Game Of Thrones Is Getting In On The Custom Xbox Hype

With the conclusion to the hit series Game of Thrones swiftly approaching on May 19, Xbox has created a unique contest giveaway, offering five fans the opportunity to obtain one of two custom consoles that any fan of the show would love.

The consoles chosen are the all-new Xbox One S All-Edition that launched only days ago, and each looks outstanding in their design and detail. Representing Hour Targaryen is a deep red coloring all around with dragon scales and house sigil. The second console is has an icy, light-blue decor representing Night King.

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Both versions are up for grabs by entering through social media.  There are two ways to enter, each for one of the distinct consoles. For the House Targaryen console, fans have until May 22 to re-tweet the initial post, which you can find below, and adding the hashtags #GamerThrones and #Sweepstakes.  You can enter for the Night King console by liking the reveal post on Facebook.

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Xbox did not end there however, teasing yet another Game of Thrones surprise, with more information coming next week. As if these consoles were not enough, Microsoft is also holding their own sweepstakes where four people could win a custom XboX One X, stylized on the upcoming film Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Similar to the Game of Thrones contest, follow this tweet and its instructions to enter.

Despite the creative looking consoles made for each of the giveaways, there are no actually game releases for either Game of Thrones or Godzilla to accompany them. It would not be surprising however if there were games in the works for both franchises, both because there have not been any well-made, large-scale projects for either, but also because the fan base is certainly available, and the popularity of each is at an all time high. Still, if the point is to create a marketing buzz for the consoles, then they have succeed.

For those fans unfamiliar with the new Xbox One S All-Edition, it is the most recent release by the company that aims to bring a disc-less experience to its users. The first versions of the console have come pre-loaded with Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3, and Sea of Thieves. Some players may wish to stick to the traditional console for the value they receive in having a Blu Ray player and the ability to buy and play used games, but time will tell how successful the new initiative is towards digital purchases only.

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