25 Hilarious Pokémon Comics That Will Make Any Player Say "Same"

Pokémon has been popular ever since the original Red and Green games first came out in 1996. It's hard for some to believe that it's already been twenty-two years, but time flies when you're having fun catching little creatures. Since then, many different versions of the game have come out, and there are still Pokémon games being released to this day, so watch this space. Like most other phenomena, Pokémon moved onto other forms of media than just the games. The TV series and many films that have been made showcase the popularity of the franchise.

In 2016, it was announced that there's going to be a live action Pokémon movie, and two years later in January of this year, Detective Pikachu began production. If that didn't seem cool enough, you'll be happy to learn that Deadpool's very own Ryan Reynolds will be voicing Pikachu. We don't know about you, but we personally never pictured Pikachu with Ryan's voice. It'll be interesting.

Other than the Pokémon content created by its actual creators (making it canon) the Pokémon fandom has a fun time creating their own artwork and headcanons (which are your own ideas about characters/storylines that aren't true in the actual work). Whether it be stories or artwork about the cute little Pokémon, people have fun making up their own ideas. One idea that we really like is Pokémon comics, which is artwork that people draw themselves and include Pokémon characters. In this list we'll be discussing 25 comics drawn by Pokémon fans, that will make you relate and think 'same.'

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25 When Did It Get So Weird?

via: jhallpokemon.deviantart.com

Back when you were little, you just liked collecting the Pokémon you thought were cute, right? Unless you were an intense little kid who already focused on the battles and XP. Playing Pokémon as a kid vs an adult is there's apparently a lot more knowledge you're supposed to have as an adult.

The days of strolling through the grass are gone, it's time for battle. 

We don't know about you, but when we play Pokémon now we take it more seriously. You have to focus on building stats on all your Pokémon, not just your fave. You've also got to battle everyone you come in contact with, not just try and avoid them when possible. You've got to be prepared to store some Pokémon when you need room for new ones, not just stick with your originals.

Credit: JHALLpokemon.

24 When Pokémon Go Doesn't Really Work For You

via: arieryn.tumblr.com

When Pokémon Go first came out, certain areas didn't even have the app for a while. When the app was eventually released worldwide, it was an immediate success. Why wouldn't it be? Pokémon on your phone, where you can walk around and see them in the real world (through a phone screen), who wouldn't want that? Well, it turns out the experience wasn't as fun for some people who lived in more remote areas.

No one wants to have to walk a mile just to catch a Rattata. In big cities, you could catch a new Pokémon with nearly every step but in smaller towns it was a while before you came across any Pokémon, and gyms were even more sparse. In a positive note, at least it made a generation go outside, walk and get healthier for a little while. Especially the people in the remote areas.

Credit: Arieryn

23 When It Turns Out A Little Differently Than You Expected

via: o-estato-o.deviantart.com

We do keep mentioning Pokémon Go in this article, but it was a smash hit success for Pokémon, so there's a lot of relatable memes about it. This one is to show how Pokémon Go was a success, but probably not how the creators meant for it. Like Animal Crossing, we assume the designers assumed that the Pokémon app would be a fun, nice place for people to hang out and catch Pokémon.

Like humans with most things, we had to find a way to argue about it. 

Team Valor and Team Mystic (red and blue) surpassed Team Instinct (yellow) for some reason, and it became a big argument which was better, meaning everyone chose them and Team Instinct lived in harmony (we chose Instinct).

Credit: o-estato-o.

22 When Health Centers Take A Turn

via: notforeating.weebly.com

If you're anything like us, you push A repeatedly to try and get through the health center visit as quickly as possible. Sometimes you accidentally push B and then have to go through all the dialogue again. The nurse is nice, but it's a part of the game that just doesn't need so much talking. At the end of the dialogue, after all your Pokémon are back to full health, the nurse says something vaguely threatening.

We know it's in good taste, but we just found it funny. Apparently, a lot of other people liked that Nurse Joy says she hopes to see you again soon. This basically just means that she's just waiting for your Pokémon to faint, so you'll visit again.

Credit: Jade E. Cakes.

21 The Art Of Patience

via: bbh.deviantart.com

Deja vu! We were just discussing this topic. It's probably a universal truth that the health center visits and the dialogue from Nurse Joy take patience that most of us don't have. Even though it doesn't really work, we like to believe that by repeatedly pushing the A button we're speeding the process of Pokémon restoration along. We do the same thing at crosswalks.

We know it takes time to heal Pokémon, but we want it done now.

