20 Game Of Thrones Memes That Show It Makes No Sense

Game Of Thrones is nearing its final season, while the series has been successful. There are elements of the show that makes no sense.

Game of Thrones is one of those rare fantasy shows that delivers high quality content and compelling storytelling. It's fair to attribute some recent mainstream attention for fantasy productions thanks largely in part to Game of Thrones as it has become the gold standard in which all shows must now judge itself against. The Books are based off George R.R Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, and although the show has chosen to take some deviations from the books it has tried to stay true to the overall story and characters in the Game of Thrones universe. Game of Thrones creators D.B. Weiss and David Benioff have had to take certain liberties, especially in the later seasons when the show eclipsed the books in terms of content. Writer George R.R Martin is still working on The Winds of Winter and plans to release A Dream of Spring as the final book to the series. Game of Thrones is on it's last season, which is set to premier in 2019, and since the season will be based off a book that hasn't been written, yet Game of Thrones will have to rely heavily on information the author has provided to the show.

Game of Thrones isn't perfect and as good as the show is it still has its faults. Throughout the years Game of Thrones has come into its own, but it also has done a number of things that has confused hardcore fans and casual watchers alike. Here is your list of 20 Game of Throne Memes That Show The Show Makes No Sense.

20 Maester Aemon Was The Only Person to Pass Away Of Old Age

Game of Thrones is a brutal show and sometimes you're not sure how people will really leave. Some characters drop off the literal map, some burn away (too soon?) and yes only Maestor Aemon is the only person to perish of old age. Maester Aemon was the Maester at Castle Black and previously one of Lord Commander Joer Mormont's closest advisers in the Nights Watch. Aemon develops a similar bond with Jon Snow, and unbeknownst to either of them they're related. Aemon was born Aemon Targayen and is Daenerys's father's brother, which makes him her uncle. That also makes him Jon Snow's great uncle.

It's hard to believe that every character in Game of Thrones has a violent end to their life. It's a messed-up world, but there are periods of stability and we feel like it would be a bit more honest if not every character's time on Game of Thrones ended in a blaze of glory or faded away, leaving audiences guessing what happened to a specific character. All we were hoping for is that when characters are at the end of their life on Game of Thrones that some can go peacefully.

19 Samwell Can Do What Others Can't By Reading A Book


During Samwell Tarly's time at The Citadel, where he is training to be a Maester, he meets Jorah Mormont who is afflicted with Greyscale. Greyscale is a highly contagious and often fatal skin disease. Those with Greyscale are exiled to decrepit cities in Essos, such as Old Valyria. There is only two cases of people surviving and making a full recovery, and that is Stannis Baratheon's daughter Shireen and Jorah Mormont. Sam is able to perform a procedure based on a book he found and completely cures Jorah of his affliction. When asked how he did, Sam answers that he read a book and followed the instructions. This simplistic answer makes us wonder why everyone else in the Game of Thrones universe is incapable of picking up a book and learning important information.

The Citadel is the headquarters of the Maesters, whose job it is to advise the lords of the seven kingdoms on matters of science, medicine, and history. The Citadel's headquarters is located in Oldtown, the second largest city in the seven kingdoms. They're learned folk and are important members of any house. The thing that doesn't make sense is that for all the Maesters in Westeros, there's only one who isn't asleep at the wheel and that's Samwell Tarly. If we wanted to get real technical, he isn't even a Maester yet!

18 Bran Loses His Personality


In the beginning of Game of Thrones, Brandon Stark, or Bran for short, is a character that is extremely interesting. He's a Stark boy who gets thrown out a tower, after witnessing a discrete interaction between two Lannister family members. Bran loses the ability to use his legs, but gains the ability to warg into other creatures and people. This power gives him back his mobility, in a way as he can transform into his dire-wolf or a bird and experience flight.

Bran seems to be stuck with a 404 error. Poor thing. 

