10 Games To Play If You Like RAGE 2

RAGE 2 is one of the most entertaining single-player FPS (heck, one of the most entertaining FPS, period) that's come out in the last few years. There's an incredible amount of stuff to do in the game, and a plethora of hilarious and grotesquely violent abilities and weapons to master if you're going to survive that particular post-apocalyptic wasteland.

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There's a kind of manic chaos that seems almost unique to Id software games, but if you're on the search for something with a bit of the flavor of RAGE 2, then don't fear. There are a few different games (and game series) that share some similarities with it; here's a handy list to get you started.


Let's get the other Id titles out of the way first. The Wolfenstein series is a beloved classic that's returned to form in recent years, starting with Wolfenstein: The New Order, followed by Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, and most recently, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

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All of these games have a big variety of guns to use, a wealth of Nazis to brutally kill, and a story to keep you interested while you do. Combat-wise, this is probably the game that shares the most with RAGE 2.


DOOM (2016) is a serious contender for one of the most fun single-player FPS campaigns of all time. Between the absolutely magnificent Mick Gordon soundtrack, to the utterly sublime level design, to some of the most fun and satisfying combat ever made, it's definitely a must-play for any fan of the genre.

Chaos abounds in DOOM, and lovers of RAGE are going to feel right at home once they step into the depths of Hell (and Mars).


While it may not be the prettiest-looking game on this list, Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition certainly has a firm grip on the reigns of chaos, lending itself to plenty of RAGE comparisons.

There are plenty of different cool abilities to use in order to dispatch (or dismember) your foes, not to mention a slew of weapons that vary in levels of absurdity.


The Far Cry series has been one of the most recognizable staples of the single-player FPS genre for a while now, and it's been near the top of the list for so long for a good reason: generally, they're pretty good games.

There's a ton of options in Far Cry when it comes to how you want to approach different situations, and the wide open-world lends itself to some pretty crazy moments. Ubisoft is one of the reigning champions when it comes to creating open-worlds with interesting, emergent gameplay, and the Far Cry series has that on showcase.


The Metro series is well-known for crafting a truly interesting world for the player to experience (based on novels written by Dmitry Glukhovsky), and each entry in the series seems to improve upon the last.

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The gameplay is fun, the story is engrossing, and the player gets invested in the experience. What more could you ask for?


Titanfall 2 surprised players with a truly impressive single-player campaign that had a legitimately interesting story. It would have been enough to create some fun action set-pieces that showed off the incredible gameplay systems that Respawn created for Titanfall, but they weren't looking to stop there.

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The Titanfall 2 campaign is the entire package and makes the game worth a purchase, even for players who have no interest in the multiplayer elements the game includes.


Prey was a real surprise when it released from Arkane Studios a couple of years back, and players have been enjoying the unique and insane world the developers created since. Prey has some truly revolutionary gameplay systems, including enemies and the player disguising themselves as everyday objects, a gun that fires goo that solidifies and allows players to use it as platforms (among other things), and more.

Prey has some of the most creative gameplay to ever release in a game, and it's huge fun to jump in and experience the game first-hand.


The BioShock series has cemented its place as legendary, and anyone that's somehow missed out on playing the series so far should rectify that mistake immediately.

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The BioShock world is full of some of the most memorable ideas ever to grace the screens of gaming, not to mention includes some absolutely revolutionary gameplay systems that were incredibly ahead of their time. There's a reason people talk about this series in hushed tones: it's an experience that's really unlike any other.


The Fallout series didn't start as an FPS game, but that's where the series is now. (Though, it can be played in 3rd person if that's preferred.)

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All of these games have really interesting worlds and locations, some of the most lovable characters to ever travel along with us in video games, and some really fun gameplay systems that countless other titles have swiped from. Anybody on the lookout for a fun FPS or an engrossing RPG need look no further; these games are going to keep you playing for a long time to come.


Last on this list is one of the best combo stealth/FPS/RPG games ever released: Deus Ex. The latest iteration, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, has some of the best stealth gameplay in gaming, along with a wealth of fun and interesting abilities to make use of, weapons that feel incredibly smooth, and a game-world that is sublime for any fans of the Cyberpunk aesthetic.

This game series holds many a fond memory for a lot of gamers out there, and anyone who's on the lookout for a new game-world to lose themselves in is going to have a blast with this series.

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