Furry: 25 Cartoons Reimagined As Jaw-Dropping People

If you think about it, a lot of cartoons have many non-human characters. Whether your favorite cartoon character is an anthropomorphized animal or something that technically doesn’t even exist, it’s a fact that humans aren’t as common in cartoons. And we’ve seen just about everything from a sponge to aliens to a dream demon that looks like a triangle.

I think it’s cool to have a lot of non-human characters. It gives the shows more creative freedom, and it can lend to all kinds of interesting people. Even just having a non-human character can change the whole premise of the show. Plus, a non-human character tends to attract kids’ attention more. Even if the character is going through mundane things, it’s much more interesting if they’re aren’t human.

But what would these particular characters look like if they were human? That’s what many artists like to explore in their fanart, and there is a lot. Non-human characters reimagined as humans is a pretty popular trend in fanart. It’s a fun idea to speculate what your character may look like as a human, especially if that character doesn’t look human at all.

This type of fanart is also a good training tool for artists. It gives budding artists a model to start out with, and they still have creative freedom to create their own version of that character. And a lot of these interpretations look pretty awesome.

So here are 25 cartoon characters that have been reimagined as humans. Think we missed some good ones? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!


25 This Couple Is Pretty Cute In Human Form


Sonic the Hedgehog is a pretty iconic character with several games and multiple cartoons. And alongside Sonic is the feisty but kind Amy. Since the first time he saved her, Amy has fallen hard for Sonic and is often pursuing him. Most of the time, Sonic doesn’t seem to return these feelings, but there have been quite a few hints that there may be something there.

Human Sonic and Amy are adorable

And I think human Sonic and Amy are adorable. I could see the two together as a couple since they complement each other really well. Sonic is pretty stoic and calm, which helps offset Amy’s more excitable personality. I don’t think much would change between them as humans. Though I’m not sure if the ears are real. . .

24 Watch Out For This Fiery Lady


Demona was one of the antagonists in the show Gargoyles, but she was a fairly sympathetic villain. She was understandably angry at the humans for betraying her and her people, so she swore revenge. The fact that she was the wife of one of the main protagonists, Goliath, made her an even more intriguing character.

There actually was an episode where Demona was turned human, and she looked pretty awesome. Granted, Demona looked fairly human even when she was a gargoyle, so the only big thing that’s changed for her is her skin color and her lack of fangs and claws. This interpretation of her is very classy, but also intimidating. No matter if she’s a gargoyle or a human, you don’t want to mess with this tough lady.

23 Our Favorite Sponge Looks A Little Different


SpongeBob SquarePants is a show that got surprisingly popular and has been running for nearly two decades. I guess people can’t get enough of this burger-flipping sponge and his band of friends. The fact that SpongeBob is, well, a sponge, adds to the whole setting since everyone in this show lives at the bottom of the sea. (Personally, I don’t understand what the big deal is, but to each their own.)

SpongeBob would remain his same eternally cheery self

So, what would a human SpongeBob look like? Well, according to this artist, pretty good! I’ve also seen other artists give human SpongeBob buck teeth, which would make sense. I’m sure that SpongeBob would remain his same eternally cheery self, regardless of whether he was a sponge or a human. Though they would have to change the name. . .

22 They’ll Still Try To Take Over Earth


The whole premise behind Invader Zim involves one alien and his robot assistant attempting to take over Earth. Needless to say, it doesn’t go very well. Zim does get close sometimes, but something usually happens to foil his plans. What makes the two main characters stand out so much are their pretty fun designs. Zim’s green skin and pink eyes are a pretty good contrast to the other humans, while Gir’s robot body and dog suit are pretty adorable.

So, how do these two look as humans? They look pretty awesome! Even though Zim has lost his green skin, he hasn’t lost his style. And Gir looks just as hyper and crazy as a human. I also like that Zim still has that megalomaniac gleam in his eye. He’s bent on taking over Earth, even if he now looks like one of them. An episode where they got turned into humans would’ve been pretty interesting.

21 These Heroes No Longer Have Half Shells


Who doesn’t love our green mutant heroes? Half the charm of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is that they are giant talking turtles that know ninjutsu. It’s what makes their story so strange, and yet so fun. Depending on the versions, the turtles could all look pretty similar or vastly different.

I can only imagine what these guys would do if they got turned human

According to this artist, the turtles all would look fairly similar in the human forms, except for hair and eye color. I do like that Mikey’s human form is often portrayed with orangish blond hair; it just seems to match his personality perfectly. Raph’s reddish brown hair and Don’s light brown hair work pretty well, and Leo is rocking the black hair. I can only imagine what these guys would do if they got turned human. They’d probably just walk down New York in broad daylight, taking in the sights.

