UK-Based GamesMaster Magazine Is Coming To An End After 25 Years Of Publication

The slow demise of the print magazine industry has claimed GamesMaster Magazine - one of the longest-running gaming magazines in the United Kingdom.

The slow demise of the print magazine industry has claimed GamesMaster Magazine - one of the longest-running gaming magazines in the United Kingdom.

Future plc has announced that they will be ceasing publication of GamesMaster Magazine, with the November issue being its last.

GamesMaster Magazine has been running for twenty-five years and was one of the biggest multiformat gaming magazines in existence. It was originally created to cover all of the latest Amiga, Nintendo, and Sega news, but as companies fell, it shifted focus to PlayStation and Xbox titles as well.

The strange thing about GamesMaster Magazine is that it was based on a TV show that ended in 1998, the cancellation of which never slowed down the progress of the magazine, which continued for another twenty years.

GamesMaster is a name that will be familiar to any UK gaming fan who grew up in the '90s. GamesMaster was a mixture of a game show that featured people competing in video game challenges, while also offering news and previews about upcoming titles.

The titular GamesMaster was Patrick Moore, who appeared in pre-recorded inserts as an all-knowing entity that gave challenges to the contestants and helpful cheats to those in need.

Patrick Moore was also the host of The Sky at Night, which is the longest-running TV show in the world, and was also one of the most well-regarded astronomers in the United Kingdom. When he passed away in 2012, his amazing accomplishments were forgotten by many GamesMaster fans, who remembered him best as the floating head who helped them beat The Lion King on the Super Nintendo.


"See you Space Cowboy!"

GamesMaster Magazine isn't the only publication that will be ending, as GamesTM, a publication that started in 2002 will also be ceasing around the same time.

The print industry has suffered numerous setbacks due to the integration of the Internet into everyday life, which means that people can now find information about any subject with the click of a button.

Video game magazines were once a huge part of the industry, with different publications fighting tooth and nail to receive exclusive stories and content for their demo discs.

The fact that most gamers were also early-adopters of the Internet meant that gaming magazines were among the first to feel the brunt of the changing media landscape, as gamers knew that they could receive up to date news about the industry with the click of a button and that they didn't have to pay money for the privilege.

GamesMaster Magazine had a respectable run, but the changing media landscape will claim all of the major gaming publications over time and it was just GamesMaster's turn on the chopping block.

The final issue of GamesMaster Magazine and GamesTM will be published on November 1st.

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