GameCube: The 10 Best-Selling Games Of All Time

While the Nintendo GameCube didn’t share the same wow-factor that the Wii claimed after it—or the N64 scored before it—this iconic square console still has plenty of incredible games. In fact, 32 GameCube titles have sold over a million copies, and adding it all together, over 200 million game units have been sold for the system overall.

While everyone has their own favorite title, it's time to let the numbers speak for themselves. Here are the best-selling GameCube video games of all time.

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10 Mario Party 4

The fourth installment of Mario Party was also the first to appear on the GameCube. The minigame-stocked title featured six new themed game boards and eight playable characters.

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While critics of the game found its transitions to be a little slow-paced, the updated graphics and improved multiplayer mode made it some players’ favorite in the series to be released on the GameCube. After all, three more games in the franchise were released on the console after it.

Mario Party 4 ultimately sold over two million copies.

9 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

The sequel to Paper Mario for the N64 found its home on the GameCube in 2004. This role-playing game featuring a drawn-style Mario was praised for a compelling storyline, creative gameplay, and clever mechanics.

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The game was later given its own sequel on the Wii: Super Paper Mario. That being said, hardcore fans of the series still oftentimes sight this one as their favorite.

This paper adventure absolutely tore it up by selling over two million copies.

8 Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

This Sonic series game was a rerelease of Sonic Adventure 2, which first appeared on the Sega Dreamcast system. The original game featured two interlinking good-vs-evil storylines that the player got to join in on. The updated version expanded the adventure with new multiplayer options, upgraded abilities, and special characters. It also brought an additional 21 tw0-player battle maps to the scene.

While some believed the revamp was not extensive enough, the game still sold over 2.5 million copies.

7 Metroid Prime

The fifth installment in the Metroid series once again saw Samus Aran battling her way through a shiny sci-fi world. The varied environments, special effects, and level design all garnered praise from critics. That being said, the kind of clunky controls knocked off a few points.

The first-person adventure was re-released for the Wii as part of a Metroid trilogy disc. The compilation later became available via the Wii U’s Nintendo eShop.

Metroid Prime blasted off with over 2.5 million copies sold.

6 Animal Crossing

The inaugural Animal Crossing game showed up on the GameCube in 2001. The open-ended gameplay allowed players to move to a village filled with friendly animal neighbors and slowly build up their lives as the town's newest resident.

Like later titles in the series, the game synced up with a real-time clock and let players experience seasons and holidays.

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The game also featured several hidden, fully playable NES games that players could store in their homes. Over three million friendly copies of Animal Crossing have been sold.

5 Luigi’s Mansion

Boo! It’s the scary Mario series game starring his brother!

Luigi's Mansion is the second ever game to feature the green plumber after Mario Is Missing! as the main character. This time, Luigi is sent on a quest through a haunted mansion to find Mario while facing ghosts along the way.

While the game’s graphics, design, and original gameplay were praised, it was criticized for having a short length. That being said, its legacy lives on.

A third installment in the Luigi Mansion series is scheduled to be released on the Nintendo Switch later this year. The original sold over 3.5 million copies.

4 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

The most-sold Zelda for the GameCube had Link journeying through a group of islands in order to save his sister from Ganon. Players loved the fresh visuals, enchanting storyline, and unique gameplay.

Wind Waker featured a cartoon-style design, but because it sold less than its predecessor (Ocarina of Time) Nintendo chose to style its successor (Twilight Princess) in a more realistic style. This also originated the character of “Toon Link.”

The game was later remastered for the Wii U in 2013. It sold over 4.5 million copies on the GameCube.

3 Super Mario Sunshine

This tropical follow-up to Super Mario 64 took place on an island filled with portals to different worlds. Mario navigated the levels in search of Princess Peach alongside his buddy F.L.U.D.D., who was essentially the coolest water jetpack device in the world. He let Mario shoot up in the air, aim at enemies, and power through oceans using mega water power.

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The game was praised for being full of gorgeous environments, catchy music, and never-ending puzzles.

The title splashed its way into the third-most-sold place with over six million copies released.

2 Mario Kart: Double Dash

Start your engines! This fast-paced addition to the Mario Kart series let players race as two characters at once. The graphics got an upgrade, karts became customizable, and courses were filled with unreal amounts of adventure.

Characters were also, for the first time ever, given special character-specific power-ups. Yoshi could roll his egg, Baby Mario could go wild on the back of a Chain Chomp, and Donkey Kong could through giant banana peels at other racers.

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The game sold around seven million copies, clinging to the second-most-sold GameCube game title.

1 Super Smash Bros. Melee

This edition of Super Smash Bros. was packed with so much electrifying action, it became the most sold GameCube game ever. While the first title in the series only included 12 playable characters and a handful of stages, Melee gave players 25 characters, 29 stages, and an epic soundtrack. Gameplay was additionally praised for being fast-paced and competitive.

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The classic fight title was given sequels on the Wii, Nintendo 3Ds, Wii U, and Nintendo Switch. It fought its way to first-place with over seven million copies sold.

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