Game Informer Staff Hit By Layoffs

At least seven senior writers were laid off from Game Informer today with no prior warning. The legacy magazine, which once seemed to be an unshakable pillar of the gaming community, has apparently become a casualty of parent company GameStop's financial struggles. UPDATE: GameStop also laid off over 100 other employees at various corporate levels, according to Kotaku.

The news broke on Twitter when several writers revealed that they had all been laid off today, much to their surprise and dismay. All 6 of these writers were either senior or associate editors at the magazine and prominent figures on the popular Game Informer Show podcast.

Earlier this month, GameStop laid off 50 employees in leadership positions in an effort to cut cost and keep their heads above water. GameStop shares have continued to drop, and many are speculating whether the company will survive. The Game Informer layoffs look to be another cost cutting measure by the company.

Fans of the GI Show will recognize the names of the Game Informer staff that lost their positions today. Imran Kahn, Kyle Hilliard, Suriel Vasquez, Javy Gwaltney, Elise Favis, Jeff Marchiafava, and Matt Bertz have all confirmed to have been laid off. Editor-in-chief Andy McNamara has not commented explicitly on the lay offs yet, only tweeting out a solemn "..." in response.

What this means for Game Informer and especially the GI show is unknown, these seven editors represent some of the top talent and most influential voices in the industry and their presence at Game Informer will most certainly be missed. If anyone is interested in joining our team, please reach out to Kayla.R@Valnetinc.com. We at TheGamer appreciate your work and would be proud to have any of you on our team.

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