20 Hilarious Gamer Girl Comics Even Gamer Guys Will Think Are Funny

There are more gamers today then there have ever been. So the type of person gaming is becoming harder and harder to categorize each generation. What exactly is a gamer? That answer is not as easily found due to everyone having their own personal opinion. Some say playing one type of game doesn't make you a gamer, or you need at least an above average knowledge of the games you like.

But, by far the biggest can of worms to open regarding gaming is the identity of the girl gamer. In the past, way more males played games than females, and while they still have a majority, does that mean ladies are any less gamers? There are many of us that would love to see more girl gamers included in our common passion.

Remember, we are all gamers! So to bring us together, we have twenty comics about gamer girls that you can enjoy regardless of your gender. Some of these comics poke fun at the assumed and outdated gender roles we sometimes still see in society, and it is the responsibility of this generation to stamp those out! Girl gamers can be just as dedicated as gamer guys, and in some cases, even more intense than gamer guys.

So sit back, grab your controller and gear up for some of the best gamer girl comics the internet has to offer!

20 Seeing Life As A Game

via knowyourmeme.com

We're gonna start with a comic we're sure both guys and girl gamers can agree on. If you have played The Sims, you no doubt have had a moment where the tasks you want to complete that day order themselves at the top of your vision. Or if you get hurt you may think of your health bar as being lower. Just don't try to punch down a tree.

Games can teach us many things, and developers are getting better and better at making games feel real.

So as we go to work the next day our tasks, our quests need a hero willing to step up and save the day! Maybe even something as small as a puzzle to solve, creativity is super helpful. Just don't see your boss as a level boss to be defeated or you might not be able to afford your next game.

19 Sometimes Things Are Alright

via deviantart.com (Via starringmeandyou)

If you play just about any video game online, you will have come across a girl gamer at some point. Sadly we all have seen how intense the online gaming community can be, not just to females, but especially to them. But the opposite can be true as well: a girl gamer can join a game and no one treats her any different. No harassment; score!

One day, it won't be of note that a girl is secretly a gamer.

Until then, sometimes you can still find decent people. Everyone wants to do well in an online game, so a certain amount of boasting or frustration is understandable, but when you make things personal, you have crossed a line.

Art by starringmeandyou.

18 Real Gamer Girls Calling Out The Fake Ones

via jagodibuja.com

There is a sad truth to the pressures of this world to look a certain way; a reality that we will not be going into. The argument rages online all the time about people pretending to know more than they do about... well, basically any topic. If you like a game, you should learn more about it.

However, never assume they are not smart enough to learn, no matter what.

In all honesty, there is no need to make this a gender topic, because a lot of people do things on assumption rather than on knowledge. But, there is always a bigger fan out there, ready to tear your argument apart.

Comic by Jago.

17 Diluted Expectations

via knowyourmeme.com

No matter how you look at it, prejudice is not only something that holds you back; it holds back all of us. There are negative stereotypes for gamers as a whole that are entirely unflattering to anyone. So what does a gamer look like?

We are supposed to be unfit, unattractive and wear glasses right?

Well, we are as diverse as any other group because you do not have to be a certain type of person to be a gamer. On top of that, looks have very little to do with what kind of person you are and so the logic continues down that path until the prejudice doesn't make any sense at all. When all you hear is a voice, it is hard to not imagine what that person may look like... but does it have to be one extreme or the other?

16 Sometimes We Would Rather Game

via feedram.club

I think we have all been there. If a game is good, you just do not want to put it down (we are looking at you, Witcher 3). So what do you do if your friends want to go out? It is a hard choice, isn't it? Well, as long as you do not become a shut-in, there is nothing wrong with ditching friends for gaming from time to time.

As long as you don't make it a habit to never leave the house. 

As humans, we need to get out a little for some sunlight and companionship or else we might get a little crazy. For some more extreme examples, we all know someone who has called into work so they can play a new game that has come out. Be smart when you do something like this though, bills do not wait, so use your paid time off instead.

Artist unknown.

15 Just As Competitive As The Boys

via deviantart.com (via Octavariumguy)

If you have ever played a game with a gamer who is very competitive, you will know how brutal the competition can be. And if you have ever played a game online... you know exactly what we mean.

Your pride and glory are on the line!

