popular orders being the Knights Templar. After Christians captured the city of Jerusalem in the crusades Europeans started to travel to the Holy Land. There were some people who didn't take kindly to that and stirred up some trouble for the travelers.

So, a French knight got together with some of his family and started his own army calling them the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon. However, to see their symbol plastered across the front of Prince Adam's armor begs the question of their origin. A conspiracy theorist might surmise that the true origin of the Knights Templar was forged in battle on Eternia for the dignity of Castle Grayskull.

Why else would Eternia's greatest hero dawn the emblem? If this is true, then what has become of the order? Are they still around? Do they lie in the shadows secretly protecting the legacy and the power of Grayskull so that it may never fall into the hands of evil? No one can actually be sure of this but time often reveals all things. The power can be yours if you can find it and get past its legion of loyal guardians.

10 Prince Adam Says Hey

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In today's Internet-centric world, organic moments of all kinds are often captured and thrust onto the net for everyone to see. The internet is a jungle packed with savages. Nothing is too sacred or off limits to them. A creative bunch who use their powers in the name of viral videos to wreak comedic havoc across the web.

A candid photo or video can quickly turn into hundreds of memes that are shared and viewed millions of times.

It's a trend that is highly popular and isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Do something embarrassing and you risk being turned into a musical medley for the mob to forever enjoy. Because in this day in age, what happens on the net stays on the net. Prince Adam is no exception to the rule. The internet savages care nothing of his power or Eternia. One of YouTube's most famous viral videos is the redubbing of 4 Non-Blondes song What's Up. It is ridiculously wonderful and equally hilarious. A staple in internet culture now it is destined to forever live on the net in infamy.

Just when you think that the video is at long last forgotten it will undoubtedly pop back up when you least expect it and bring a little moment of nostalgia back into your life.

9 Don't Tell Anyone Promise

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Everyone has or knows of someone who wants you to tell them all your deepest darkest secrets promising to keep them close to the chest. In reality, they couldn't hold water if you gave it to them in a glass. With a lid. That screws airtight. Yet still, they want you to go out on a limb and bare your soul and because they are your friend you will most likely tell them said secrets. Much to your dismay. They mean well and wholeheartedly intend to keep every single secret you tell them.

The only problem is that when they talk to people they have an involuntary spasm of the spill all your secrets gland to any and everybody who cares to listen. Now if your hiding some infidelity from your significant other or have a second family they might not know about then you can be in some serious trouble. You can watch everything you worked so hard to guild come tumbling down with the slip of the tongue. Although not intentional, the results can be quite devastating to everything you hold near and dear to the world. So do yourself a favor. When the situation arises and you feel the urge, don't.

8 Should Hit The Gym

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Prince Adam, Master of the Universe, the power of Grayskull has the kind of physique most guys wish they had. At the very least, they would want a detailed outline of his workout regime and nutrition plan so they can pretend to get in shape. Or, start the workout plan only to find it too tough and then fall off later achieving no results. Subsequently blaming Prince Adam for their failures.

So when a picture of Prince Adam emerges with both his eyebrows and chin removed it brings joy to all.

He looks like the reigning hot dog eating champ of Eternia for the past decade. In fact, he might just be the GOAT of hot dog eating on Eternia. Ready to go forth into the universe and challenge all that oppose his hot dog eating dominance. Afterall, the reputation of Grayskull is at stake. It's really going to sting when they find out that he just has the fat face where you really can't tell where his face and neck begins. Everything else is still in tip-top shape. That is so disappointing to the wannabe He-Man fit fanboys who couldn't quite get it done. It's okay, we are who we are.

7 Villainous Laugh

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Prince Adam's most famed and mortal enemy is the infamous evil Lord of Destruction known as Skeletor. Anyone who has heard of the series, whether they watched it or not, is familiar with the much-feared foe of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. When it comes to cartoon villains, Skeletor is a legend in his own right. No doubt that he will go down in history as one of the favorite enemies in cartoon history. Or maybe not, no one can really tell these things.

What will go down in history definitely is Skeletor's evil laugh. Everyone loves a good evil laugh and Skeletor has one of the best in the business. The high pitch cackle is a sound that will forever be seared in the back of the minds of all who has heard it. But what makes an evil laugh good? Is it the frequency of the cackle, the cadence in which it is delivered, or the tilt of the head mixed with the unique juxtaposition of the body? One can argue that the perfect evil laugh requires all these things.

So when you are planning to do some dastardly deed and then laughing to yourself with satisfaction, remember, Skeletor provides an excellent blueprint.

6 The Father

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Without a doubt, one of our favorite talk shows ever would have to be Maury. Among all the shows on Maury, the one that most hold dear are the paternity test episodes. They are by far our favorite and most entertaining. It's something about how Maury snaps off the results of the paternity dispute that leaves us sitting on the edge of our seats. Waiting anxiously as someone's impending doom or glory reigns supreme, followed by the contrived antics ever caught on television.

