15 Game Boy Games That Are Totally Overrated (And 14 That Are Worth A Second Look)

The Game Boy had some gems on it. Here are some games that are worth revisiting, and some that are best left alone.

There are many gamers out there in the world who don't admit to themselves that they are in fact, gamers. They hide behind their cell phones and the darkness of their bedrooms at nighttime rapidly tapping their mobile games. But before there was the ability to conceal one's healthy addiction to gaming on their phone, there was the Game Boy. Rising tall against the other consoles and computers to never be toppled.

The thing about Game Boy is that it started something. We could now bring our home entertainment with us wherever we went. And if there was enough light or battery life, there were accessories to go with it. Yes, now consoles and PCs are so advanced that the true gamers have spent their money on them almost exclusively. Forsaking the Game Boy and handheld devices as the stuff of children. Yet, they still play on their phones.

But before cellphones basically became incognito gaming devices, the airport was filled with two types of patrons awaiting their turn to board a plane. There were those who gamed on their Game Boys and those who were jealous of those brave souls willing to bring their handheld device out in public. And with those handheld devices came an entirely awesome set of games. Some overrated and some worth a second look.

So, it's time to finally revisit our old friend. Here are some of the games worth playing again, and some that might just be better off left sitting in that box in your basement.

29 Overrated: Pokémon Yellow

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This is a great game. Everyone knows that this series is king of the handheld world and basically did for Nintendo what South Park did for Comedy Central. But as an alternate version of the first two installments, it's overrated.

The only real difference with this game is that Pikachu follows you around all the time and the code built into his game DNA makes him angry at you when you put him away in the box or try to evolve him into Raichu.

28 Second Look: Advance Wars

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Anyone who's never played these games is missing out. It's hard to describe how this game is super addicting and a great story based on the gameplay. But fans of the series know that it's possibly the best game ever on Game Boy.

It's a board game like set up with turns on both sides. Moving your army into position to take the enemy capital or to destroy all the enemy units. All while fighting a larger war across multiple continents. This game's a gem.

27 Overrated: Nintendogs

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Personally, most of us don't even understand this game. But for some reason, it appeals to children and nerd children alike. Not really sure how it does with adults, but the young folk love it.

Perhaps it's better than owning a real pet, or something along those lines. But this series is often at the top of many charts. It also may be the reason why so many people associate handhelds with children.

26 Second Look: Oracle Of Ages And Seasons

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These games are pretty awesome. But you wouldn't know it due to the sheer immense shadow cast by the rest of the series. Other than the famous Mario, Link is one of the most well-known characters in video games.

We compare them to chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Vanilla is the most popular, the most sold, and seen at birthday parties. But everyone knows chocolate is the best. Just like we all know Link is the best.

25 Overrated: Star Fox 3DS

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Not many games will ever match the greatness of Star Fox 64. Personally, it's a favorite of mine and possibly the greatest game to ever exist as it still holds up and the series has never made a better game since.

We're not sure what the issue is with the game series, but like Castlevania, it seemed to not rise with the times like other brand series. Even with the remake on the 3DS, it still hasn't excited anyone for years.

24 Second Look: Pokémon Emerald

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Most of the games in the series are released two at a time with slightly different versions and then later on a third version comes out that bridges them all. It's a brilliant strategy and has been working for the company for years.

But Emerald really is a magnificent game. But that's also because the GBA is a fantastic handheld piece of work. It has great characters, a slightly different story, and gameplay that makes you fall back in love with the series.

23 Overrated: Final Fantasy Adventure

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This is a game that gets tied into a legendary series and doesn't really deserve the mantle of Final Fantasy. It's not a terrible game, but it's certainly not something you would give to a  person you're trying to turn on to the series.

This game is a bit different from the rest of the series, but it's clearly not the best RPG out there. It has RPG elements but isn't quite exactly the same as the rest of the series. But as a spinoff of the greatness that is FF, it truly is a bit overrated.

22 Second Look: The Minish Cap

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This is the second game in the series on this list worthy of a second look. Whether you took the plunge into this game or not, it's worth looking to find another copy of the game at your local game store.