20 This Dream Demon Is Looking Pretty Classy


In Gravity Falls, you wouldn’t expect the most dangerous villain to be a triangle in a top hat. Yeah, Bill Cipher may look relatively harmless, but this dream demon is incredibly powerful, reckless, and vindictive. He’s also very creative in the ways he likes to mess with his victims.

Many fans have actually imagined Bill as a human, so there’s a lot of fanart dedicated to human Bill Cipher. Most people portray him as tall with blond hair, wearing some pretty dapper clothes and sporting an eye-patch. He actually looks pretty good as a human, and I can just imagine this guy striking up a song while he’s messing with reality. Bill probably could give himself a human form if he wanted to. Maybe he doesn’t like the way humans look.

19 These Friends All Look Lovely


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a pretty fun TV show. It’s actually gained a wide fan base among adults, despite the fact that it’s aimed more toward younger audiences. But I can see why. The animation is good, the color scheme is beautiful, and the characters are interesting and pretty likable.

And I think these pony ladies look absolutely fabulous as humans! I love this artist’s choice of clothing for all the girls since they’re pretty similar to the outfits the ponies wore, but they also really fit each personality. And all their poses really fit each pony/girl. Pinkie Pie is having the time of her life and you can see the attitude practically dripping off of Rainbow Dash. These ladies just look amazing, and they would rock the gala.


18 You Just Want To Hug This Kid


Courage the Cowardly Dog was an interesting, if not seriously bizarre show, full of all kinds of crazy monsters and creepy scenarios. And in the middle of it all was our easily spooked dog, Courage. You have to admire the little dog for being willing to go to great lengths to protect his owners, despite the fact that he was terrified.

I wonder if he’d be any different as a human?

And human Courage is adorable! I like that a lot of artists give him pink hair, which makes sense since his fur in the show is pink. He’s also often portrayed wearing a hoodie with dog ears, likely to make him more recognizable. I wonder if he’d be any different as a human? He’d still probably freak out whenever he saw something creepy, but he might actually be able to warn people of the horrors as a human.

17 These Guys Aren’t Bears Anymore


We Bare Bears is a fairly straightforward show with three bears trying to live in the world of humans and having some issues along the way. Most of the show just involves these bears trying to interact with the human world and struggling with human culture. It’s actually a pretty funny show and the bears are all really likable, though a bit zany.

Quite a few fans have imagined what these bears would look like as humans. And I have to say, they look good! What I love about this particular interpretation is the facial expressions of these guys. With just one look, you can get an idea of their different personalities, even if you haven’t seen the show. They all show so much emotion in just one look, and it’s pretty impressive.

16 The Warner Siblings Always Bring The Crazy

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You can’t help but love the Warner siblings and all their epic craziness in Animaniacs. No matter where they go, these guys tend to spread mayhem and craziness. What’s also a funny thing is that no one actually knows what species the siblings actually are. The closest thing we’ve come to is that they’re some type of humanoid dogs.

They would still be running around the movie lot

But what if Yakko, Wakko, and Dot were humans? Well, hopefully, Hollywood would stop locking them up in the tower. And I think they would still be running around the movie lot, causing all kinds of insane trouble. I also think they look pretty adorable as humans. Yakko has that big brother vibe, Dot is very cute, and Wacko looks like the adorable oddball that he is.

15 These Two Look Amazing Together


Bugs Bunny has been a very popular and entertaining character for many decades. Whether he’s outwitting Elmer Fudd, bugging Daffy, or just enjoying himself, you can usually count on Bugs to make things interesting. And then he finally meets his match with Lola, who proves she’s not afraid to get a little crazy.

And the human versions of these two are pretty awesome! I can see Bugs just being this classy dude who’s got a mischievous streak a mile wide, and Lola masters being sultry and intimidating. I also like the fact that Bugs’ hair is still gray; it makes him stand out more and makes him a pretty handsome guy. Lola’s almost platinum blond hair with a pink streak fits her perfectly as well, being beautiful and strong. These two are quite the power couple, whether they’re rabbits or humans.

14 This Jedi Looks Amazing

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Ahsoka was one of those characters that started out pretty annoying but then grew to be one of the most popular characters in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. And for a good reason. She goes from this inexperienced Padawan to a very capable Jedi who’s not afraid to fight for what she believes in. Her struggles were both relatable and interesting, and she ended up being a pretty awesome character.