It's just one of the points of the game that isn't really that frustrating; we just lack the patience and want to get back into the battle straight away. The most frustrating health center visit by far is the one after you've lost a battle, especially if it was a trainer battle.

Credit: BBH.

20 When You Thought You Were Ready To Move On

via: kjk-comics.deviantart.com

Pshh, yeah, we've moved on from Pokémon. Except for all the games. And plushies. And movies. There's no shame in admitting you still love Pokémon, even if you keep it low key. There are people who fight over a McDonald's sauce because a cartoon old guy mentioned it in one episode. You're fine. The love for Pokémon is always ignited when there's news of new content coming out, and you're definitely not alone.

Pokémon isn't a phase, it's a way of life. Some of the most surprising people like Pokémon, like that older guy on the train you saw catching Pokémon on Pokémon Go. There is no age limit or requirements for having fun playing an entertaining game. So break out that giant stuffed Pikachu and whatever device you like best, it's time for a Poké marathon.

Credit: KJK-Comics.

19 Finding A Rare Pokémon... Or Not

via: waymonds.tumblr.com

This happens in many games, and sometimes real life, too. In Grand Theft Auto, for example, you'll notice a really nice car that you've never seen before. As soon as you get it, suddenly every second car is the one you're driving. In Pokémon, it happens a lot too. You find this cute Pokémon you've never seen, and then boom, they're everywhere.

Suddenly, every time you walk through grass you get attacked by one.

In real life, it's a bit different. It's more about observation than really seeing a lot more of the thing that you saw before. It's not that the thing isn't around, it's just that after you've noticed it once, you start to see it everywhere because you're actually paying attention to it now. Still, Pokémon, why would you do this to us?

Credit: Waymonds

18 How Times Have Changed

via: skeletoonswashere.tumblr.com

This is another thing that shows how things have changed and been renewed in the Pokémon world. The original Pokémon choices between Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle are now choices of teams in Pokémon Go. In the (kind of) augmented reality app, you get the choice between choosing Team Valor's leader Candela, Team Mystic's leader Blanche, or Team Instinct's leader Spark.

You could go by which team is more powerful, or just pick your favorite color. Also, like the original Pokémon, once you've chosen you don't get to switch teams. It's not a choice to be taken lightly. Having to choose and stick with that one choice for the whole game seems a little heavy for a kids' game. In the updated generations, there are different choices of your starting Pokémon. Personally, I've always been a fire person.

Credit: modantoire.

17 When The Excitement Wears Off

via: vohelart.tumblr.com

This one kind of relates to another point in this list, which is when you find one thing you think is rare, suddenly it starts to pop up everywhere. In this case, it's the excitement of finding Pokémon. When you first start, you obviously find the weakest Pokémon first, and Pidgey is one of the first you come across.

They are cute, but you discover they're pretty useless in battle.

When you start to get more into the game and reach trainer battles at gyms, you'll realize that Pidgeys and Rattatas just aren't powerful enough to win, let alone get you through the final battles of the game. That's the point when you start to fill up your storage with Pokémon, or you just don't bother capturing any unless they're worth it. Cold, hard truth.

Credit: VohelArt.

16 When Pokémon Go Becomes Dangerous

via: artbymoga.tumblr.com

We're all aware of the positives of Pokémon Go. It gets people out of the house, it gets people walking and talking to each other. We've also heard of the more negative side of the game, which is it can be extremely dangerous. Obviously, it's meant to be a fun game where you walk around the streets and feel like a real Pokémon trainer, by catching Pokémon through your own camera. It's expected of you to have enough common sense to still watch your surroundings.

A lot of stories came out of people being hit in the road because they weren't watching the road to cross the street but instead watching the Pokémon on their screen. There were also stories of people crashing their cars because they were too focused on playing the game. For those of you who can't keep a clear head, maybe just stick to playing it at home.

Credit: ArtByMoga.

15 The Exercise Is Real

via: lazdragon.tumblr.com

You know when you're at the gym and you feel like you've walked 100 miles, but you look down and the treadmill says you've only walked 1 and there's still so many to go? Yeah, that's a terrible feeling. The good side is, when you're doing something you like, you don't get that. Whether it's doing 10,000 steps at the mall without realizing, or playing Pokémon Go all day.

Time (and exercise) flies when you're having fun.

This works especially well if you're in a more remote area where the Pokémon have spread further apart. Walking 5 miles for one special Pokémon seems like nothing. Just remember common sense again, and hopefully, you've stayed aware of your surroundings so you don't look up and realize you have no clue where you are.

Credit: LazDragon.