This version of Link is somehow connected to the other ones but he never fights the evil guy Ganon, so it's sort of a spinoff in a way. But this game has a unique change to it, Link can shrink down to the size of a bug.

21 Overrated: Shantae

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This is a game that was popular for its gameplay and its female lead. It sold plenty of copies and was actually a lot of fun. But compared to other series with heroes like Samus Aran or Princess Zelda, it just cannot compare.

That's the thing about Nintendo. There will always be room for new ideas and new games to make their way to the screen. But Nintendo's strength will always be with the classics. And the fans will never stray from those.

20 Second Look: Super Mario World Advance 2

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Everyone knows about the game that came out on Super Nintendo and captured the hearts of millions. But what many don't realize is an identical version was on the Game Boy Advance. And it's just as awesome.

Being able to hop on Yoshi's back and fly through the air anywhere in the world with this game in your pocket is a luxury. If everyone had this game in their pocket there would be no wars. Guaranteed.

19 Overrated: GTA

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Everyone knows that this series has taken the world by storm. And a lot of those fools in the world don't realize that this game was originally a top-down, bird's eye view type game. And that it started on a handheld.

This is a fun game but it in no way is a substitute for the games that have been released since then in the series. For it to be attached to the series of greatness is the very reason that the game here is overrated.

18 Second Look: Final Fantasy 1 And 2: Dawn Of Souls

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This game is an absolute awesome diamond gem ruby. It has a remastered version of the first game in the series alongside the previously unreleased second game in the series. That one was only released in Japan.

It's a solid game too. It differs greatly from the first game and has a pretty cool storyline. Of course, the remastered version makes it seem way cooler than the original, but that one is for the Japanese to deal with.

17 Overrated: Metal Gear Solid

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Once again we have a game that comes from a fantastic series and probably deserves all sorts of accolades and praise. But putting Solid Snake onto a mobile game might even be seen as disrespect.

There are certain characters who hold a certain level of awesome that keeps them in the primetime. On consoles. Really, any game that's on console is the equivalent to a wide released film. Whereas handheld is direct-to-DVD.

16 Second Look: Tetris

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Not to be gross, but everyone in the world brings their cell phones into the bathroom with them when they plan on being in there for an extended period of time. There is a reason for that. Time management.

But one of the best ways you can maximize your time efficiently is by bringing this game into the bathroom with you. Time will fly by and you'll get better and better to the point where you're hanging out in the bathroom all the time because that's where Tetris is.

15 Overrated: Simpsons Road Rage

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Games like this on the mobile or handheld scape are simply a money grab. They aren't very well made but they don't have to be. They are attached to a name that pushes them into the market with a consumer base that already exists.

While any video game can be fun if you're incredibly bored, some just aren't worth your precious free time. Not that this is a terrible game or anything, it just wouldn't get the light of day if it wasn't filled with Homer and Bart.

14 Second Look: Golden Sun

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Awesome series. We're all sad that it never kept going. But that's the curse of mobile games. They aren't for everyone. And with a game that is only released on the handheld system isn't going to attract millions.

The other issue is that it's not the type of game that will sell systems either. Not like Ash and his buddy Pikachu. So basically, the game could be amazing but it's just not reaching the masses. Though it should. We want more.

13 Overrated: Cartoon Network Speedway

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This was a game that had the potential to be another Mario Kart but of course, it will never take away the mantle greatest cartoon based racing war game. No chance. That is why this game is overrated.

Many games have tried to copy the racing game formula that Mario and friends had cooked up years ago. But nothing has ever come close. And nothing ever will. All other racing battle games are simply imitations.

12 Second Look: Mario Golf

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This game was fantastic. It really did a great job incorporating Mario and his cast of friends with gold and RPG elements that made the game extremely unique and fun. It didn't get told either and had great replay value.

It was almost nothing like a Mario game at all and almost entirely an RPG golf game that happened to have Nintendo characters in it. It was almost like a company developed a great game and realized they needed a juggernaut to spearhead it.

11 Overrated: Robocop

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This is a game of the classic shoot'em up style with the brand name attached to it to get games sold and possibly bolster up a slightly forgotten film franchise. It didn't work. No one cares about Robocop.