Togrutas look very similar to humans anyway

I love the idea that a human Ahsoka would be of African descent. It just seems to fit her for some reason. And I could totally see her rocking that hair. Granted, togrutas look very similar to humans anyway, with a few differences. I think human Ahsoka would be just as powerful and awesome. Go Ahsoka, and take down the bad guys no matter what you look like!

13 The Gang Of Imaginary Friends Looks Pretty Good


The concept behind Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends is a pretty fun one, where imaginary friends can have a place to go after their kids no longer believe in them. It also means that we get quite a few interesting designs for these imaginary friends. You’ve got crazy birds, giant furry monsters, and tall, skinny, basketball-loving creatures.

So, what would they look like as a human? This artist decided to take the main characters and humanize them, and I have to say they all look pretty accurate! I love Mr. Herriman’s top hat and he still retains his stern, proper demeanor. Wilt looks awesome in his basketball outfit, and while I never imagined Bloo with long shaggy hair, it works pretty well for him. This is a great group of people and their personalities still shine through the human versions.

12 Once A Secret Agent, Always A Secret Agent


Honestly, the subplots surrounding Perry in Phineas and Ferb are some of my favorites. I don’t know who came up with the idea of a platypus being a secret agent, but it’s absolutely amazing. Perry is a pretty cool character in general. He’s brave, kind, and very protective of the human family that adopted him. And his interactions with his nemesis Dr. Doofenshmirtz are absolutely hilarious.

Perry as a human would be a little less entertaining since half the charm about him is that he’s a platypus who’s also a secret agent. But he would still be a great secret agent. I like that in these interpretations, Perry keeps his teal hair and his fedora. No matter what species he is, he can totally rock that fedora.

11 They’re Frenemies Forever


I’m pretty sure the premise around Tom and Jerry coined the whole term “game of cat and mouse.” For decades, these two have been locked in a never-ending battle, where Tom tries to eat Jerry and Jerry counteracts, which usually ends in Tom getting injured in some very painful way. I think at this point, the battle is just fun and the two are actually friends now.

These two would probably just antagonize each other

So how would they be as humans? Well, since the cat and mouse thing is no longer an issue anymore, these two would probably just antagonize each other. They’d both do things they know drives the other nuts just because it would be funny. I could see the two bonding over driving each other crazy. They’d definitely have a frenemy thing going on.

10 This Princess Brings On The Sass


Adventure Time is full of all sorts of interesting characters. And one that tends to stand out in my mind is Lumpy Space Princess. Her appearance and attitude are definitely unique: she looks like a purple cloud with a tiara, and she acts like a total diva. This princess is full of attitude and her interactions with Finn and Jake are always entertaining.

So, what would Lumpy Space Princess look like as a human? Well, there are actually quite a few different interpretations of her. Some artists keep her more purplish skin tone, while others actually make her skin darker. I do like that in most of her human versions, she keeps her very sassy attitude. You go Lumpy Space Princess! Don’t take any grief from those haters!

9 He's An Electrifying Kid


In Pokémon, Pikachu is Ash’s first Pokémon, and he has stood by Ash’s side ever since, through every trial and every challenge. Despite their rocky beginnings, these two become amazing friends and Pikachu proves to be incredibly loyal to his trainer. And we can’t forget how cute Pikachu is; he’s basically a little electric mouse!

He looks like he would be Ash’s age

So how would Pikachu look as a human? According to this artist, still pretty cute! I like the yellow hoodie on Pikachu; it suits him. I also love that he’s portrayed as a young kid. It makes sense, since Pikachu is pretty young. He looks like he would be Ash’s age, which would make their dynamic pretty interesting. Granted, if Pokémon were humans, it would make the whole trainer thing a little weird and slightly creepy. Best not to think about it too much.

8 Space Mom Has New Look


Of the “space family” that consists of the Ghost Crew of Star Wars Rebels, Hera is definitely the mom. She’s a tough, no-nonsense pilot, who’s also not afraid to show compassion. She’s the one who essentially helps take in Ezra and she’s generally the peacemaker in the group, willing to help soothe hurt emotions. But she’s also protective of her little adopted family, so you definitely don’t want to mess with the Ghost Crew; she will destroy you.

The interpretations of Hera as a human are pretty different. I like the idea of Hera having green hair instead of her lekku, though a darker skinned human Hera is an interesting and awesome idea. The fact that Hera looks pretty human anyway also makes things interesting since people then usually work with giving her hair or changing up her skin tones.

