10 Games To Play If You Like Left 4 Dead 2

Despite the game being a decade old, Left for Dead 2 remains one of the best multiplayer games to date. Having a team of four people work together to take on hordes of zombies through fun and interesting levels proved to be a recipe for success. However, there hasn't been a new game in the franchise for some time.

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Thankfully, the developers of Left for Dead are making a new game that looks to revive the genre. That said, there are still other games that try to scratch that itch left behind by Left for Dead that you can buy now. Here are 10 games to play if you like Left for Dead 2.

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Killing Floor 2 is unadulterated, zombie-slaying action. Players can join up to five other players as they mow down the undead through a few levels. There have been a few complaints that there aren't enough levels, but with gameplay so addicting and fun, that's just small pickings at this point.

Killing Floor 2 also includes a PvP mode similar to Left for Dead where 12 people will alternate between being the survivors and being the zombies (or Zed as the game calls them). With the right people at your side, this could be just the thing for those who miss the heyday of Left for Dead 2.


When a video game adaptation of World War Z was announced, some people were left a bit skeptical. Now that the game is out (the most recent entry on our list), it's actually quite good. Players will work together to take on the undead, but it's the behaviors of the enemies that will leave you astounded.

Massive hordes can appear on screen at once, more than most zombie games. The undead will form pyramids of their own bodies to climb to higher areas and get the drop on you. The best part is that this new release just costs $40 and captures the frantic feeling of living through a zombie apocalypse.


The setting of Warhammer: Vermintide 2 may not evoke memories of playing Left for Dead 2, but the gameplay certainly does. A small team of players are tasked with making their way through end-of-the-world fantasy levels. They'll be ambushed by a host of mythical creatures and demonic forces.

The five players can expand their skills and level up to achieve certain skills and fill out each other's weaknesses. The more you play, the better you'll be at tackling the onslaught of horror. There are so many obstacles to overcome and enemies to fight that the game is guaranteed to keep you busy for a while.


Deep Rock Galactic might be a space-based game, but its influences from the Left for Dead series are quite apparent. A team of up to four players will make their way through intergalactic caverns and locations. They'll be challenged by all sorts of horrifying alien creatures, which they must work together to take down.

The gimmick with Deep Rock Galactic is that the environments are procedurally generated, meaning that players will not have the same experience twice. Enhancing that aspect is the fact that the levels are fully destructible, reacting to the explosive force of player weapons and alien attacks.


Alien Swarm is another co-op game developed by Valve. While it's just as old as Left for Dead 2, it has a lot of design elements from those games that could interest people to play. Teams will choose characters with different classes and make their way through haunting levels, taking down swarms of aliens along the way.

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Those different classes ensure that players will each need to adopt a different strategy to win each level. What makes this game more fun is that it's free-to-play, meaning that players can go on Steam and download it right now. It'll also have no trouble running on most computers.


If you're looking for the Left for Dead experience, but with a different gameplay style, then Helldivers may be just what you're looking for. This is a cooperative twin-stick shooter. Players will be making their way through levels, watching each other's backs and mowing down aliens.

However, Helldivers has some mechanics that make things interesting. Friendly fire exists, meaning players will have to think twice before they start unloading into a monster. There are also enough worlds (and a nice campaign) to extend playtime for dozens of hours easily. Players will get their money's worth by purchasing this game.


Payday 2 is a game where players must work together to pull off some of the most daring heights in history. Each player will pick one of the crime members, each with their own skills and abilities. Players can then take all sorts of missions and accomplish them in however way they want.

Payday 2 is thematically very different from Left for Dead, but the roots are clearly there. Cooperation is the name of the game, and multiplayer is the core feature of the experience. What might sell it for some people is that the game has VR support, giving a greater sense of realism to all those heists.


Call of Duty Zombies began in Call of Duty: World at War. In many ways, this classic, arcade-like mode is still the best in the series. Four players will work together, defending themselves from waves of incoming zombies. They'll collect perks, special weapons, and more as they try to desperately survive against the undead.

In the PC version of the game, players can mod it to add all sorts of new maps, including expansions of pre-existing ones or entirely new maps altogether. These possibilities alone are what make this a great experience for players. There is no end to what maps players can use.


While many games like Left for Dead shake up the formula in some way, Earthfall does its best to give players the same experience they loved back in the day. Earthfall is essentially Left for Dead, but players will be taking on hordes of powerful aliens instead of zombies.

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A team of up to four has to tackle horrifying creatures as they try to save humanity from an alien invasion. With better technology, Earthfall can have some haunting moments as legions of aliens come dashing toward players. It captures the run-or-die feeling of classic Left for Dead, which is what players will want.


Strange Brigade is every bit as bizarre as its name implies, but that's precisely why it's so much fun. The game has a team of four making through way through Egypt in the 1930s. The trick is that various creatures and monsters from Egyptian myth have risen up, and the players are tasked with destroying them.

Not only will players have to tackle monsters, but they'll also have to work together to solve puzzles with varying degrees of difficulty. There's a lot of variety, and the unique allows it to make a name for itself while building on the formula established by Left for Dead.

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