10 Times in Games We Realized WE Were The Monsters

The plot of stories has changed throughout time. Long ago, it was all about man versus nature. As we settled into nature, stories became more about man versus other men. As we evolved, it became man versus technology. Today in times of uncertainty, what is most common in stories now is man versus himself.

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Video games have progressively become more story-centered, so they are also telling such tales. There are times in games where we realize that the monster is actually us. We are our own greatest enemy, as well as the world's. Here are some games where we turned out to be the monsters. Also, of course, spoilers are ahead!

10 Nier

The Nier before Nier: Automata is the lesser-known of the two, but it definitely has the same theme of tragedy. As you play it over and over, you get to see the story from different perspectives. Eventually, you can understand the language of the monsters you fight. It is then that you learn that the monsters are innocent people and most of your fights are due to a horrible misunderstanding.

Despite the player being able to hear their voices, you still have to fight them. You later learn that the monsters are the souls of the original humans and that you stole their bodies without knowing it.

9 Braid

What appears as a simple princess rescue turns out to be actually the opposite. You are not there to save her, the princess is actually trying to escape from you. The traps and obstacles you are undoing were actually in her favor.

There are many theories as to what is actually happening in this puzzle game. A popular one is that the main character actually detonated a nuclear bomb and chasing the princess is a symbol of his mind struggling to accept his actions.

8 The Last Of Us

The main goal of The Last of Us was to transport Ellie to people who can use her to create a cure for the virus that destroyed human civilization. You play as Joel, and the two form a father-daughter-like relationship.

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However once your journey ends and Joel learns that Ellie will be killed in order to get a cure, he decides he rather doom humanity and save the girl. He goes on a hospital killing spree and saves an unconscious Ellie. However Ellie is ignorant to the whole thing, and he tells her that the people instead changed their minds about her.

7 Shadow Of The Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus is a beautiful, quiet, and mysterious game. You play a man who brings a dead woman to a temple overseen by some powerful being that can bring her back to life. However, you must kill 16 colossi in the area for her to be brought back.

Once you complete the task, you learn that the powerful being is a monster. You made a contract with a demon-like creature and it takes over your body. Luckily, a priest figure manages to stop the process by turning you into a baby.

6 Bioshock

The whole "Would you kindly" twist is a defining moment of the series.

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We learn that this whole time, we have been genetically conditioned to follow any order that is said with the words, "Would you kindly." So we actually do not have free will and did not learn this until the very end.

5 Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

This RPG twist was pretty epic. You wake up with amnesia and learn about a mysterious villain, Darth Revan, who has been causing trouble in the galaxy. Their identity is kept a secret until the end, and you learn much about their influence among the Sith.

The twist is that you are Darth Revan. The Jedi had wiped your memory clean and decided to turn you into a good guy, even at the risk of you returning to the Dark Side again.

4 Spec Ops: The Line

This game has garnered a cult following for its interesting story. It had a provocative take on violence in video games. It begins as a typical shooter and slowly turns itself inward to show you that the protagonist is actually a monster that is killing innocent people. Some players found the game to have an anti-war message and others have considered that it just is showing the psychological toll war takes on soldiers.

What is most infamous as the scene that defines your badness is known as the white phosphorus part of the game. You scorch innocent civilians and you get a full brutal cutscene of what you have wrought.


OFF is a very strange game with surreal characters. You play a character known as "The Batter" and go on to "purify" the world. Well, it turns out that you are actually destroying the world. The Batter is a monster and he literally has a true form revealed at the end of the game that is monster-like.

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While it is understood you are revealed as the real bad guy, the characters and plot are pretty confusing. A lot of players have their own theories as to what in the world is actually happening. There is a lot of fourth-wall-breaking too, just to make it all the more confusing.

2 Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain's twist has been hailed as one of the worst ones in terms of stories in games. However, it still deserves a spot on this list.

You play multiple characters throughout the story. One of those characters is Detective Shelby, who seems like a rather gentle and lovable guy who is determined to catch the Origami Killer. However, we eventually learn that he is the Origami Killer.

1 Mark Of The Ninja

As you progress through this action-stealth game, you get tattoos that give you magical powers. You travel with your friend, Ora. However, you eventually find that the tattoos are driving you insane. You are constantly hallucinating. Then it turns out that your friend, Ora, is one of those hallucinations. By the end of the game, you have killed a lot of people based on these hallucinations. You also get a choice you kill Ora, and thus killing yourself, or to kill your entire clan.

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