GameStop Germany: Get Fallout 76 For Free With Purchase Of A Used PS4 Controller

GameStop's German stores are so eager to get Fallout 76 off the shelves that they're giving the game for free when you buy a used PS4 controller.

It seems that the Germany arm of GameStop is giving up on Fallout 76. Notices are going up in stores advertising a free copy of the game for every person that buys a used PS4 controller. Say what you will about the game, but the move doesn't exactly show confidence on GameStop's part. Then again, maybe an influx of new vault-dwellers is exactly what the literal and metaphorical wasteland of Fallout 76 needs.

Gamers all over the world were made aware of the German GameStop promotion thanks to a Reddit post from user Cenorexia. They shared a picture of a flyer hanging on GameStop store shelves. The text is in German, with "Fallout 76 gratis" being the prominent phrase.

via: reddit.com/user/cenorexia

Translating it reveals the promotion details. As the headline said, customers get a free PS4 copy of the game with the purchase of a used PS4 controller. On a side note, the text at the bottom of the picture basically asks "is that good?"

If it's good depends on your perspective. Fallout 76 critics will likely take it as a validation that the game is a flop. GameStop giving it away for free not even six months after release doesn't say much about the game's sustained value. Those who still enjoy the game, and continue to defend it in our comments section, could spin the promotion as a positive. Maybe getting it for free will entice gamers to give it a shot. And if enough people get on board, Bethesda might feel inspired to really commit to addressing Fallout 76's lack of endgame.

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As for GameStop, it really seems to be a matter of just getting the game off the shelf. Although the fact that the promotion requires purchase of a used PS4 controller says something. If GameStop is going to give a game away for free, it will at least make a profit from the sale of a used product. Which, as most gamers know, is the core of company's business model.

Overall, it's just another chapter in the ongoing saga of Fallout 76. Love or hate the game, it certainly makes for good article fodder. Or would you rather have another Fortnite piece?


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