Citing Gaming Addiction And Violent Themes, The County Of Bhutan Moves To Ban PUBG

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has seen its share of controversies since its release. In March of this year, PUBG Mobile was banned in three cities in India for citations of promoting violence and its addictive qualities. After that, PUBG had been banned in Nepal for citations of violence as well. Now, the country of Bhutan is making similar moves in its ban of PUBG and PUBG Mobile for its use of violence and ability to get citizens addicted to video games.

According to AFK Gaming, BICMA, or Bhutan's InfoComm and Media Authority, is pushing for a ban on the popular battle royale game due to citations of violence and addiction. As such, on October 1 Bhutan's Internet Service Providers (ISP's) NANO Bhutan, Bhutan Telecomm Limited, and Tashi InfoComm Ltd were instructed to block PUBG users in Bhutan by BICMA.

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Generally speaking, this reaction from Bhutan and BICMA seems fairly sensible. With cited incidents of violence, a natural instinct would be to shut down the issue completely. One such incident of violence occurred in Karnataka, India last month when a PUBG Mobile 21-year-old player killed his father because he refused to continue funding the 21-year-old's mobile plan for continued play of PUBG Mobile.

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While the incident was awful, it would be considered unfair by many to determine PUBG as the source of the problem. It could well be the source of the addiction but to attribute violence directly to the game or its developer would be ignoring other factors, including the players' medical history, home life, and so on.

While not violent in the least, another incident occurred in India when a groom decided to play PUBG Mobile during his wedding ceremony. Of course, this instance is more amusing than it is horrifying, but it goes to show that some players can't let the game go for very long. However, that does not mean that every player needs to be cut off at the source for the actions of a few individuals.

The effects of Bhutan and India's bans have yet to be seen or recorded properly. However, given the bans' consequences for the PUBG community, hopefully, they do more harm than good.

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