• Trade-in offers at stores like GameStop often get a bad reputation for offering low amounts on games 1 / 9

  • However, Nintendo Switch owners looking to upgrade to the newer version have a couple of special offers running in-store for a short while 2 / 9

  • For a limited time, players can trade in their old Nintendo Switch consoles and receive $200 trade in-value for store credit 3 / 9

  • Although the offer does not stipulate that one needs to then buy a new console, some will simply pay the difference for the newer version 4 / 9

  • In Canada, the equivalent store EB Games is running a more targeted promotion for a Nintendo Switch Lite 5 / 9

  • This offer is likely only going to appeal to those users who only play their games in portable mode 6 / 9

  • The amount offered is subject to change, and trade in estimates can vary day by day, so be sure to phone ahead and verify 7 / 9

  • If one were looking to upgrade to the newer version of the Switch for its improved battery life, this may be the simplest and cheapest way to go about it. 8 / 9

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