Gamescom Photo Tells Us That Death Stranding Is Indeed PS4 Exclusive

Rattling the very stratosphere above Germany, the industry is abuzz with exciting news, reveal trailers, and gaming icons coinciding en masse at the legendary Gamescom. Arguably the most anticipated of them all is Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima's first project after his separation with Konami. Though the game is ripe with speculation, due to the fact that we still know nothing about it, one question has seemingly been outed by a recent image on Kojima's Twitter: it's a PS4 exclusive, again.

But we're not so convinced.

Earlier this month, ResetEra member Vestan reported that the Sony sites in Germany and Australia had erased Death Stranding from its "Only on PlayStation" banner. Even an announcement from 2015 showed former Sony CEO Andrew House stating, "The title is planned to become available on PC (after PlayStation 4)." Even if that was 4 years ago, we still don't believe that was a mistake. Avid fans also noticed that none of the promotional cover posters for the game had the typical "Only on PlayStation" tag. All of this led to the speculation that Death Stranding was no longer a PS4 exclusive.

That is, until Gamescom. Following an in-depth gameplay trailer reveal, showing off the game's peeing mechanics and realistic physics, Kojima appeared at the Sony PlayStation panel, where he took photos with fans and talked everything Death Stranding. One of these photos posted to Kojima's personal Twitter shows that very same "Exclusively on PlayStation" tag we've all been missing. Isn't that proof enough that Death Stranding is a PlayStation 4 exclusive?

No, we're going to remain skeptical. Kojima and Sony are both being suspiciously coy about the nature of the game's release, which tells us one of two things: it's either coming to PC sometime in the distant future, or Death Stranding will also be on the PlayStation 5. Our best guess would be that both are strong possibilities, but it's far too early to tell. Judging by how Sony wants to port some of its exclusive games to the PC, it's safe to assume Death Stranding will make its way there at some point. Especially if there's an expected multiplayer mode, crossplay capability will be an important feature for Sony to reach as many players as possible.

Despite our wild speculation, it's important to note that Sony called the game an "exclusive title" in their 2016 corporate press release. Plus, not only does Sony own the trademark/IP of Death Stranding, the game even runs on PS4-exclusive hardware, called Decima. And still, we remain skeptical. If you visit the PlayStation site today, at least in the US, the title has yet to be reinstated to the exclusivity banner. This is the beauty of Death Stranding, it's a mystery all on its own, beckoning sleuths of all kinds to uncover its secrets.

With an all-new "Briefing" trailer revealed earlier today, Death Stranding is leading the charge in Gamescom hype. Until more rumors and news releases, PC gamers will just have to hope and pray.

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