Then you look at a leaderboard and remember just where you stand among the ocean of players. In my experience, when there is a female gamer who is not only competitive but also very good at a game, she can trash talk and win with the best of them. If not even better. Gamer gals lay down the law, and us guys might have to step up our game if we want to be on their level.

Art by Octavariumguy.

14 Gamer Guys Try Too Hard

via memecenter.com

Fellas, first off, Xbox Live is not a dating website. Secondly, maybe ease into a relationship a little slower. Even if you think you are being "nice", it might be best to avoid these kinds of reaches. We can all assume that he was most likely turned down due to him most likely being one in a million messages trying to be flirty.

At least this isn't the worst pick-up line we have ever seen. But, not the best either.

There have been relationships started through video games but you can bet that they started with a little more subtlety than this. Really, don't even try it. Who knows what happened after this though...

13 Getting Swarmed

via memecenter.com (Via nedesem)

There is no doubt that if a gamer girl wants to play without incident, all she needs to do is not reveal herself to those she is playing games with. For better and worse, this attention is going to come in droves and you never know what kind of reaction you are going to get.

For some, this can be amusing but for others it can be very upsetting. 

For all gamers in the community, it can be uncomfortable to see this unfold either way. All girl gamers have experienced the darker side of the community, and it only makes it worse for others. It is at best cringey and at worse just offensive, depending on how far things are being taken. So don't feed the trolls and just ignore or mute them, for everyone's well-being.

Comic by Nedesem.

12 Having To Be "Social"

via madnerd.com (via N.A.G)

We all have friends that coax us into going out with them for a night out on the town. For some of us, this is not so bad, but a wild party is only so fun. We can not stay shut in our homes forever but once at the party or club we just wished we stayed home.

If you worry about such a situation, then just bring a game with you.

Or have something on your phone to play. Just hide out and wait for the party to be over and claim you had a good time. On the other hand, you could make the best of the party and be social. The choice is up to you, just be mindful of any friends who actually wanna hang out with you!

C0mic by N.A.G.

11 Play As Whoever You Want

via i09.com (Cory Doctorow)

Girl gamers, as any other gamers, should be empowered to play as their own gender if they wish. As mentioned before, however, sometimes the choice between being a fully-armored knight male character and a skimpy dressed female character can drive many girl gamers to play as males. This backs some gamers into a corner with this choice, and it should be addressed.

Shouldn't you be able to play as whoever you want?

There should be no judgment passed on this decision either way, but sadly, with all the spam you might get from others due to having a female character... the logic becomes circular. We can only hope to slowly adjust our community to be more accepting and less toxic as a whole.

Art by Cory Doctorow.

10 Sometimes We All Think Alike


Gamers sometimes think differently about things we see, because of the games we play. Popular games in which we have played a lot as a community leaves many of us with similar experiences. In this case, what gamer is not afraid of the "dreaded blue shell"?

Someone always hangs onto one of these and ruins your chances of victory.

For Mario Kart, if you have one of these and are in second place, a well-timed shell can guarantee a first place spot. For her to feel that her skill has caused a persecution complex from other players is a little extreme, but understandable. The better you do in the race, the greater the disappointment when the racer behind you causes you to finish second, or worse.

Comic by Jago.

9 Games Vs Real Life

via jagodibuja.com

There is certainly a little bit of danger in doing nothing but gaming, though many of us have let it get the best of us. Who hasn't decided to play one more round, or to do one more level to realize that two or three hours slipped by unnoticed?

As younger gamers grow up and get more responsibility, we must learn to not let our games get in the way of our jobs, family or in this case, our pet fish. It is hard sometimes, isn't it? But as we mature we find a way to squeeze as much gaming into our lives without overdoing it. Staying up until 4 am then working at 8 am is totally worth it... until the alarm clock goes off.

8 Prepare To Be Misunderstood

via gamergirlpinups.com (Via Trisha Williams)

Often, our love for a certain game or genre can blind us to what other people's passions can be. If you go to any conventions, you cannot help but look at some of the people dressing up as your favorite characters and maybe even judge them. Other times, people do not understand what you are going for at all.

Sometimes people could have nailed what they dressed as, but only true fans would know. That is the magic of cosplay, you can have a good time and if people know who you are, it only adds to the pride you feel in the costume. Especially if the game or character is not widely known. Though no matter what you may dress up as, it is very unlikely that someone would actually tell you how poorly you did.

