30 Gamer Girl Vs. Gamer Guy Memes That Are Hilariously True

Let's get ready to rumble! In one corner, we find the mystical gamer girl, a type of player that many guys adamantly believe does not truly exist. The phrase "fake gamer girl" gets thrown around a lot, especially on YouTube and Twitch, but is there any truth to these claims? Well, the best answer is no. Gamer is a neutral term, and someone's gender does not impact whether they can hold a controller or play a game. Describing someone as a gamer girl tends to have negative connotations, as the term generally pops up to put down an internet celebrity who plies their trade by streaming games. "Girl" is added as a qualifier, as they have yet to earn the right to simply be called a gamer.

As the years roll by, the industry is striving to be more inclusive and, for the most part, things have improved. On the other hand, toxicity might be at an all-time high. In 2017, six of the ten best selling games are primarily recognized for their multiplayer component. The same can be said for Steam, as players largely flock to team-based or competitive titles. It has never been easier for complete strangers to interact within a virtual setting, meaning that most have experienced the toxic side of the industry. In general, girls get the worst of it.

Time to scour the internet's cesspool to find examples of this seemingly never-ending conflict. Here are 30 Gamer Girl Vs. Gamer Guy memes that are hilariously true.

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30 Please Just Leave...

Via lolsnaps.com

There are not many things that a gamer would be unwilling to do, but holding a disc by anything other than their edges is a recipe for disaster. Seriously, those three games cost a combined total of $180 to purchase; so, please, try to take better care of them. Normal wear-and-tear is already enough to render certain games unplayable, but there are ways to ensure they last as long as possible. News flash, but scratching the surface is not one of them. For the original post, why ask for permission? Raising awareness is always a positive, but it might be more effective if it was not framed as a question.

Gamers came in all shapes and sizes - deal with it!

As long as they hold the disc properly.

29 Double Standards

Via cautionpassiveaggression.tumblr.com

Is this really true? Yes, there is definitely a certain mystique around female gamers, but it tends to stem from an unrealistic place. There are many popular and successful YouTube male personalities who are completely obsessed with gaming, anime, and other niche mediums. Referring exclusively to online circles, as long as they are perceived as genuine, both guys and girls seem to be largely accepted. When it comes to social circles, it depends on the gamer's friends. A girl might feel like an outcast if the majority of her peers do not enjoy gaming.

People are complicated.

The picture assumes that every guy is a gamer and would love a partner who enjoys the medium. What if a dude prefers going out to clubs or sports games? Suddenly, a girl gamer is not so big of a catch.

28 Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Via jokideo.com

Possibly. Humans are social creatures who, occasionally, form bonds to try and fight off the crippling loneliness that is life; so, the attractive girl gamer might have a boyfriend. Heck, she could be married or prefers the company of girls. On the other hand, she might be single but unwilling to reply to dozens of messages sent by random strangers. Besides being in a relationship, there are more than enough perfectly good reasons to reject someone's unwanted advances. When in an acceptable setting, gamer guys should definitely try to approach someone they find attractive or interesting. It just needs to be at an appropriate moment. Rejection might be soul-crushing, especially in person, but it is worth the risk.

27 A Glitch In The Matrix

Via 9gag.com

By this point, Morpheus has lost most of his original gravitas and mystique. Admittedly, The Matrix sequels did a good job of that on their own; still, memes have not helped. Ignoring that it renders this entire article obsolete, the meme's message is right on the money.

Morpheus' glasses do not lie.

While the medium had its ups and downs, gaming has always been a rather mainstream hobby. Prior to the internet, it was an experience largely kept to someone's closest circle. With the creation of YouTube and Twitch, the medium expanded from our bedrooms to the entire world. Suddenly, everyone and their grandmother might be a gamer. Games cost tons of money to make; so, the more people willing to buy them, the better. We are one. We are legion.

26 Thinking Ahead

Via 9gag.com

Good point. On the other hand, technology is advancing at an incredibly quick pace; in twenty years time, who knows what gaming will look like? In the last couple of years, virtual reality went from fiction to fact and Nintendo launched a successful console that bridged the gap between console and handheld gaming. In just the last year, Microsoft released the most powerful console of the generation and confirmed that all of their games will be released on their Game Pass service. Gaming is not a static medium; so, a parent who used to be a gamer might feel completely lost. At the very least, they should be able to understand that gaming is a great way for their child to spend their free-time.

