GameStop Offering Fidget Spinner With Crash Bandicoot

GameStop Ireland is offering a free fidget spinner with the purchase of Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy.

Gamestop Ireland announced on their Facebook page that customers purchasing the Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy, and trading at least one game in towards its purchase, would receive a fidget spinner at no extra charge.

The news comes as somewhat of a surprise, as no news of a fidget spinner being offered in conjunction with Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy has been mentioned up until this point.

The news came via Facebook post, garnering mixed reactions from Facebook followers. Many have cited the decline in popularity of fidget spinners, after the initial frenzy that surrounded their release only months ago, as grounds for the sudden offer. The fidget spinner is a mixed blue camouflage pattern, seemingly unrelated to any theme present in Crash Bandicoot or the N-Sane Trilogy. Interested parties need only trade in one game towards their purchase of the N-Sane Trilogy to pocket the aforementioned fidget spinner, and predictably, be the envy of all their friends and peers.

Via: facebook.com (GameStopIreland)

While some see it as a simple promotional move, others have interpreted the offer as another shady move by the nefariously shady Gamestop.

Most likely, this is a desperate attempt to offload inventory that is clogged to the gills with fidget spinners. The sudden announcement points to a move of desperation by the game shop giant, as no word had been mentioned of a fidget spinner being offered before this week. Gamestop will no doubt come out on top of this promotion as well; taking in used games that they sell for a markup more than constitutes whatever loss they’d take giving each trader a fidget spinner. Again, this seems like an ingenious idea from the boardroom to get rid of unwanted inventory that has faltered in popularity after the initial fidget spinner explosion. Being able to pocket a profitable inventory in the process, in this case the used games that Gamestop will receive from interested parties, is an excellent, and incredibly evil, business move. However, Gamestop can’t be blamed for their desire to get rid of a product that isn’t selling; one of the risks that companies take when buying into fads is that the fad will die out and they’ll be left with pallets piled with yesterday’s hot product.

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