Art by Trisha Williams.

7 Just Treat Them Like Gamers

via ffffffffuuuuuuuuu.memetripper.com

So dealing with rude people online is one thing, but if you give a gamer girl a hard time for what game she buys, she might just kick it up a notch. Once again, there is no way to look at someone and be able to tell what they might like or what they are good at.

There is this really outdated misconception that girl gamers only like cute games or games that require more thinking then skill. Examples people use are Animal Crossing or Pokémon since they require less hand-eye coordination.  

Gamers just want to enjoy their hobby, so why stand in their way? Some gamers seem to not understand that this is another fan of something you like, how is that a bad thing?

6 Looking Past The Fakers

via me.me.com

Do not get us wrong there are fakers of all types out there looking for attention, however, that does not make every girl gamer a fake. It has become such a problem from both ends that it is starting to becoming annoying. Often these types of pictures have some glaring issues like the model not looking at the screen, being overly dressed up, or even not dressed at all.

Sure this gets attention, but this stereotype really gives off a bad impression.

Not to say there are not attractive people that play games, but rarely do you come home to find them playing games in lingerie. Sweatpants and a t-shirt is probably much more likely. But once again, who knows?

Maybe that is just their thing, especially if they stream on Twitch.

5 When You Finally Meet That Special Nerd

via deviantart.com (Via ebbewaxin)

Having a significant other who you love and loves you back is a big deal. For most people, getting involved with someone can be the biggest decision in their life. This is no exception for us gamers. In a world where it is fairly common to give up looking for a partner in life, there are many of us that struggle to find that other person.

But, when you do and they are a gamer as well, what more could you ask for? We understand each other like no one else can. My fiancée and I do not always like the same games, but I can understand her passion for what she likes and the same goes for me.

So never give up, they are out there! But you won't find them without searching.

4 Just Play The Game!

vi deviantart.com (Via Alindraws)

What is really funny about this is we get no indication that this Mercy is actually a female player. The other players just assume she is a gamer girl. This is another example of assumptions made by the male gamer community about their own player base. It is much more tame than things we have seen in the actual game, and being excited about gals playing the same game as you is one thing.

But remember, over-reacting over a female gamer is another thing.

Guys, relax! You see women every day and do not treat them like this, so why do it in the games you play? Plus, having a good Mercy is exciting enough, let be honest. So don't give her an excuse to not heal you!

3 Syncing... Sync Completed

via deviantart.com (DrRiptide)

There are times when other gamers really show their knowledge of games to an expert level. This has absolutely nothing to do with the gender of the gamer and everything to do with their passions. Some of us know all there is to know about certain games, even having read books made about them or being really into the stories. This is what separates diehard fans of games from casual gamers.

When someone's gaming opinions are the exact same as yours, it's totally normal to feel a connection.

When you nerd out at the same things as another gamer, you become friends with them. Be friendly and people will be receptive! And obviously, do not just start with "marry me" if you think you like someone.

Come on.

Art by Dr Riptide.

2 A Small Misconception

via jagodibuja.com

Have you ever felt a little disconnected as a gamer? You use word and phrases that most people won't understand or take the wrong way. If you have ever said things like this in front of someone, who then began to look at you funny you will know what we mean. Before now we have never heard of this being the cause of some unwanted attention quite in this way but, I bet it has happened.

When we meet people we like to test them and see if they like what we like, often there are mixed results.

Especially right now, as slang is changing with the new generation and gaming culture is being accepted as something that is cool. I mean people do say cool still... right?

Comic by Jago.

1 Character Creation Problems

via deviantart.com (Via IreneMartini)

If you are a gamer you know the "male fantasy" meme by now. Well, that argument does have legs to stand on when it comes to certain games' representation of women. Games are an art and you should have artistic freedom to make your game however you like, but, a lack of practicality in armor can and should be criticized.

How is an iron top supposed to protect anything?

Well, perhaps you should have the option of being scantily clad or actually seem like you remembered to dress that day. Regardless, this can be very off-putting to some of us and especially to the gals in our community. The character you make should be an extension of yourself and your creativity so the more options the better, but not forcing us to be something we are not.

Art by Irene Martini.

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