At best Robocop is a weak version of Megaman without any of the cuteness and all the 80s nostalgia that peters out with every year a reboot is made. It's another cash grab and is not a game you'll save for your children to play.

10 Second Look: Link To The Past

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This is a game that locked many people into an already great series. But this game was the game that showed that this series can rise with the times and continue to make fantastic stories from a single formula.

Saying it that way may seem crude. But this game on the Game Boy with advanced graphics made the story and experience fun again for a younger audience. This is a game that deserves respect on any platform released.

9 Overrated: Gremlins

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Most games based off movies are never done correctly. At the same time, most movies based on video games are also equally awful and not done correctly. We're not sure why this happens, but it does, and probably will continue to do so.

But don't stop trying. Just because a game involving Gremlins is not the best selling piece out there doesn't mean that one day the movie and game worlds will not crossover successfully.

8 Second Look: Kirby Squeak Squad

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Kirby is the kind of guy who likes to chill and eat cake. But when a bunch of mice or rats come out of literally nowhere and steal it from him, guess what you got. You've got a great game based on a ridiculous premise.

But don't be upset. John Wick took down an entire criminal organization because they ended his puppy's life. It's a ridiculous premise, but wouldn't you do the same if someone did wrong to your puppy or stole your cake?

7 Overrated: Turok 2

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Turok is a character with a pretty awesome name attached to a decent game franchise that never really made it into the new millennium. Back in the day, everyone wanted to roll around as Turok getting dinos left and right.

But these games sort of fizzled out. Not because of the Game Boy releases, but because other games were just better. There's no real way to know what games are going to be amazing until you spend a billion dollars developing them.

6 Second Look: Metroid Zero Mission

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The remake of the original game in the series starring Samus Aran in her famous first mission in space. Samus is a household name, though most people call her Metroid just like most people call Link Zelda.

But all of that is irrelevant when it comes to this game. The Game Boy Advance was one of the coolest systems for two reasons. It was basically a mobile SNES and it had all the games of the great series on there. This one included.

5 Overrated: Power Rangers Time Force

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If anyone else in the world wanted to be a Power Ranger when they were younger, it wasn't because of this game. It couldn't have been. But if you thought that you could maybe get a glimpse of that power by owning it then, more power to you.

But like most of the overrated games on this list, it's a money grab for a franchise that's nowhere near as relevant as they think it is. Either that or at the height of its popularity, it spread itself to thin with games like this.

4 Second Look: Pocket Bomberman

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So many people doubt how great Bomberman really is. He's a Bomber. Man. He deals exclusively with weapons and fire and metal. This is a dude with nerves of steel. What most people don't get are his skills.

They deserve respect. Where do all of you think that Bomberman gets his weapons? He makes them. And not like, earlier in the day. He makes them on the spot in a millisecond and drops them for the fools. That's mastery.

3 Overrated: Mario Pinball Land

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This game sort of makes no sense when you think about it. With all of the sports games that Mario takes part in, as well as his other extracurricular activities. Pinball does not seem the fit.

See, while Mario is out looking for things to fill his time when he's not cleaning toilets or saving Peach, he might make some bad decisions. Deciding to roll himself up into a ball and get shot around a machine is one of those.

2 Second Look: Final Fantasy Tactics

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This is a game series that deserves to be shouted from the mountaintops. Sort of like these silly characters is doing in the picture above. This is a game sort of like Advance Wars but with individual characters and a fantasy setting.

It started with a game on the PS1 and trickled out into a few more handheld games until eventually no one was making another one. And sad as it was, left these great games sitting on shelves for only true believer to enjoy.

1 Overrated: Sonic Advance 2

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Everyone likes Sonic. He's blue, he's got great hair, and he's friends with mutant foxes. Everyone loves a guy who moves fast and helps out the less fortunate. But the problem is that Sonic lost the battle many years ago. To Mario.

So where there are multiple people out there who think that Sonic is great and still buy his games, they are simply in denial that collecting golden rings and running fast make up an actual game fifty times in a row.

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