Intellivision Amico Will Have At Least 17 Exclusive Games

The Intellivision Amico got another preview at Gamescom, this time to show the revival of old games and tease exclusives.

Intellivision made a Gamescom announcement of its own, reminding us that its upcoming Amico is still a thing. Intellivision CEO Tommy Tallarico spoke about the family-friendly device, and how he wants it to bring people of all ages and skill levels together. This came in the form of a trailer that was mostly him talking, but did feature brief glimpses of gameplay at the end. It also dropped the news that the Intellivision Amico will have 17 exclusive games.

It was around this time last year that we last reported on the Amico. Back then, Tallarico was talking about how today's consoles were designed with "only the hardcore gamer in mind." His vision, he explained, was for a console everyone could play and afford. That still holds true today. The Amico's website still lists the device as being "under $200." Games will be between $2.99 - $9.99, and Intellivision promises no DLC, microtransactions, loot boxes, or ads. Based on the Gamescom trailer, that will be an easy promise to keep. The games shown appear to be heavily influenced by retro and mobile games.

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The Youtube comments point out some of the more recognizable games shown, identifying them as modern ports of original Intellivision games. Night Stalker, Snafu, and Astrosmash are just a few of the returning games, and probably exclusives. Five games, unknown at the moment, will come included with the console.

The Amico isn't all about channeling the past and ignoring the future, however. While the system will come with two built-in controllers, there will also be a free app that allows up to eight mobile devices to connect to the Amico. That implies some very large party games and internet connectivity. Which makes sense, as the games will probably all be sold through an online shop. We can't imagine a budget console trying to sell physical copies of games at retail stores.

At first the Amico seemed like another attempt to cash in on nostalgia, the next in a series of answers to Nintendo's retro mini-consoles. It might still be that, but this latest info shows a company that's trying to modernize at least a little. The Intellivision Amico is still a ways off, slated for an October 10th, 2020 launch, so we have plenty of time to learn more about it.

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