During the show, Bran meets and is trained by the former Three Eyed Raven, who is a powerful human who has the ability to magically travel back in time. Bran uses this gift to learn about the history of his family and helps him uncover the truth about his half-brother Jon Snow, who is really his cousin. This transition takes its toll on Bran, who no longer refers to himself as Brandon Stark or sees himself as a Stark. Instead, Bran now sees himself as The Three Eyed Raven whose purpose it is to help fight in the battle between Westeros and The White Walkers. In this transition, Bran loses his personality and acts like an emotionless android. The only difference between Brandon Stark and Data from Stark Trek The Next Generation, is that at least Data has some endearing qualities. Audiences understand the character is evolving, but the actor could have "evolved" without deleting his personality.

17 When Everyone Calls Daenerys Khaleesi


Okay, we get it. Daenerys is Khalessi, and Khaleesi is Daenerys. But, Khaleesi is a Dothraki title and it only really makes sense when the Dothraki call her by it. It's like calling someone lord or lady, instead of addressing them by their name. The term Khaleesi means, "the wife of the khal" and since there is no khal, at least not alive, then the term is a bit useless. The amount of times Daenerys is referred to as Khaleesi in Game of Thrones has become redundant and for casual watchers it can be confusing calling the same character multiple names.

Daenerys's full title is a bit of a mouthful. It's "Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons." Speaking of continuity errors, in the books when Daenerys burns herself to birth her dragons and again to free herself from being a Dothraki prisoner, she burns away all her hair. Daenerys's skin might be fireproof, but her hair isn't. This is only a minor technicality and not worth getting its own heading. But, the lack of hair burning and actress Emilia Clarke’s eyebrow colour being much darker than what Daenery’s hair colour,  is enough to throw fans off. Clarke is a brunette in real life,  her hair and eyebrows don’t match her hair colour when she is playing Daenerys. This makes it a bit difficult to believe the character has silvery white locks.

16 Actors Can Be Inconsistent


Game of Thrones is known for hiring highly talented actors and actresses. The depth of talent is deep, but for a show of this calibre you wonder how several actors and actresses manage to get through screening and onto the show. You would think the show has a far better vetting process to ensure that character flops don't happen, especially when they're introducing them into the show mid or late series. Fans don't have time to deal with poor acting and awful monologues. Each show only has so much time. Every minute wasted on a useless character, is one less minute we get to watch characters we actually care about.

One of the biggest flops was replacing Daario Naharis in season 4. Although the new actor wasn't awful, he just wasn't a believable Daario. We weren't thrilled that Daario looks nothing like he does in the books and that Tyroshi culture and dress was ignored, because Game of Thrones thought his appearance would make him a less believable character. In the books, Daario's beard is blue and his moustache is gold. Maybe they were right or maybe they were wrong. But what is less up for debate is whether the Sand Snakes were a worth, while addition to Game of Thrones. They weren't.

All three acting performances by the Sand Snakes degraded the quality of the show and episodes they were in. At least Michael Huisman's performance as Daario Naharis was more disappointing, than rage inducing. Keisha Castle-Hughe's delivering the, "I am Obara Sand" monologue will go down as one of the worst monologues on prime-time television. Even Indira Varma's performance as Ellaria Sand was made worse, due to the writing and acting of her fictional daughters in Game of Thrones.

15 Characters Fade Away and Are Never Heard From or Seen Again


We couldn't agree more Shireen. Characters come into the Game of Thrones orbit and leave as quickly as they entered, but sometimes the show doesn't even do us the courtesy of ending them. People don't always stick around and we understand that the cast is so large that it would be impossible to keep tabs on what everyone is doing, though we assume Hot Pie is still making some sweet hot pies. The show has a bad track record of introducing us to characters only to have them fade away into nothingness. One character that comes to mind is the character Quaithe, who Daenerys comes into contact with in season two while she is in the city of Qarth. You probably know the character as the veiled woman who provides cryptic help to both Jorah Mormont and Daenerys.