25 Lost In Translation

Via Jagodibuja.com

Yeah, this type of misunderstanding is unlikely to happen in the real world. For one, why would anyone describe this event as a geek party? Surely, costume or cosplay party are the more commonly used terms? Also, there is a literal disco ball! The majority of gamer guys would probably realize that a party at a nightclub is far from an ideal setting to play Dungeons & Dragons.

Come on, give us some credit.

Jago Dibuja is an entertaining comic writer who tends to focus on nerd culture. Quite a few of his comics center around gamers trying (and failing) to interact with the outside world. The author has a cool visual style and, for those with a couple of hours to spare, we recommend checking out his website.

24 Is There Anybody Out There?

Via pinterest.com

Wait, is that really true? Is the meme implying that people prefer to spend their time engaging in activities they enjoy? Following this insane logic, a gamer seems more likely to stay at home playing on their PC than visiting the local disco. Obviously, this holds true for guys. Searching "gamer girl" on whisper.sh results in hundreds of guys desperately pleading for one to drop into their laps. Unfortunately, life does not work that way. While gaming is the greatest thing ever, meeting people usually requires some effort and social interactions. During the year, most cities carry out events dedicated to gaming or similar industries; so, maybe, it is time to head out into the wild outdoors.

23 Better Than A Ring

Via 9gag.com

This meme speaks the truth. Finding someone willing to take on a supportive role can be extremely challenging. The rewards are just nowhere near as immediate and enticing. Sure, healing is important, but glory can only be found at the edge of a sword.

Fine, Mercy is pretty cool.

Sarcasm aside, the meme might be onto something. Even when playing multiplayer titles, gaming is generally a solitary hobby. For some people, it is their moment to unwind and relax. Demonstrating a willingness to share this experience with their significant other is genuinely a great sign. The gamer is practically saying they want to spend all of their time with their partner. On the flip side, there is nothing wrong with a couple doing their own thing.

22 We Want What They Are Playing

Via theoatmeal.com

If this comic strip speaks the truth, we need to start playing a lot more Call of Duty. Give us empty gratitudes over vile toxicity any day of the week. Nobody comes off looking good in this satirical meme. At best, the girl is depicted as a bumbling idiot who has no idea how to play a game; or, at worst, someone so desperate for attention that she purposely makes mistakes. Either way, she comes off looking pretty bad. The guys do not fare much better, but the comments are way too nice. Obviously, these type of situations do happen; but, even in the friendliest of teams, there is bound to be someone who replies with a "why are you not in the kitchen?" Without that icing on the cake, this picture is nothing more than a sweet fantasy.

21 Teamwork

Via knowyourmeme.com

Time to come clean - this meme was just too adorable to not include in the list. The young gamer refuses to accept defeat and, for those unlucky enough to be on her team, mistakes will result in a vicious punishment. Since teams tend to consist of more than two players, reality can often be a lot worse. A fun little match of Rocket League suddenly turns into a screaming contest between multiple people, while the rest of the players mute their chat and wonder whether they should pick up Monster Hunter: World.

Thanks, but we prefer to hunt dragons on our own.

There is nothing worse than an angry gamer. Actually, there are many things worse; but, it is still really annoying. Just take a deep breath and calm down.

20 NERD!

Via knowyourmeme.com

Alongside the girl eating the controller's wire meme, this background helped shape the image of a "gamer girl." KnowYourMeme loves this girl. Admittedly, the whole concept does come across as rather fake. The internet provides means for members of a subculture to share their passion with similar-minded individuals. Geekdom was not always celebrated or mainstream. For the longest time, "nerd" referred to children and teenagers ostracized by their peers. It was not a term of endearment. Thankfully, things have improved, but most have not forgotten the days when they were lambasted for liking video games. Suddenly, society changed the rules and the cool kids jumped on the nerd-culture train. For those who remember the dark ages, this new trend can seem like a slap in the face.

