10 Games To Play If You Love Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

If you're a Sekiro fan then you might want to consider giving these games a chance.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice by From Software is a game about overcoming challenges. In this action adventure game you must accomplish your goals and the goals of your master as you face more and more difficult foes. But it is exactly this challenge and the subsequent feeling of accomplishment that players revel in.

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As good as Sekiro is, it is still only one game and fans of it may be left feeling a desire for more. Thankfully there are other games that can give you that same feeling of challenge and accomplishment. Here are 10 Games To Play If You Love Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

10 Dark Souls

Another game by From Software, Dark souls is the game that everyone compares challenging games to. It has made a name for itself with its unforgiving combat and surprisingly deep world. Dark Souls did come out earlier than Sekiro and has been the game everyone seems to recommend. And it's not without good reason.

The amount of freedom that Dark Souls gives you means that you can breeze past easier enemies to try and fight some extraordinarily difficult bosses. It also means you can explore the world as you want. This stays the same for all three Dark Souls games and each of them brings something new and interesting to the world of Dark Souls.

9  The Surge

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For a more sci-fi twist, The Surge and it's sequel, The Surge 2, by Deck13 Interactive is here for all your challenging game needs. Set in a world where the majority of the enemies you face are some kind of robot or A.I., you must use an exoskeleton and a variety of weapons to survive.

Just as with other games in this genre, there's all kinds of different ways to combat your foes. In the first game you can choose the more heavy hitting exoskeleton and its combat style or a more agile exoskeleton and style. Either way you'll be blocking, dodging and learning your enemies attack patterns in order to survive and thrive.

8 Nioh

With a somewhat similar setting to Sekiro, Nioh by Team Ninja is another amazing choice. Just as with Sekiro, it's set in Japan during the Sengoku period. They both feature a large variety of enemies that are oftentimes supernatural in nature. Nioh, however, does play differently enough from Sekiro that it will feel like a fresh new experience.

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In Sekiro you're often trying to whittle down the foes posture and balance. Nioh instead revolves more around stamina and ki management. Furthermore, Nioh has a large variety of weapon and weapon stances that will be more effective against certain foes. It's a game that will not disappoint if you love Sekiro.

7 Shadow Tactics: Blades Of The Shogun

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun is a stealth based game set during the Edo period in Japan. While Shadow Tactics is not the same kind of game as Sekiro, it does share certain game play elements and similar settings. In Sekiro it's not all about directly engaging your enemies, often times it's better to take them out stealthily.

Shadow Tactics is a game all about stealth. In this real-time strategy game you command a team of assassins and must take out key targets or perform other acts of espionage. This game, developed by Mimimi Productions, is a fantastic game to play if you loved the stealthy aspects and setting of Sekiro.

6 Bloodborne

Returning to another FromSoftware game, Bloodborne has you take on the role of a hunter attempting to stop a blood-borne plague. Bloodborne returns to the more traditional action RPG roots as you get to customize your characters appearance and background. The combat itself is plenty satisfying and, while not necessarily as fast as Sekiro's can be, it's still plenty fast.

The setting is another major draw for Bloodborne. It's a very Gothic Victorian inspired world that has been dominated by all kinds of supernatural monsters. And of course, just like you'd expect from any FromSoftware game, the difficulty is plenty high. But just as with other games in the genre, you can figure out attack patterns and overcome difficult foes. This game play cycle is shared with Sekiro and is immensely satisfying.

5 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Another strong edition to the action RPG genre is Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order by Respawn Entertainment. As is evident by its title, this is set in the universe of Star Wars shortly after episode III and after many of the Jedi had been hunted down. Perhaps because of this, the game has a lot of story to explore.

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But even then, the game still gives the player freedom, to choose which planet to go to first and to explore different areas of said planets. The combat itself is solidly done and similar to Sekiro and other Souls-like games. The main addition to the combat is the addition of Jedi powers which can allow you to control your opponents to a degree.

4  For Honor

For something a little different and yet still similar, there's For Honor. This action game by Ubisoft Montreal lets you play as various historical warriors against other players. It is, admittedly, a multi-player game rather than single player but the combat is still pretty dang satisfying. Because you'll mostly be facing other players, the difficult can often vary wildly. But defeating your foes still remains very satisfying.

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There isn't much story to speak of but the graphics are still very good even now and the way you engage in combat is familiar. Just as in Sekiro, combat isn't just about bashing and slashing your foe until they're overcome, you have to choose how you engage them. Use the moves given to you well and you will be rewarded, use them poorly and you'll be defeated.

3 God Of War


The newest God of War game is another fantastic game to check out if you love Sekiro. Developed by SIE Santa Monica Studio, this game is very heavy on story building and character development. But that doesn't mean the combat can't be satisfying. While the combat isn't quite as nuanced as it is in Sekiro, there's still a lot of decisions to make. Particularly with the unique and magical weaponry you acquire.

The setting and story of God of War are where it shines. Breaking away from the one-note Kratos of the previous games where he just killed everything, now he tries to actually set a somewhat good example for his son. Furthermore, the way the different mythological figures are brought into the story feels natural.

2 Monster Hunter World

A fantastic game by Capcom, Monster Hunter World lets you do just what it says, hunt monsters. Just as in Sekiro, the combat in Monster Hunter World can be extraordinarily difficult but when you overcome it, it is very much worth it. It's common enough in both games to run up against an enemy that you just can't seem to beat. But with enough patience and persistence, and perhaps a small break, you can often overcome this wall.

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While the story in Monster Hunter World is nothing special, it does serve its purpose well enough, which is to motivate you to hunt more and more difficult monsters. The setting is also, not just beautifully done, but varied and just fun to be in. While Sekiro does have a more serious setting, there are enough similarities between them for fans of Sekiro to enjoy Monster Hunter World.

1 Onimusha: Warlords

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The Onimusha series is a bit older now but they still remain good, fun games. Developed by Capcom, these see you once again in Japan with supernatural entities all around you. You must combat these entities using the power of the Oni. Seem a little familiar? Sekiro and Onimusha share certain game play elements that are similar enough that fans of either series may want to check out the game they haven't played.

With the recent HD remaster of Onimusha: Warlords, there's no better time to try the game out and see just how invested in the series you can become. Furthermore, while the combat systems are not the same, they are still both action games. Just be aware that the Onimusha series is over ten years old and you'll find yourself enjoying it.

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