Notice me, Senpai. Notice me. 

The back story of Quaithe is that she is a shadowbinder from Assai and possesses magical powers of clairvoyance and prophecy. The character had a ton of subtext and we felt like Game of Thrones was leading up to something with introducing her. Instead, she appeared and then later never re-appeared again. In the books, she appears to Daenerys in a dream and is used as a sort of guiding light. But in the show, she was a one-off lost opportunity.

14 Kit Harrington's Facial Expressions As Jon Snow


You know nothing Jon Snow. This seems true when it comes to actor Kit Harrington giving the appropriate emotional response as Jon Snow. Jon Snow sad is the same as Jon Snow excited. His emotional responses are deadpan and we're not sure how the actor feels at times. If we could use one word to describe Jon Snow's face, it's morose. Sure, the character does have a lot of a reasons to be sullen. Most of his family are gone, horrible things have happened to him, including being betrayed by the Nights Watch only to be brought back to life by Melisandre. If anyone has had a rough life, it's Jon Snow.

One of the great complexities to the character is that throughout the show Jon Snow has multiple opportunities to betray his family, but never takes them. His uncle Ned Stark, which Jon believes to be his father, refused to play the Game of Thrones and for that it cost him his head. Jon is also not willing to lie and cheat, and he has mostly been rewarded for that. There is a strong argument that Ned Stark was in the belly of the beast in King's Landing and should have lied and cheated out of necessity. On the other hand, Jon has spent most of his time in the North where people are less reluctant to accept cheaters and liars for very long.

13 Constant Episode Leaks


This is probably HBO's fault more than Game of Thrones, but we've still decided to include it on our list. Game of Thrones is massively popular television show and leaks are huge news. It is also a huge annoyances to individuals who use any form of social media. Trying to avoid spoilers, even from close friends and families can be really tough. Game of Thrones has had multiple leaks, and some of them aren't even due to hackers. One of the big leaks was in season 5, when the first four episodes were distributed to critics and leaked online. The worst part about this leak is that the episode quality was awful, not to mention they were genuinely bad episodes. Fans who did download the content illegally got to watch sub-par content and made it so they went four weeks, before the show caught up to where the leaks ended.

It's not always hackers who cause the leaks. In the case of season seven, episode six it was released prematurely on HBO Nordic and HBO Spain's streaming services by HBO. People recorded the leaked episodes and put them up online. Within minutes people had access to the episode, well before it was intended to air on television. HBO, of course, blamed a third party vendor for the leak, but this one was completely on them.

12 Rickon Stark's Character Was Pointless


Rickon Stark is taken north by Osha, a free-folk woman who is indebted to the Stark family. Not much is known about Rickon, for most of the series once Osha and Rickon head north. A few seasons go by and eventually Rickon re-appears as Smalljon Umber's prisoner. House Umber is a former vassal and ally to the Stark's, but turncoats on the Stark's and makes an alliance with Ramsay Bolton, the former temporary lord of Winterfell. At the battle between Bolton and John Snow, Rickon is forced to run across an open field to his half-brother Jon. Unfortunately, Rickon never makes it and the battle commences. The Stark children play a large role in the books and shows, and it would have made total sense to give the character more context and screen time. Audiences saw very little of the character and thus had little attachment to Ned Stark's youngest son. His name and family did make audiences feel concerned for his whereabouts, but no deep level of attachment ever occurred between most fans and Rickon.

Zig-zag Rickon, zig-zag! Why would you run in a straight line!

Aside from being used as a sacrificial lamb, the character did very little to the overall show and plot. Bringing the character back presented immense possibilities, as he could have joined forces with his brothers and sisters to fight the impending White Walker and Wight invasion. You wasted our time with this character Game of Thrones.

