Gamer Girl Bathwater Entrepreneur Belle Delphine Has Been Reported And Banned On Instagram

Belle Delphine, known for selling her own bathwater, has now been banned from Instagram for unknown reasons.

Belle Delphine, the popular 19-year-old cosplayer who recently bottled and sold her bathwater, has now been banned from Instagram for breach of their community guidelines. The report appears to have been made on July 17th, and Instagram moved quickly as a result of the claim.

Now if users look for her profile, they will receive a message that simply reads, “We have taken belle.delphine’s account down. Thanks for reporting this account. We’ve removed it from Instagram because it violated out Community Guidelines.” Right now, it is unclear if the account is be banned permanently or if this is a temporary suspension for an indeterminate period of time.

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Via: Youtube.com (HollywoodLife)

Delphine, who has, or had depending on the nature of the suspension, 4.5 million followers on Instagram is known for her cosplaying and always-on persona of a “gamer girl”. Apart from Instagram, Delphine also has over 4,000 active subscribers on Patreon. The majority of her time and streams focus on her playing a variety of games while cosplaying, often adding a strange vibe to everything by featuring a dead octopus on her lap.

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What is curious about the closing of the Instagram account is that if one were to examine the material present on Delphine’s profile, there is no nudity to speak of. Perhaps the outfits were simply too risqué over a long enough period to attract the attention of the moderation team, but that in itself makes little sense as there are thousands of other Instagram accounts of men and women showing off their bodies in cosplay or swimsuits.

This means that there may likely have been something more that we are not aware of, or the suspension was made to hastily and will likely be reversed.

Delphine was most recently in the news when she posted her used bath water on her store page, bottled and sold at $30 each. These sold out quickly, prompting many to notice the ridiculousness of the situation.

If the Instagram account is not reinstated, Delphine is likely to migrate over to another social media platform, of which there are many. She still maintains her Twitter and YouTube channel without any issues, and the PornHub account she jokingly created as well.

Reactions to the closing of the Instagram account have been varied, with some people saying it was overdue, and others saying there was nothing wrong with the behavior. Wherever one stands on the topic, this is sure to attract more attention to Delphine, and that might be a win for her in the long run.

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