7 They Are Best Friends Forever


The Amazing World of Gumball is a surprisingly clever, yet very bizarre show. Its premise surrounds these kids that deal with pretty normal everyday problems, but with a strange twist. It also doesn’t help that all the people in this suburban setting aren’t human. The animation on the show is impressive and tends to combine several different styles too. So even if you don’t care for the story or the characters, you can at least appreciate the animation.

Gumball normally looks like a cat, and Darwin looks like a fish. So, what would the two main characters, look like as humans? Pretty cute actually. I also like that the artist kept their original coloring in their hair; it makes them more recognizable and it works pretty well for them.

6 They’re Ready For Danger And Adventure


Even if you’ve never seen the show Ducktales, you’ve likely heard the theme song. It was always fun to follow the adventures of Scrooge McDuck and his three great-nephews as they discover new treasures and worlds. The new reboot also does a great job in retaining the same spirit of Ducktales, while updating and developing characters.

Webby looks great as the spunky and excited girl who’s just itching for danger

I personally think these ducks all look awesome as humans! The triplets, while they look pretty similar, still keep their different personalities, and you can see it in their body language. Scrooge looks like a fiery old man, and Donald is captured as the slightly worried uncle/dad who means well. And Webby looks great as the spunky and excited girl who’s just itching for danger. These guys are ready for another crazy adventure!

5 One Is A Genius, The Other Insane


These two mice try to take over the world every night, and it never goes well. Pinky and the Brain were actually a part of Animaniacs, and then they got their own show due to their growing popularity. Brain used his genius to come up with elaborate plans for world domination, but then Pinky would disrupt Brain’s plans through his well-meaning but often incompetent help. And that’s pretty much what happened every episode and it was pretty hilarious.

So how would these two mice look as humans? Well according to these artists, they look pretty similar to their mice counterparts. Brain still has this kind of creepy look on his perpetually scowling face, and Pinky just looks like a dork. So, it’s pretty accurate actually.

4 This Sweet Couple Will Never Go Out Of Style


Of all the cartoon romances over the years, Micky and Minnie Mouse are probably the most iconic couple. They’ve been around for ages, and they’ve never stopped loving each other all this time. Their original voice actors were married even! These two are just adorable and they show how much they love each other every day. They should be everyone’s relationship goals.

I don’t think much would change with the two if they were human

And they are just as adorable as humans. I could see Micky getting all embarrassed after Minnie shows him affection, but you know he loves it. I don’t think much would change with the two if they were human, other than they just look different. The two pretty much acted like humans anyway; they just happened to be mice. Either way, the two are an amazing couple.

3 The Rescue Rangers Are On Their Way


Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers was an awesome show that starred our favorite Disney chipmunks. What made the show a lot of fun was the adventures these two would go on with their friends as they solved crimes and helped those in need. Chip and Dale would investigate crimes that the police deemed too small or not worth their time, so they were always looking out for the little guy.

I actually really love this artist’s interpretation of a human Chip, Dale, and Gadget. They all look unique but still stay very true to their characters, which is awesome. I’d like to think that even if the gang were all human, they would still take on crimes that were deemed unimportant to the police. They’d still be fighting for the little guy.

2 These Little Guys Got Quite The Makeover


The Smurfs are an interesting group of people. Besides the fact that they’re a village of tiny blue people that use “Smurf” in place of most expletives, they’re also a village where there is only one girl. (At least until they find the lost village, but that’s another story.) The Smurfs are basically pretty cute little humanoid creatures who happen to be blue.

So how would they look as humans? Well, not that much different probably. They wouldn’t be blue for one thing, and they would probably be normal sized. And maybe some of their facial features would be a little different, but that depends on the Smurf. I don’t think much would change for these guys. Whether they’re human or Smurfs, they still like to have a good time.

1 These Guys Act Pretty Human Anyway


Regular Show followed the antics of two friends, Mordecai and Rigby, who also happen to be a blue jay and a raccoon. These two worked at a dead-end job, which they constantly slacked at, and the show followed their adventures in their pretty ordinary lives. What made the show interesting is the fact that the two main characters were rather relatable. They were dealing with real problems like dating and annoying bosses, and their friendship was both nice and realistic.

Their personalities still shine through

If these characters were human, things wouldn’t be much different, since they were in a fairly human setting. I do like this artist’s interpretation of Mordecai, Margaret, and Rigby. They all look pretty good and their personalities still shine through. Stay awesome you guys, and don’t let life get you down!


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