11 Inconsistent Glamouring


During season four Mellisandre, a red priestess who is over 400 years old and in service to Stannis Baratheon, has a bath and removes her ruby necklace. Nothing happens, but later when she does this she reverts into a frail old lady. The necklace she wears is capable of glamouring people to make her appear different than she actually looks.

This lack of continuity has led some fans to theorize that during the scene when Mellisandre takes off her ruby necklace for the first time, in the presence of Stannis Baratheon's wife Selyse Baratheon she is capable of seeing Mellisandre's real appearance. Some people have theorized this, because Selyse looks uncomfortable around Mellisandre. This would make sense, except audiences should have also been able to see her as an old woman. These theories don't really hold a lot of weight and it seems like Game of Thrones fandom is trying to make excuses for an obvious continuity issue that occurred. It's probably best to boil this mishap down to being a mistake, instead of finding reasons why the show did this on purpose. Even if the theories are true, the show never explains it or addresses it. Mellisandre is still alive and there's one season left, so maybe there's more to this.

10 The Scene With Robin Arryn Wasn't Necessary


In an earlier episode, fans watch Lysa Tully, Catelyn Stark's sister, breastfeeding her eleven-year-old son Robin Arryn. It made her look crazy and weird, but the scene was uncomfortable and Lysa Tully already comes across as eccentric in previous episodes. Watching an 11-year-old boy be breastfed by his mother didn't do anything to further the plot. We felt like this was another attempt for the show to create a scenario that is seen as taboo. The show is known for weaving in plots and characters who do what most societies see as being undesirable or unacceptable, but this scene was a bit over the top. It's hard to say you have a line in Game of Thrones for things you'll watch, but we think having an eleven-year-old boy pretend to be breastfed by a grown woman might be a little too much for us.

Apparently, the family of the actor who plays Robin Arryn agreed to let him do this.  He didn't make physical contact with Lysa Tully as the show used a prosthetic. Breastfeeding is beautiful and natural and we wouldn't try to claim otherwise. But, this scene admittedly was timid compared to some of the violent scenes we have seen on Game of Thrones. Still, we felt like this scene wasn't worth filming.

9 Ed Sheeran's Cameo


This one we will never understand. Shows usually give famous actors or entertainers a cameo on their shows as a way to boost ratings. Game of Thrones is one of the most popular shows in the world, so much so that it has been related to increasing HBO GO subscriptions and has been the most illegally downloaded show for six years running! Game of Thrones has a strong fan base and we would like to think this fan base is one of the most diverse, which makes giving Ed Sheeran or any musician a cameo pointless and unnecessary. The point of having Ed Sheeran on the show was to showcase his musical talents for thirty seconds, which was fine. We're not Sheeran haters, we just felt like using a more unknown or less recognizable musician would have been more appropriate.

Ed, I think you walked onto the wrong set buddy. 

The internet has shown a lot of hate towards Sheeran's performance. We don't think he did an awful job given his lines were minimal and he mostly just creeped on Arya the entire time. We don't hate his acting performance, we just hate the fact he was cast. The show has previously cast other musicians like Will Champion from Coldplay and Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol, and their performances weren't distracting and overall improved the episodes they were in. Maybe Sheeran's celebrity got the best of him on this one.

8 Introducing Interesting Characters Only To End Them Off


Ending characters is fine and it's to be expected in a big production like Game of Thrones, but honestly Game of Thrones ends characters so quickly that we kind of wonder why any of them got any screen time in the first place. For example, the character of Karsi as a wildling warrior who appears in the popular episode Hardhome. In the episode,  Jon Snow is trying to rescue as many free-folk as possible, before the white walkers descend on their encampment. The episode does a great job of introducing a new character and then, surprisingly, Karsi doesn't make it out of Hardhome alive.

The case can be made that through someone's demise,  it furthers a characters development or the plot. But often we just think the fatal end of a characters is pretty random in Game of Thrones. Maybe we're wrong on this one and writer George R.R Martin is onto something about someones passing, as humans we always seek to find purpose and meaning behind it. The truth is, people pass on and we all have to deal with it. That being said, firstly, this is television and not real life, and secondly stop toying with my heart strings George.

