10 Games To Play If You Love Yakuza 0

The power struggles, the humour, and an intense storyline to go along with it. It's not hard to see why the series has such a loyal fanbase.

The wild landscape of Yakuza has stolen many hearts during its time. Probably for the fact it's incredibly hard to find a game that even feels similar to the Yakuza series. The power struggles, the humour, and an intense storyline to go along with it. It's not hard to see why the series has such a loyal fanbase.

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While the full package can be hard to find elsewhere, if you can deconstruct your favourite parts of the game then we can begin to find similarities depending on what you love about Yakuza 0.

10 Mafia II

This is a pretty obvious choice purely for the fact that you get your gangster fix with both. You'll begin by returning home from WWII and trying to make a little money. It's here that you begin working for the Falcone crime family. Making moves and climbing up the ranks with some big decisions to make.

You'll get the same heavy plot points that you find in Yakuza, you can tell by the 2 hours of cut scenes you can find in the campaign. With a mass amount of detailed vehicles and weaponry to fill up your time, it's unlikely you'll fall victim to boredom on your way up the criminal ladder.

9 L.A Noire

Another crime drama for the players to wet their whistles. Only this time it will take the player through a semi-open world format as the detective instead of the bad guy. While it might not have the Asian stylings of Yakuza, Who can say 1947 LA didn't have style?

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Being put on the other side of the law for once, players will be investigating clues and getting information out of the suspects. Only the game does like to add a little attitude to the experience, being noire and all.

8 Shenmue

Being first released in 1999, this game will take some settling into for those who have been spoiled with sleek, modern graphics. The story is where the similarities really lie, with elements of revenge and high action Shenmue elevates the drama a few notches.

In an open world environment, you have to hunt down clues as to who murdered your father. You'll be dragged through a gritty Asian underground with surprisingly modern features. Each character you see has its own schedule and path, which you can track through the day and night cycle.

7 A Way Out

Although it's mainly a co-op game, how can you leave such a great game off the list? If you're looking for intensity and drama then you've certainly come to the right place. The classic prison escape scenario where players will have to cooperate to make the great escape.

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It doesn't have quite the same tone to it as Yakuza, but it's hard to deny A Way Out's ability to draw you into the story. With so many side activities and extras, especially for two convicts on the run, the connection you make with the characters along the way is unrivaled.

6 Sleeping Dogs

Action is the name of this game.. or it should be. Sleeping Dogs puts you in the shoes of a seriously wild undercover police officer in Hong Kong. While you try to infiltrate the Triad this game gives you so much choice in what you want to do, even veering into the criminal side of things.

Every time the player commits an illegal act, the heat meter will rise. Not that it should matter seeing as gameplay is a mixture of some impressive parkour and insane fighting skills.

5 The Way Of The Samurai 4

Most games will let players have a certain amount of choice, but ultimately their fate is decided the moment they pressed start. TWOTS 4 gives over control and lets players decide what side they want to swing their sword for. Over the course of 5 days, things will get very interesting.

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Whether you fight for the anti-government rebels, the ruling government, or the trade seeking British. The choices that will be made over the conflict days determine the ronin's destiny.

4 Saints Row: The Third

One of Yakuza 0's best qualities has always been the speed in which it can take you from serious to funny. One minute you're in a gunfight, the next you're teaching wanna be's how to act cool. It's in this that Saints Row shines so brightly.

Maybe with a little more emphasis on the wacky and wild, Saints Row manages to make players chuckle while you're dead centre of a turf war. Taking on rival gangs is hard work and everyone needs a hard laugh here and there.

3 Fist Of The North Star: Lost Paradise

Players that have run through all the Yakuza games and are now left abandoned have no fear. Though the story is based on the popular manga, almost all the gameplay mechanics have been uprooted and given to Fist Of The North Star.

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Being made by Ryu Ga Gotoku certainly does help a game along when the goal is to feel like Yakuza. The same feel to the tee, and all the great side games to match. For many, this will satisfy their Yakuza craving for a short time.

2 Remember Me

Players won't be tackling a criminal organization this time but a corrupt government. The story of this game is made all the more intense by the lack of fiction. An extreme but plausible version of society years in the future in which leaders know your every move.

You can craft personalized combos from a range of move trees. Changing your play style as you progress through the game. You can also alter memories in real-time creating a precise mix of action and precision.

1 Batman: Arkham Asylum

When released, Arkham Asylum was the only Batman game to be based off the comic source material. When you're trying to thwart the Joker's plans, its pretty obvious what type of night you're in for. Trapped in Arkham Asylum, a place that Batman has put most of the inmates.

While this has more of a linear path, the game explores the wide array of gadgets at the player's disposal. The island is free to be explored but it's not exactly the Bahamas out there.

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