10 Hilarious Red Dead Redemption 2 Logic Memes Everyone Can Relate To

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the greatest games ever made. Not many are doubting this. Still, like every game, it is not perfect. Even the most legendary games out there can be easily made fun of. If you can't make fun of it, are you really a true fan?

In Red Dead 2, there are so many aspects that make zero sense. This being an open-world game, there were bound to be things that just don't work out logically. As badly as Rockstar wanted to make the sequel as realistic as possible, there were a few things in this title that we just scratch our heads at. As the internet always does, there are plenty of memes for players to laugh at. Here are 10 logic memes all Red Dead Redemption 2 players can relate to.

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10 Hey Dutch, Shut Up!

Oh Dutch. As good of a character as Dutch is, he’s extremely frustrating to deal with. Throughout the many camps the Van Der Linde gang ends up at, Dutch constantly has to let everyone know they need to pay their fair share. Okay, but what about you Dutch? We never once see Dutch putting money into the camp. Now you could argue that it’s because we are never at the camp, but this is actually confirmed at the end of the game. We find out that Dutch has been secretly hoarding away his money. This won’t be the only meme that points out our irritation with Dutch. There’s more to come.

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9 Hey Susan, You Shut Up Also

Speaking of putting money in, how about when Arthur puts so much in and gets no appreciation? You could have recently put a couple thousand into the camp. Then once you decide to skip a day and enjoy the rest for yourself, you’ll criticized by Susan Grimshaw because she hasn’t seen you put money in for a while. To make matters worse, I’m pretty sure Arthur is donating the most out of anybody. If anything, there should have been a mechanic where we could see who hasn’t put money, then we can call them out ourselves.

8 Keep The Change

Red Dead Redemption 2’s Bounty System is actually very robust. At any time, bounty hunters could sneak up on you and try to get that nice pay-day. Except, the bounty amount almost never makes sense. You can pull an immense heist that has gained you thousands of dollars, but yet your bounty is only a couple hundred. I’m pretty sure the gang dropped that much money during the heist. It’s also funny that you can easily just pay your bounty for whatever horrendous crime you committed.

7 Oh Look, A Rabbit Finally!

This can be an issue in many games where you’re looking for something, but it only spawns at the most inconvenient times. When you need specific pelts and you take time out of Arthur’s day to go out hunting, you’re going to have a hard time waiting for them to spawn. It isn’t until you’re in the middle of an intense chase sequence that you see that animal on the side of the road. Now you’re out of luck since there’s no way the mission is going to let you skin an animal and bring it back to camp.

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6 Worst. Customer Service. Ever.

Look, those of us who have worked customer service understand what its like dealing with crappy people. That being said, we tend to always keep our cool and never say what we’re actually thinking. That’s not the case with a couple of shop clerks in Red Dead Redemption 2. Here I am minding my own business, shopping around for my newest gun or suit. Then I keep getting pestered by the clerk at the front telling me to hurry up and buy something. This happens on numerous occasions, and shame on the shop owners who hired these super rude employees.

5 Humble Arthur

Deep down inside, Arthur Morgan is a good man. Just make sure to not tell him that. He’ll then go on a long philosophical rant on how he’s anything but. We get it, Arthur has done some questionable things in his time. Still, a man can change, which is pretty much the purpose of this game. Just learn how to accept a compliment Arthur. Even if you truly believe it, everyone around you doesn’t want to be antagonized for simply stating an observation. Arthur can be a little too humble for everyone else to handle.

4 How Slow Do You Want Me To Go?

Luckily there are no horse speeding tickets in Red Dead Redemption 2. Still, I’d rather pay $20 than having to constantly hear everyone yelling at me to slow down. Yes, sometimes players can go a little too fast in a town and run someone over. That’s understandable. What’s not understandable, however, is how you can try to go as slow as possible to be polite, but then some random NPC sitting down on a bench will tell you to slow the hell down. Sorry, but it’s really difficult to make this horse do baby steps.

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3 I hAvE a pLAn

The most infamous quote in Red Dead Redemption 2 is Dutch’s constant reassurance of “I have a plan.” Okay Dutch, please tell us what your plan is. We ask because almost every other plan and job we’ve done has just made things worse. Instead of just accepting that maybe his plans need more thinking, he just sits there and complains that nothing is working. He’s just so shocked that killing a high-profile industrialist actually has consequences. He’s also pretty upset when he realizes that robbing a bank in a large town would somehow go wrong.

2 We All Hate Micah

One of the most aggravating things about Red Dead Redemption 2 is Dutch’s persistent defense of Micah’s awful actions. Micah is definitely one of the most hated video game characters in recent memory. He clearly only cares about himself, even going as far as ratting on the gang. Almost everyone in the gang can see through him, except for its leader. Dutch would continually side with Micah, much to our annoyance. We’re not sure what action Micah could do that Dutch would condemn.

1 Whoops

 A horse's worst enemy in Red Dead Redemption 2; the dreaded rock. You'll be galloping away at full speed, feeling invincible as you make through beautiful landscapes. Then out of nowhere, your horse trips and falls, sending you flying and landing hard on the ground. You'd think there was something you would've seen a mile away. You are wrong because it was just one little measly rock that nearly killed you and your horse. You might as well add rocks to the list of hardest boss fights in the Red Dead series.

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