G2 Overpower DAMWON in League of Legends Worlds Quarter-Final

After taking down DAMWON Gaming, G2 Esports have secured the last semi-final spot at the League of Legends 2019 World Championship.

The 2019 League of Legends World Championship has found its fourth and final semi-finalist. In the last quarter-final, Group A second seed G2 Esports took on DAMWON Gaming, the first seed from Group D. After four games, the European squad locked in their spot in the next stage.

G2 Esports started the series off strong as AD carry Luka "PerkZ" Perković secured game one's first blood. DAMWON took a slight lead as two kills went their way prior to taking down the first dragon. The gold remained in G2’s favor, and the kills evened up at three. G2 rode the momentum forward, though DAMWON managed to hold the EU squad off with an even trade in front of the Baron. A close team fight kept DAMWON in the game before G2 finally took down the Baron. With that, G2 pushed the base and closed out game one in thirty-four minutes.

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G2 looked to start game two in a similar way, with top laner Martin "Wunder" Hansen taking first blood in the first three minutes. A quick fight ensued in the bottom lane, G2 coming out on top with four kills to two. The momentum shifted once again as the Korean side secured three kills to put themselves in the lead. G2 appeared out-classed as DAMWON continued to roll over the European squad, taking five dragons before reaching an 11k gold lead. DAMWON took the win at forty-four minutes, matching G2’s score in the series.

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Game three kicked off with action as G2 took three kills to DAMWON’s two in the first four minutes. G2 continued with a lead, DAMWON attempting to close the gap with an even kill trade at twelve minutes. A later double kill from PerkZ shifted the game in G2’s favor, as the EU side’s gold lead continued to swell. G2 took down the Baron, the extra power pushing them through the base to put themselves on match point at thirty-one minutes.

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G2 once again brought the fire to game four, racing to seven kills by the ten minute mark. The European side looked to be on a level above their opponents as they destroyed the first three turrets, standing at a 4k gold lead. G2 continued their show of strength, pushing towards the base despite DAMWON’s efforts to climb back into the game. Double kills from Wunder and jungler Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski gave G2 the space they needed to close out the series. At eighteen kills to DAMWON’s thirteen, and a final series score of 3-1, G2 advanced to the semi-finals.

The League of Legends 2019 World Championship play-offs will continue on November 2nd. G2 will take on SK Telecom T1 on November 3rd.

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