7 Giving The Sand Snakes Screen Time


Every show has a low point, and in Game of Thrones it has three. The three Sand Snakes, who are cast as Oberyn Martell's daughters play minor, but significant roles in Game of Thrones. A combination of bad acting and poor writing led to awful characters. If the writing and acting was bad, you probably also remember how bad their fight scenes were. Oberyn's fight scene with The Mountain is one of the best in Game of Thrones and the Sand Snakes fight scenes are some of the worst.

The thing that made fans angry is that the Sand Snakes were obviously a wasted story line and much needed screen time was given to actresses, that no one really wanted to watch. It was like watching Daenerys walk around Esso's for the first few seasons of Game of Thrones, when there was clearly much more interesting plots and stories going on in Westeros. At least with Daenerys the amount of screen time made sense, as she is obviously one of the major characters of the show and there was an entire backstory that needed to take place to get the show to where it is now. Still, the amount of episodes and time that was allotted to her story wasn't completely justified.

6 Khal Drogo's Unfortunate Booboo

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Drogo is a chieftan of the Dothraki khalasar, who is often referred to by his title followed by his name. Khal Drogo is a fierce warrior and leader, who succumbs to an infection after fighting one of his lieutenants who disobeys the Khal's wishes. Mago accuses Drogo of following orders of a foreign woman, aka Daenerys and cuts the Khal during the beginning of their fight. Infections are real and Game of Thrones is set in a time when there is no antibiotics and there isn't widespread sanitation.

Even the most fearsome warriors must fall. Even if it's because he didn't have a band-aid. 

All that being said, it's Khal Drogo! He's one of the strongest and best fighters as he has never been defeated before. In the Game of Thrones universe, people did use alcohol and other naturopathic medicines to clean infected wounds. Drogo's infection likely turned to sepsis and he was unable to fight it off, but similar characters have had far worse cuts and managed to live. In the book, the healer applies an appropriate poultice to treat the wound, but the Khal removes it and covers the wound in mud. This most likely made the infection worse and leading to his demise. Drogo perishing because he's stubborn makes a lot more sense, than Drogo meeting his fatal end because he couldn't get basic treatment. In the show, it was less clear on why or how the infection got to so bad, before the healer tried to purposefully end him. The show did an awful job of giving his demise context and should have looked towards the book to fill in the plot.

5 Khal Drogo Melting Gold Faster Than Humanly Possible


In one of the more emotional scenes, Daenerys's brother Viserys threatens a pregnant Daenerys. Viserys demands that Khal Drogo keep good on his promise to give him his crown he was promised, in exchnage for betrothing his sister to the Dothraki leader. Drogo agrees to give Viserys his "golden crown" which comes in the form of dumping scorching hot gold over Viserys head.

This scene was important to the plot as it proved that Viserys isn't a dragon, since fire cannot end dragons. In order to get molten gold, Drogo empties a pot with stew in it and throws some golden belt buckles in the pot. A few seconds later the gold is completely melted and Drogo proceeds to pour it over Viserys's head. To melt gold, you'd need a fire blazing at around 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, not some pot that was being used to cook your dinner in. The scene was great and we loved Viserys getting his crown of gold, but the logistics of how he got it didn't make sense. We were hoping the show would have done a better job with this one.

4 Some Characters Have Teleporters


In Game of Thrones, the show follows the story line of multiple characters who constantly come into contact with one another. Game of Thrones lacks the luxury of having an unlimited amount of time to show a person's journey from one place to the next. For example, movement is slow and getting from the North to the South or getting from Essos to Westeros takes a long time. The show, therefore, had to take some liberties to speed up one characters movement over another, so both would intersect in a place during an episode. At the same time, all this movement meant that travel for characters was disproportionately distributed between them. Some characters could pop up in places without much backstory of how or why they got there and fans just had to accept that as a reality.

