10 Games That Prove VR Is The Next Big Trend In Tech

VR Gaming is slowly growing more and more prevalent as more VR options are appearing and become more affordable. The VR content library is ever-expanding with games that are getting more creative and ingenious, from games that are the entire package of a normal game like Resident Evil 7 to games that take full advantage of the VR point of view and motion controllers like Gorn. Some of my favorite gaming experiences have been in VR, and sooner rather than later, VR is going to become a true force of nature in the gaming market.

Here are some of the most impressive games starting the VR trend:

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via: playstation.com

For a long time, VR games were simply VR “experiences”. While these can be fun, there isn't really anything super interesting about them, and they definitely aren't full games.

Capcom apparently felt the same way, because Resident Evil 7 can be played in its entirety in VR. Nothing about the game is made any easier; nothing is really changed at all besides your POV, your controls, and your heart rate. I don't know if I've ever been more scared in my life than I have been when playing this in VR, and I have to take frequent breaks to keep myself somewhat calm. This is truly a full-game experience and cannot be missed if you own a PSVR.


via: geforce.com

Skyrim VR and Fallout 4 VR are, again, the full game experience in VR. Unlike Resident Evil 7, they also have support for Motion/Touch Controllers, allowing for an even more immersive experience.

The very first time I played Skyrim VR, I climbed halfway up a mountain and crouched, looking down at Riverwood and the river beside it. As I rested there and looked around, I honestly teared up a little bit. These two games, especially Skyrim, mean so much to me that being in that world in VR is something like a religious experience, not to mention an incredible technical achievement. This is, in my opinion, the future of RPG games that go all-out for immersion.



SUPERHOT VR is truly unlike anything else. You play as one person against a small army of heavily armed NPCs. But, time only moves forward if you're moving. If you're standing perfectly still, time barely inches on forward. If you're dodging bullets, firing your guns and throwing shurikens (yes, there's shurikens, this game is 10/10) then time is going to move full steam ahead. From the VR perspective and with the motion controls, this game is an absolute bonkers amount of fun, forcing you to spin around dodging imminent doom while mowing everyone else down like John Wick. Depending on how intense you feel like playing, it can also be a pretty decent workout.


via: uploadvr.com

At first glance, Beat Saber looks like just another rhythm game, just in VR. And it is, really, at its core, just another rhythm game, but it takes that genre and pushes it ten years into the future. It's such a blast to play, with gameplay that can get incredibly difficult while still being super-easy to understand. If you're just looking for a chill game and some sick beats, then look no further: this game is made for you.


via: store.steampowered.com

Probably the best game as far as combat goes on this list is GORN. Not for the faint of heart, GORN is an ultra-violent, cartoony gladiator simulator where you get to utterly disembowel your enemies. GORN strives to do one thing, and it does that thing nigh-on perfectly: VR combat. A lot of games seem to struggle with VR combat in one way or another, but the developers of GORN appear to have found some kind of secret ingredient because this game just... works.

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via: vrheads.com

One of the most unique VR games I've ever seen, Star Trek Bridge Crew is exactly what it sounds like; you're a member of the Bridge Crew in the Star Trek universe. You and your friends (or NPCs) will have to work together through the game to keep your ship running throughout the missions, which, I'll admit, doesn't sound interesting until you say it's in VR. But as soon as you're in VR in this awesome environment and you turn around to see your friends looking at you in the same environment is a pretty special moment, especially for fans of the Star Trek franchise.


via: playstation.com

Another really unique game, Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes is an asymmetrical VR game, meaning one player is inside the VR headset with others being outside of it. The player in VR is faced with defusing a bomb, while the other player(s) have the bomb defusal manual, tasked with describing how to defuse the bomb to the VR player. The more that timer counts down the more your hands start shaking, and it's pretty fun to watch the player in VR slowly melt-down as they realize they aren't going to get the bomb defused in time.


via: roadtovr.com

One of the VR games on this list that gets very little attention, I Expect You To Die is one of the best VR games I've ever played. You're a secret agent tasked with doing, well, secret agent stuff. From stopping a missile from destroying a city to escaping a sinking submarine, this game has a lot of creativity and the puzzles are a blast to figure out. You're going to die, like, a lot, but each time you start again you've learned something new. Eventually, you'll be able to solve whatever situation you're trapped in with your eyes closed.

Not to mention the sweet James Bond-style intro is plenty reason to buy the game itself.


via: store.steampowered.com

The Truck Simulator games are at the highest tier of ultra-chill games. You drive a truck across country/countries to wherever it is you need to go. There you go. That's the game. And it's great.

The ultra-chillness of the game is amplified when in VR. This game is all about the journey, and that journey is so much more engrossing in VR that I don't play it any other way, anymore. Grab a steering wheel to hook up with your PC for maximum immersion.


via: store.steampowered.com

In some ways, this game is like Euro Truck Simulator in space. In other ways, it can be an intense combat game unlike many others. Elite: Dangerous strikes a really good balance between the different gameplay options present, and mostly, you're free to play the game however you choose. There is, and I mean this literally, an entire galaxy of planets, black holes, stars, pulsar stars, neutron stars, etc. to discover.

If it's a thing in space, it's in this game. And for a space geek like me, getting to see all of that in VR is honestly breathtaking.

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