10 Hilarious Metal Gear Memes Only True Fans Understand

You don't need to be a Metal Gear fan to find these funny, but is sure helps.

Metal Gear Solid has been pleasing fans since its inception in 1987. Not only was it one of the longest running video game franchises, but it also stuck to one continuity throughout its run. Fans adore its narrative, but even the most avid lovers of Hideo Kojima's work will admit it sometimes borders on nonsense.

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The inanity of the series is fertile breeding ground for memes, and the internet has delivered in full. The following list will showcase the ten funniest Metal Gear memes on the net. These aren't meant to say the series is bad, either. After all, only the most hardcore fans would pay enough attention to the story to find the humor in it.

10 Product Placement

Metal Gear Big Boss Is Evil meme

Big Boss is a polarizing character. As an older man, what he did was morally corrupt, but his actions during Peace Walker could go either way. He does, after all, treat Chico like a full grown adult when he is just a child. Every private army has to fund their base. When the contracts aren't keeping the lights on, sometimes they resort to endorsements from companies. It's crazy to think Mountain Dew or Axe would put their name on a mercenary's business. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on whom one asks, these ads are only in the Japanese version.

9 Evacuation

Fulton Meme

This one does bring up a good point. Why doesn't Venom Snake just Fulton himself out of the battlefield after a mission is done? Heaven knows it would save gamers several hours they otherwise spend waiting for the helicopter to touch down.

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Maybe the character is deathly afraid of this method of transportation, or sees something undignified about it. Whatever the reason, it would be ideal if he could get over it so players could complete missions faster.

8 The Real Jack And Rose

Metal Gear Jack And Rose Meme

Real fans of Metal Gear know which one was a better romance. No offense to James Cameron's film, but without Rose, players would never be able to beat the game unless they kept their PS2 on for the duration of their play through. She saves progress gives her boyfriend much needed emotional support in the field.

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Best of all, they both make it to the end of their stories. Jack still had his traumatic run in with a boat later on in the series, though. In Metal Gear Solid 4 he is nearly crushed to death by a large ship after saving Snake's life.

7 A Dad And His Dog

Metal Gear D Dog and dad meme

While it may not always be the Father, there is usually one member of a family like this. They are initially hesitant to get a dog or cat, only to end up the closest to the new furry family member.

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This happens for any number of reasons: The animal's cuteness is simply irresistible, the pet often attaches themselves to people who aren't overly affectionate, or the beast is useful in an open world battlefield tagging enemies and collecting items.

6 The End

Metal Gear The End Meme

Everybody grows old, even centenarian snipers. Fans fondly remember how spry the soldier was during his boss battle, lying down with such energy. All jokes aside, he did run exceptionally well for an old man.

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Some players may not have seen him run if they decided to take him out earlier when he is in a wheelchair. Be careful when doing this, however, as his sniping skills extend beyond the rifle; his wheelchair's wheel strikes with vengeance after he explodes.

5 Who Do You Exactly Fight!

METAL GEAR the rock meme

Only conversations like this could happen in Metal Gear. Who exactly does Snake fight at the end of Metal Gear Solid 4? It's Ocelot's body, but Liquid's personality. Through the course of the climactic battle it appears like parts of the skilled gunslinger return, and his last words and hand gesture are one hundred percent Ocelot.

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This meme makes one wonder about something else entirely, however. Has Dwayne Johnson ever even heard of Metal Gear? With the upcoming adaptation, maybe there is a role for him. Foxhound needs a scorpion-themed member.

4 Snake Vs An Army

Naked Snake Versus Soldiers

Does Snake's sneaking stance actually offer any tactical advantage, or is it designed to look funny and distract guards who spot him? This would seem like a joke except the silliness of his posture works to his advantage during his first encounter with Revolver Ocelot.

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While he and his crew are laughing and mocking the way Snake stands, the agent takes the opportunity to put them to sleep. It just goes to show: looking ridiculous can sometimes be the greatest weapon.

3 Area 51 Raid

Solidus Snake Area 51 Meme

Let this be a warning to everyone planning to raid Area 51 in the coming months. This is what happened to Solidus Snake when he was inside. Granted, most people won't be going after having just been killed by their adopted son who was trained as a child soldier, but the facility would probably do some ungodly things to unwanted invaders regardless. On the other hand, maybe some of the people raiding will get turned into awesome cyborg ninjas. Who is willing to take that chance?

2 Kenneth Baker

Baker Arms Tech President

Being the president of ArmsTech was always just a side hustle for Kenneth Baker. His real dream was music. Although he never hit it big, he constantly honed his craft deep into the night after coming home from a hard day's work. He even had a copy of his mixtape when he was held hostage by Foxhound.

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Perhaps knowing his time was short, he gave it to Solid Snake, hoping the world would be able to hear his smooth sounds and hard hitting beats after he passed. It would have worked to his advantage, too, because most musicians become infinitely more famous after they die.

1 The Sad Truth

Metal Gear Solid 1 pachinko meme joke

This would be way funnier if it weren't true. Other than the lackluster Metal Gear Survive, the series has found its way to Pachinko machines in Japan, where some of Metal Gear Solid 3's cutscenes were remastered in the Fox Engine for the machines. Will the series ever rise again in the video game space? Only time will tell. Fortunately, everything gets a revival these days after a certain amount of time. The only worry is if the reboot will resemble the original or at least carry the same spirit.

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