Pokémon: Every Galar Starter Pokémon Evolution, Ranked

Pokémon Sword & Shield's Galar starter pokémon have been revealed. Here are all their evolutions ranked from worst to best.

As sure as the sun rises, every time a new Pokémon generation is announced fans eagerly await the reveal of the starter pokémon. Everyone has their preferred typing, but sometimes a poor design for one or exceptional design for another can sway trainers. With Pokémon Sword & Shield, fans eagerly awaited the reveal of the final evolutions as the base forms for all three starters were likeable. But since the leak of the final forms, the fan base has been pretty divided. Here, we look at every starter pokémon for the Galar region in Pokémon Sword & Shield and rank them!

9 Thwackey

Thwackey is the middle evolution for Grookey and, unfortunately, is one of the worst designs of the Galarian region starters. The biggest issue with Thwackey is its lime green color which, for reasons unknown, differs from its pre-evolution plain green. The idea of making all of its colors neon just doesn't jive well in design terms. Meanwhile, its final evolution is primarily black like a gorilla.

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8 Drizzile

Tied for first place in the Worst Design category is Drizzile, Sobble's middle evolution. While Drizzile's design isn't much better than Thwackey's, it does have the advantage of a better neon color combination. In fact, if Drizzile evolved from or into a pokémon of the same vibrancy, his design wouldn't even be so bad. But, of course, that isn't the case; Drizzile is the odd man out in its evolution cycle. Why Pokémon decided to do this with their middle evolution of their starter pokémon is perplexing, but is apparently due to the new sprite designs.

7 Raboot

Raboot is by far the best middle evolution of the bunch and happens to be the only one whose colors don't have their vibrancy maxed out in Photoshop. Everyone who loves Greninja might want to pick Scorbunny as their starter, since Raboot carries much of that ninja energy in its design. Raboot's high turtleneck also adds to the character's mystery, while being an A1 fashion choice. The only reason Raboot comes in at #7 is because it's a middle evolution and, as such, will sadly be glossed over.

6 Grookey

Grookey is a very adorable and lovable grass-type monkey that has the terrifying ability to turn into a gorilla. You can imagine this will only add to the confusion kids will have when learning that monkeys and apes are actually two different things... Anyway, if Grookey was released in a vacuum, people would adore him. But unfortunately, the world of pokémon has already seen its share of grass-type monkeys ad nauseam. Unlike those, however, Grookey can evolve, which adds to its value but detracts from its cuteness.

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5 Cinderace

The final evolutions for the starter pokémon in the Galar region have been received with mixed reviews. Chances are some people reading this are upset that Cinderace isn't at the top of the list, but hear me out! Cinderace's design is meant to evoke the look of a soccer player, since the Galar region is based on the United Kingdom. Cinderace pulls this off well, but it comes at the cost of it looking too human and lacking any creative spark; it's a clean design that hits its goals but fails to stand out.

4 Rillaboom

Rillaboom sports a pair of drum sticks that started off as a twig in Grookey's hair, which it uses to pound a large wooden drum. Obviously, the biggest design flaw for Rillaboom is that stupid, massive drum; you can rarely get a clean look at its entire body thanks to it. For a gorilla-inspired pokémon, Rillaboom fails to look very intimidating.

3 Sobble

Sobble is everyone's favorite precious and anxious little lizard boy. Upon Sobble's reveal as the water starter for the Galar region, its personality was present and its cute design had fans everywhere falling in love with this adorable baby-blue reptile. Despite Grookey also being adorable, it seems the contenders for Cutest Starter in the Galar region has come down to Sobble and Scorbunny. It's hard to choose between the two, but it seems Sobble loses out due to the location the Galar region is based on (I'm looking at you, soccer fans).

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2 Inteleon

For many, Inteleon is the best designed final evolution of the Galar region pokémon. But overall, it appears that most trainers are underwhelmed with the final evolutions as a whole. Though Inteleon may be one of the best final evolutions of its generation, its design is weak when compared to previous generations; the lanky and mysterious Inteleon gives off Rango or Randall vibes from Monster's Inc. Interestingly, water starters have quickly become associated with stealth, as Greninja is ninja-like and Inteleon is a covert stealth agent.

1 Scorbunny

Don't be surprised to find Scorbunny endlessly popping up on Pokémon merchandise; Scorbunny is the perfect candidate to become a fan favorite. Not only does it happen to be a fire-type rabbit, it's also meant to embody the spirit of the English soccer player, since the Galar region is largely inspired by the United Kingdom. Let's face it: when a pokémon comes out that showcases the best of a region while also being incredibly adorable, it's hard not to put them at the top of the list!

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