19 True Love (Part Two)

Via pinterest.com

Okay - THAT is an impressive collection of Xbox 360 games. As true gamers, our natural instinct was the check what made it into that massive stack. Unfortunately, the image does not hold up to closer inspection, although we managed to make out a few entries like F.E.A.R, StarCraft, Far Cry 2, and Borderlands. With well over a hundred games, it is safe to assume that most of the big releases are included. Is it a good enough reason to date someone?


Obviously, a relationship requires more than an outdated console and a two-year supply of games; but, finding a common interest is a crucial step. Who needs clubs or restaurants when L.A. Noire teleports 1947 Los Angeles to your living room?

18 Grass Is Greener...

Via me.me

Congratulations, you have won at life. Slight nitpick, but the first couple seems to be significantly older than the gamers. Just to be clear, gaming is great for all ages; but, as the years go by, expectations for a date start to change. Suddenly, spending Saturday night playing Uncharted might seem less fulfilling than going out to a restaurant, especially if the girl (or guy) is not that interested in the medium. For the first picture, the guy seems to be in the wrong. His girlfriend clearly does not enjoy gaming; therefore, when they are together, they should try to find an activity suited to both of their needs. For certain couples, that activity could very well be gaming. Flexibility is a positive personality trait.

17 A High-Fibre Diet

Via pinterest.com

With a couple of memes stitched together, this image is close to a comedy masterpiece. It escalates at an ideal pace, resulting in the perfect final punchline. The guy dinning on his Wii console just steals the show. Way to go that extra mile! The opening picture played a part in cultivating the negative stigma surrounding "gamer girls," as she made it impossible to actually take her seriously.

Hunger turns people into memes.

To be completely fair, the girl's headphones seem pretty sweet. Despite being rather old, this meme refuses to disappear. Yes, it is an obvious attempt to get people's attention, but gaining an audience usually requires more than just silently streaming games. If that was the case, we would spend our time gaming rather than watching a complete stranger. For a while, this meme was everywhere...

16 Pulling Back The Curtain

Via flygirlgamers.wordpress.com

Assuming someone plays without a mic, people will automatically assume they are playing against their stereotypical image of a gamer. This shortcut might be amplified in certain genres like sports games or MMOs. With the exception of team-based games requiring constant communication between the different members, most multiplayer matches barely last fifteen minutes and tend to require zero dialogue between the opposing parties. Who cares what the other player looks like? Our focus is on winning and nothing else!

Having fun comes at a distant second.

Amazingly, once the girl's identity is revealed, the gender suddenly goes from meaning nothing to being the only thing that matters. At least, it is a flattering stereotype...

15 Striving For Superficiality

Via whisper.sh

Just to be clear, receiving a random message from a total stranger is not endearing? Who would have thought it? (Yes, sarcasm). A common interest is a great way to start a relationship, but it cannot be the only thing. Due to tags and cartoonish profile pictures, we usually do not even know the other player's real name or age. What if the twenty-year-old guy just declared his interest to a twelve-year-old girl? With online dating and apps like Tinder, nobody is really going to turn to Dota 2 or Fornite to meet their respective other. There are simply easier and more direct ways to interact with potential suitors. Importantly, these alternatives are designed for dating and relationships; so, receiving a message is unlikely to annoy someone.

14 True Love (Part Three)

Via 9gag.com

Here is some advice that should be engrained in all our hearts. Pausing a game is practically a declaration of love. If they happen to be playing an MMO and STILL decide to answer your text right away, then it is time to buy a ring. There is simply nothing more they can do to demonstrate how they feel.

Everything has been laid bare.

The reply to the first piece of advice is perfect. Ignoring the gamer angle, our behavior is more important than someone else's. Unless you are a mind-reader, it is impossible to know exactly what is going through someone's head. Relationships are a two-way street and require full-commitment from both parties. The point of the meme is that girls are gamers too, but we enjoy reading between the lines.

