FunPlus Phoenix, Splyce Make Play-offs at League of Legends World Championship

Group B has found its two play-off teams at the 2019 League of Legends World Championship. After completing the second round robin stage, FunPlus Phoenix secured their expected spot in the Worlds knock-out stage. Splyce, Europe’s third seed, surprised the LoL world with a 3-0 sweep over their group stage opponents in the second round robin. With a victory in the final tie-breaker game, FunPlus Phoenix emerged as the top seed from Group B. Splyce move on to the knock-out stage as the second seed.

At first glance, Group B seemed the least competitive of Worlds’ four groups. LPL Summer champions FunPlus Phoenix were the obvious favorites, as many expected them to make a play-off appearance. FPX kicked off their group stage run with a loss to LMS Summer champions J Team, though were able to redeem themselves with consecutive wins over Splyce and GIGABYTE Marines (GAM). Standing with two wins and one loss after the first round robin cycle, FunPlus Phoenix looked ready to cruise into the knock-out stage. As the second round began, their streak continued with another win over GAM Esports. FPX's form faltered as they suffered a loss to Splyce, who looked to be on a tear of their own. Now one loss away from elimination, FunPlus Phoenix secured a Championship-saving win over J Team to move into the knock-out stage.

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Among FPX in Group B was Splyce, the play-in qualifying team from Europe. Splyce claimed their first win on day one, taking down GAM Esports to kick off the first round robin. The European team ended up with a losing record, as they took back-to-back losses to FunPlus Phoenix and J Team to close out the first round. The second round robin breathed a new life into the EU squad as they took down J Team, FunPlus Phoenix, and GAM Esports to secure a 3-0 record on the day. With those wins, Splyce guaranteed themselves a Worlds play-off appearance for the first time in the organization’s history.

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The final match of the day pit FunPlus Phoenix against Splyce in a tie-breaker to decide play-off seeding. After nearly forty minutes, FPX earned their spot at the top of Group B. Both teams now advance to the knock-out stage, which is slated to begin on October 26th. Their play-off opponents are currently unknown, as they are the first two teams to qualify. The group stage continues on October 18th, where Group A will decide the next two teams to move on to the play-offs.

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