14 There Are Two Types Of People

via: gabasonian.tumblr.com

There are two types of people who name characters in games. The first type is the people who give the characters their own name or well thought out names that they feel suit the characters and make the game experience nice. Then there is the second type, the people who willingly name their characters dumb things just to laugh at as they walk around the game.

The freedom of the choice is yours, and even though we're more 'name them nice names' people, seeing a character walking around being called something silly is pretty entertaining. In the new generations, you can choose the option to specifically name your Pokémon. Again, there are two types of people who make those decisions. People who stick with the proper Pokémon names and people who like to mix it up.

Credit: Gabasonian.

13 Parenting Skills

via: sina-desu.tumblr.com

One thing we never understood about Pokémon was why the mom never cared that her 10-year-old child was going to move out and leave her for a trek around the country, loosely guided by some old scientist she used to know. It sounds like an alternate version of Back To The Future. It's a little concerning, let's be honest. As kids when you first play the game it just sounds like she's the coolest parent ever.

As an adult, I'm concerned for the child's safety. 

You can return home in the game, but even then she's still in the same position at the kitchen counter. After not seeing her young child for months she simply turns around and makes small talk. This raises other questions like where does your character sleep? When do they sleep? Why are teenagers running gyms that don't involve exercise? So many unanswered questions...

Credit: sina-desu.

12 The Best Way To End A Battle

via: gabasonian.tumblr.com

This is one questionable thing in Pokémon that we're glad about. When you're just going about your business, trying to catch the Pokémon then all of a sudden a person comes up and forces you into battle. It's irritating, and most of the time you can just run away if you want. The good news is that if you decide to stay and battle and win, you get hundreds of dollars off of your opponent.

Instead of paying debts, you use the 'fake a medical emergency' excuse. It's good because you just get to rake up your money and never really have to spend anything, because personally, if we had to pay each time we lost a battle, it would be bad news for the bank. Especially when you get to the trainer battles at the end.

Credit: Gabasonian

11 Wasted Power

via: the-french-pineapple.tumblr.com

This is one of the most frustrating things that can happen in the game. You're just walking along, pretty far into the game. Your Pokémon are so leveled up they're basically the Arnold Schwarzeneggers of Pokémon. Then as you walk through some grass you get attacked by a level two Pokémon that's basically not worth your time.

Then the baby Pokémon suddenly escapes your Poké Ball and we're not sure why it's so frustrating.

Maybe the wasted Poké Ball. It could be the perceived attitude of the Pokémon that believes it's worth more than you capturing it. Immediate anger surfaces and you swear to never waste your time again... sound familiar? It probably does. What we can learn from this is to come back to reality and realize that the game shouldn't be affecting us this much.

Credit: The French Pineapple.

10 No Awareness At All

via: gabasonian.tumblr.com

If Pokémon was a real world, we'd be pretty freaked out rather than excited. One of the main reasons is the absolute lack of emotion or awareness of the background characters. If you haven't talked to one of them before, then chances are they're looking to battle you. If you have already battled them, then they'll just keep giving you the same dialogue over and over.

You can ride your bike into them and they pay no attention. It's a small part of the game that doesn't really matter, but it's just entertaining. It's the small things, don't they say? Let's get back to imagining if the real world was the Pokémon world. Picture someone just standing on the street and not moving, and when you talk to them they say the same thing over and over...

Credit: Gabasonian.

9 Catfish

via: gabasonian.tumblr.com

The one true catfish. The little green lady, from a distance, looks like a young girl who wants to battle you... then boom! You get into the battle and she's this 80-year-old woman with pearls, ready to fight. This raises so many questions, like why is she still battling with Pokémon at her age? Does she just wait alone in the forest at night, always ready to battle with teenagers? Creepy...

Is her tactic to lure men in and then win against them while they're shell-shocked? Smart.

Either way, this still doesn't change our mind about randomly being picked to battle. It is a very annoying trait to have to stop halfway through a journey to battle some random person. We get it, battles are good to build skill and XP, but sometimes we just wanna walk around freely and collect cute Eevees, okay?

Credit: Gabasonian.

8 The Blind Leading The Blind

via: gabasonian.tumblr.com

What's the point of swapping a Pokémon's skills if the new ones you swap aren't actually useful anyway? It's a big decision when your Pokémon can learn a new move and then you have to decide if you want to use it. If you do, then comes the decision of what other move to get rid of, as your Pokémon can only have four at a time. So when it comes to useful skills like flash and fly, it seems like a good plan.

After you've changed your moves and go into the next battle you start to get a feeling of regret. Did you make the right decision? Was the move you got rid of actually more useful than the one you swapped it for? This is another time when we need to realize it's not that serious.