13 Caught In The Act

Via memecenter.com

She might not be an avid gamer, but the girl knows her pop-culture. A reference to They Live! and Duke Nukem? Now, that is impressive. Again, this meme definitely holds some truth, but the Typical "gamer girl" title is misleading. Overgeneralization is a common problem, especially in meme culture, and this is a prime example. To give the creator some credit, they might be referring to streamers who identify as "gamer girls" but seem to not know anything about the actual platform. Gaming is a huge medium, consisting of countless of different subsections and genres; therefore, it is completely possible that a gamer has never touched a Nintendo console.

12 Far From Your Stereotypical Guy

Via memecenter.com

Oh, cool, Family Guy's Brian figured out how to use a controller. Good for him. Incredibly, the dude trying desperately to come across as genuine and one-of-a-kind ended up delivering one of the most stereotypical messages out there.


If nothing else, the guy is honest. Right out of the gate, he admits that he is only given her the time of day due to her (presumed) gender. First things first, that is hardly a great reason to add someone and might turn off quite a few people. Afterall, nobody enjoys being objectified. The "kitchen" line is pretty pathetic too. There is nothing progressive or unique about a man who is willing or able to look after himself.

11 Hey, I Just Met You And This Is Crazy...

Via me.me

As gamers, we have no time for games! Just skip all the "getting to know" each other nonsense and get right down to business. What about compatibility? No problem! Afterall, we both like playing video games.

Girl, it is written in the stars.

Despicable Me's Agnes is a weird choice for the meme. As a character, she is an absolute delight and far less annoying than the minions; but, in this context, the picture does not make a lick of sense. Is the five-year-old child the one asking the gamer girl out? Or, is she the gamer girl? Either way, it paints an unsettling picture that needs to be quickly scrubbed from our minds. Okay, we might be overthinking this one.

10 First World Problems? No, Gamer Girl Problems

Via viralviralvideos.com

As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. This gut-wrenchingly funny meme paints gamer guys in a less than flattering color, as the group tries to impress their female companion by drowning her in ammo. To their credit, they did wait until they actually interacted in the game to make their move; although, things escalated pretty quickly from there. Considering the sheer quantity of ammo, the girl seems to have caught the attention of her teammates and enemies, as there is no way all her admirers were from the same unit. If nothing else, the girl gamer found a diplomatic and peaceful way to end the conflict. Her mere presence was enough to cause a temporary ceasefire. That is pretty impressive.

9 The Invisible (Wo)Man

Via ifunny.mobi

Oh, looks like someone recently stumbled onto whisper.sh. For every comment by an actual girl gamer, there are five guys asking whether they actually exist.

They must be somewhere!

To be fair, meeting people who share a similar passion can be difficult, even when talking about something as popular as gaming. Games like Overwatch and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds might have more players than they know what to do with, but that is not the same thing as actually meeting a gamer in person. With the exception of conventions, which can be expensive to extend, it is not always easy to find like-minded individuals. Despite the dozens of multiplayer games and forums, gaming can be a lonely pastime.

8 True Love (Part One)

Via pinterest.com

Ladies and gentlemen! After years of scouring through obscure magazines and sites, we have finally found the male equivalent of Cosmopolitan. Here is step one in figuring out whether she is the right woman for you. While a sense of humor would be nice, there is no beating a capable gamer. Honestly, this was almost solid advice, but the meme stopped a second too soon. Rather than the guy realizing that his girlfriend is a keeper due to her skills in Call of Duty, she can learn a lot about her boyfriend by the way he reacts to the loss. If he congratulates you for beating him in Call of Duty, then keep him. If the loss is followed by a hissy fit and a thrown controller, then it might be time to move on.

7 The Truth Will (Not) Set You Free

Via thefuuuucomics.tumblr.com

Once the cat is out of the bag, there is no going back. Unless completely necessary, certain information should not be divulged on the internet. While playing a game, someone's age and gender are irrelevant and should be left out of the public sphere. Memes came in many shapes and sizes, but this comic-style subcategory tends to deliver the funniest gags. Rather than delivering a straightforward punchline, they tell a story. The author paints a crystal-clear picture of the gamer girl's suffering, as she goes from being one of the guys to instantly being defined by an irrelevant aspect of her identity. From that point on, she is seen as a gamer girl rather than simply a gamer. Her inbox must have been flooded with declarations of love and proposals.