Pacing is critical as it not only determines what events happen, but at what speed they occur. It's impossible to assume that a show can have consistent pacing throughout, but when Game of Thrones had several episodes in a row with lots of action the pacing got messed up. Character's movement seemed unrealistic and hard to keep track of. Pacing is an art, and no one is perfect. But too often Game of Thrones threw viewers through a loop, asking themselves why a character was somewhere and how they got there in the first place. The show is guilty of abusing viewers willingness to excuse fast travel as a means of creating interesting interactions with characters. This abuse increased predominately in season 7 as the show reduced the number of episodes from 10 to 7.

3 Oberyn Not Wearing a Helmet


One of the most interesting characters in Game of Thrones was Oberyn Martell. He is a prince of Dorne and a skilled fighter. His preferred weapon is the spear that he dips in poison to subdue his enemies. After Oberyn's arrival in King's Landing, he ends up sitting as one of three judges on Tyrion's case for the assassination of King Joffrey.

Safety first kids! Especially when you're fighting a guy two times your size. 

Tyrion is found guilty and demands a trial by combat. Tyrion figures he's screwed as Cersei names her champion Ser Gregor Clegane, also known as The Mountain. Oberyn visits Tyrion in his cell and Tyrion tells Oberyn that if he wants justice he has "come to the wrong place", but Oberyn disagrees stating that he has "come to the perfect place." Oberyn tells Tyrion he will be his champion as he intends to fight Ser Gregor Clegane for disgracing his sister and their family, when the Mad King was slain during Robert's Rebellion. During the battle with The Mountain, Oberyn decides to wear light armor, have a few drinks and decides not to wear a helmet. All decisions contributed to his demise, but none more so than not wearing a helmet. Also, does Oberyn not know how to double tap?

2 The Three Mountains


In Game of Thrones, the character Ser Gregor Clegane, commonly known as just The Mountain given his large size, is played by three different actors. Some fans might have noticed how different the character appears based on what season they're watching. The Mountain doesn't play a major role in any of the seasons, but he does have some key lines and action scenes throughout. Changing the actor so many times is noticeable and, unfortunately, with each change the role got worse.

Game of Thrones got their first casting choice right with Conan Stevenes, who played the character in Season 1. In Season 2, actor Ian Welsh took on the role and was not a very convincing Clegane. Since Season 4, the show has cast Icelandic strongman Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson as The Mountain. Even though Björnsson has the physical characteristics needed to play the character, he has easily been the least convincing Mountain. Most memes have referred to him as Buddy Bear, instead of The Mountain given the actor looks like a giant teddy bear. It also doesn't help that The Mountain is Sandor Clegane's older brother, and he looks absolutely nothing like the Hound.

1 1000 Ships of Fail


The Iron Islands is a desolate place, there's not much there in the way of natural resources. Pyke is the castle and island where House Greyjoy live, and it is one of the seven islands that make up the Iron Islands. During Euron Greyjoy's baptism to become King of the Iron Islands, Theon and Yara, his niece and nephew, sneak off with the islands best ships. In response to this loss, Euron tells his people to cut down every tree on the islands in order to build a fleet of 1000 ships and he will give them the world. There's one problem with what Euron says, there are no trees on the Iron Islands.

Iron Islanders are reavers that pay the iron price for almost everything they own. One could easily assume that Euron meant for the Islanders to go to the mainland and setup operations in the North and begin sending ships back to the Iron Islands. This is likely what happened, but he doesn't say this and Game of Thrones doesn't even give viewers some b-roll footage of Euron's people building the ships. The ships just show up and he has a massive fleet. Without much build-up, Euron becomes a major power in Game of Thrones. The show failed to show how he built such a massive fleet in such a short amount of time without the lack of resources needed.

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