Regardless, we find joy in this mind-numbing substance and it is great. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this one screams, Burger King, you are the father! There's no denying that the Burger King guy is, in fact, King Randor of Eternia.

The real question is why is he on Earth slinging Whoppers? What's that about? Did he run from the disappoint of the seemingly lazy son Prince Adam, who secretly is the pride of Castle Grayskull? If he did, that isn't very father like, and what about Eternia? If his son is a lazy as he believes him to be then Eternia is in big trouble. Why would he just leave? If you bump into this dude be sure to ask him "What's up?"

5 Queen Bee

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In this new age of feminism and girl power, women have risen even further from the grip of masculinity to speak out and find their voice. Make no mistake, these women are fierce and will fight for their beliefs. They are unapologetic endeavors and it shows. One such endeavor is the right to be fabulous. To walk through this world with a glow that can outshine the sun. They are no longer waiting for the hollow validation that comes in the male form. They are validating themselves based on their values and beliefs.

If you don't like it, feel free to take any song preaching girl power and apply it to yourself. Yas, that means you. It's kind of cool when you think about it. How far women have come. After years of being relegated to being homemakers and housewives, they have risen up to become fighters, soldiers, CEOs, and Heads of State. They aren't stopping there, either. They are coming for everything they want and everything they deserve. All the while remaining true to a woman's nature. They certainly are God's most amazing creatures and since there is still a lot more to do, it's safe to say they are just getting started.

4 The Potty Dance

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One of the most dreadful pains a person can endure is the pain of having to relive yourself with nowhere to do so. To have your bladder become so full that you can no longer sit or stand still. To have to prance around to distract yourself from fact that your bladder is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. It's funny that when you finally find a refuge so that you can relive the pressure it automatically gets worse. It's as if your bladder can sense the toilet is near and cannot wait for you to take the treacherous five steps to reach your destination.

It becomes a race to see who can complete their task first. You are almost always at a disadvantage. You have to make the arduous journey to your target and then muster the strength to get past your built and zipper to complete your mission. If you are one of the lucky ones to survive then what lies in wait for you will be well worth the hardship. Fewer things are as satisfying than taking a tinkle when you are on the brink of committing one of the most embarrassing taboos you can make in your adult life. Congratulations, you've made it!

3 Issa Man

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Thailand is one of the most beautiful and exotics destination for anyway looking to broaden their horizons to travel. It is filled with beautiful landscapes, exotic animals, beaches, jungles, and gorgeous cities to explore. Plus, they have a unique cuisine they can call their own. A cuisine that is celebrated all across the world outside of its birthplace. Even with all of that the most attractive thing about taking a trip to Thailand would have to be its cost. Compared to other destinations, one can travel to Thailand on the tightest budgets as it is pretty affordable.

Its capital, Bangkok, has long been viewed as one of the top destinations in the world to travel too. Full of exotic architecture, culture, and tourist attractions, it is a sight to behold. It's also known to have a lot of people in transition. Everyday people just living their truths the best way they know how. So while you're out having yourself a good ole time with the nightlife, you might find yourself charmed by the city's intoxicatingly beautiful women. Ready to make grand memories you might stumble into an experience you weren't quite ready for. Bangkok has many mysteries and you might just discover a few.

2 No, You Can't Date Her

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Being a father with a daughter can be one the most magnificent and scary feelings you can feel. You fall absolutely in love with this tiny human and watch them grow. You take care of them, protect them, shower them with affection. As they grow older and mature into womanhood your job as a father becomes exponentially more stressful. Droves of teenage boys are discovering their hormones and looking to act on every urge they have. As a father, this just will not do. The more you try to shield and keep them from this world the more they want to experience it.

Without fail, the most handsome of the teenage boys sets his sights on your baby girl, forcing you to unlock your inner slayer if he dares tries to corrupt your precious little princess. Like on earth, things work the same way in Eternia. The only difference is that Prince Adam wields a sword and the power of Grayskull he can use to vanquish any Suter that would even dream to come around his princess. Remember, this is a warrior with a long history of force, even though it's for the realm and all Eternia. His daughter is one you should approach with caution, especially if you have less than honorable intentions.

1 Game Of Thrones

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HBO's Game of Thrones became a television phenomenon to say the least. Based on the books of the same name it tells stories with complex and overlapping storylines. It also has a willingness to eliminate key characters hitting us all in the feels. You never know who will meet their end episode to episode. No one is safe. One of the main differences between television and film is that TV puts a much larger focus on the characters. Audiences tune in every week to see their favorite characters and the ones they love to hate.

Two of the show's most well-known characters happen to be brother and sister. Unfortunately, this isn't the only thing they are. To say that their relationship is unseemly would be the understatement of the century. But long before we met the Lannister twins there was He-Man and She-Ra. The circumstances of their relationship could be called into question as well. They seem to be a little too close for comfort at times. Moments that make you pause and wonder because something just doesn't quite feel right. But who are we to judge. People are free to love each other anyway they see fit. Even though they're wrong.

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