6 Acceptance

Via linksaveszelda.com

Posting this meme without a link to the absolutely fantastic accompanying article would be a disservice to Ms. Flatley, the author of Fake” Gamer/Nerd Girls and Why Geek Girl Shaming Needs To Stop. While it was written more than a couple of years ago, most of the criticism apply today. The general idea is that painting a single image of gamer girl is dangerous, small-minded, and idiotic. Why is an attractive girl who happens to play games automatically considered fake? Oh, they are just doing it to make money?


It takes dedication and hard work to create a YouTube channel, build a fanbase, and earn money. Putting aside the gender debate, the same criticism can be leveled at people that love to blast gamers who only play Call Of Duty or The Sims.

5 Back With A Vengeance

Via gamingrules.tumblr.com

While the sentiment is great and worth noting, the background image slightly undermines the overall message. At least, the girl's diet seems to have improved. Gaming Rules is a fun blog packed with these type of memes, most of which can be found on other sites. The author also posts cool bits of trivia and news articles, but the last post occurred over a year ago.

The rules are set in stone.

The meme really said everything that needs to be said. Unfortunately, this simple advice must be repeated time and time again. Why would anyone try to hook up with someone they just met in a video game? Besides their gender and hobby, they know nothing about this person. Heck, the former might be a lie.

4 It's What We Do

Via pinterest.com

As pop-culture never stands still; nowadays, quite a lot of the '90s looks really outdated and cheesy. While certain things are better left forgotten, a few shows and characters stand the test of time. Armed with a huge mallet and a picture of her puddin', Harley Quinn sits right at the very top. Joker's deranged sidekick is an MVP of the cosplay scene and ranks among the most popular characters in Batman's extensive roster. Margot Robbie's live-action version was heavy on the fanservice, but the actress' energetic performance was a highlight of her respective film. While the meme is funny, Harley Quinn has not shown much interest in the gaming culture and, besides being a violent criminal, suffers from a fair few mental health issues. Hardly the best candidate for a role model.

3 Just One Of The Gang

Via cheshirecatstudios.com

LaughingMan's CheshireCatStudios provides an artistic outlet for creators looking to produce satirical or journalistic videos related to the entertainment industry. If anyone is interested in reaching out to like-minded individuals, their forum is worth considering. As there are a lot of contributors, the site's content tends to cover a wide-range of topics, including gaming. In a mere four panels, Inverted-Mind-Inc's comic strip manages to capture one of the biggest downsides of being a female gamer. More than 40% of gamers are women, a stat that has remained consistent for the last decade. Despite the statistics, people are bemused whenever they stumble upon one of these mystical beings and try to fit them into a preconceived stereotype.

2 Girl Gamer Logic

Via memecenter.com

Added four years ago, this meme is titled Girl Gamer Logic. For some odd reason, we doubt only girls are capable of acting like sore losers. Anyone who has younger (or older) siblings with a short fuse and terrible hand-eye coordination might remember occasionally throwing them a bone to keep the peace. Losing has nothing to do with someone's gender. The meme's comments echo that belief, although a couple of replies mention that, at least, the girl in the picture is not eating the controllers.

WOW - try not to set the bar TOO high.

A competitive environment is bound to lead to toxicity and angry outbursts. In the heat of the moment, most of us have said things we regret. Trying to paint one gender as being unreasonable is, frankly, a lie.

1 Reopening Old Wounds

Via knowyourmeme.com

Anyone remember Gamergate? Does any gamer fail to recall the recent controversy that turned the industry on its head? Frankly, this is not the time or place to discuss such a sensitive issue; also, by this point, there is nothing new to say. Anyway, the meme captures the claustrophobic and tense atmosphere that pervaded the tail end of 2014. It paints gamers as belonging to two opposing sides, splitting the teams up by gender. This should go without saying, but that is not actually the case. There is no consensus, just a small minority who take every opportunity to make their voices heard. Suddenly, it seems like their views are held by everyone; when, in reality, people who could care-less are unlikely to spend hours out of their day spreading their opinion on forums.

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