Credit: Gabasonian.

7 When You're In Too Deep

via: pencilmarked.tumblr.com

Pokémon Go took over your life for a month at least, be honest. It was such a huge phenomenon worldwide, the only people who didn't catch on were most likely old people and babies. Every time your phone would buzz, you'd immediately be excited that there was a new Pokémon nearby.

When it wasn't a Pokémon, you'd just be let down when it was a text from your mom.

It may actually be a good thing that most people are over Pokémon Go now. It might be better that they're actually communicating with their family and friends and not random strangers they're battling on the street. The only downside is since we stopped playing Go and switched back to the normal version, we now find ourselves snacking on the couch more often.

Credit: Pencil Marked.

6 When You're Pretty Much Over It

via: paperstarart.tumblr.com

It's been a month. You've battled, took over a gym, lost your place at the gym and moved on. At this stage, we were getting over Pokémon Go. The hype was ending and all of our friends had already deleted the app. It was time to move on. Now when a notification buzzes that there's a Pokémon nearby, it's more of a 'cool' than actual excitement.

Phases happen and then we move on, it's just how it is. There are certain things that we don't move on from and we keep hearing about (Supernatural, for example). The original Pokémon is included in that list, and we think what makes it so popular is because it's simple fun. You catch Pokémon, battle with them, and walk around having fun.

Credit: PaperStarArt.

5 We've Come Full Circle

via: awkwardzombie.com

This one is for those of you who never lost the love for Pokémon, and persevered through the stage where it wasn't popular. This one is also for the people that did lose interest for a while, but it came surging back with the release of the new games.

Pokémon is a childhood game that never fully loses it's fun - you'll always be back. 

High school is a weird time where there's a lot of effort and pressure into being popular and mature, and then you get to college. College is the place where you realize that adulthood is the next 70 years of life, so it's time to still enjoy being a kid while you can. It sets you up for adulthood, so if you're going to get something out of your system do it now.

Credit: Awkward Zombie.

4 Just Embrace It

via: theniftyfox.tumblr.com

"Yeah, I can be casual about liking this thing. I won't get in too deep, I'll just like it and live my life." That's a thought we've all had when we first get into liking something. It never really turns out that way, but it's the thought that counts. Getting something new is exciting and it's fun to discover all the stuff.

Warning: most of us will be out of commission for a week while we obsess over this game. It's like playing The Sims: you either play for 36 hours straight, or you don't touch it for two months. It's just how it is. When a new Pokémon is released, you need to set aside time so you can get comfy and play for as long as you want to.

Credit: The Nifty Fox.

3 Life Comes At You Fast

via: thesearabbitcomics.tumblr.com

Just when you battled your way to becoming the leader of a gym, it's all taken away. Right now you could probably take over a gym and hold your spot because the Pokémon Go phenomenon is over. During the height of it, though, it was hard to even battle at the gym because so many people were trying to take it over.

If you held your place for more than an hour you were lucky.

The Pokémon people left guarding their position at the gym were like leveled up Pokémon on steroids. For the short while that we were into Pokémon Go, we didn't even bother with trying to battle for the highest position at the gyms. Now that it's calmed down a lot, we might make our move.

Credit: The Sea Rabbit.

2 When You're A Little Rusty

via: static.fjcdn.com

This one is definitely most relatable to the people who haven't played Pokémon for a long while and are being brought back into the fun with the new release of a game. It's time to pull your device off the shelf and dust it off, it's time for battle.

You've got to get the knowledge back. Not only are you rusty at remembering all the controls and stuff, you've also got to regain your knowledge of Pokémon terms like XP, all the potions and what they're for. It's like you're starting from scratch again. This is a good thing, though, because it's like you're playing the game for the first time, so there's that extra excitement. Plus with new releases, there are always new features to learn.

Credit: Mike Krahulik & Jerry Holkins.

1 Not Much Has Changed

via: dorkly.com

This one may not apply to every one person who played Pokémon as a kid, but we're going to go out on a limb and assume that if you're reading this article, it applies to you. The excitement for new Pokémon games has definitely not gone down, and we enjoy the new release as much as we did when we got our first Pokémon game ever.

Most of us have a favorite generation. It might be the first game you ever got, or you might have just found that one the most fun. Either way, there's one Pokémon game that will always hold a special place in your heart. If you're into Pokémon cards, they could hold a pretty good place in your bank account too, as one card sold for $50K at an auction in 2016.

Credit: Jhall & Tristan Cooper.

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