Gaming Chairs: The Best For Your Budget

How and where do you sit when you game? We guess that depends on what you are gaming on. Some sort of swivel chair if it's on PC, perhaps the sofa while on a console, and anywhere you like when you're gaming on the go. That's all well and good, but when you're gaming in the comfort of your own home, is there really that much comfort to speak of? Popping yourself on the couch is fine, and sitting criss-cross apple sauce on the floor for hours on end might be okay for kids, but now we are all grown up, we want to game in comfort.

That's where the wide, wide world of gaming chairs comes into play. You might be reading this rolling your eyes thinking you don't need one but trust us when we say if you game pretty much every day, you do. Take a look at a few of our favorites below and if you do opt to bring one of them into your home and your life, you can thank us later.

X Rocker 51259 Pro

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BUY IT NOW: $219.96

While the main thing you want from a gaming chair is for it to be comfortable, there are some out there that offer you so much more if you are willing to pay for it. The X Rocker Pro is a prime example of that and honestly, we'd be surprised if you can find a better gaming chair of a similar style for less than this. Plus, the price recently dropped by $30, so even better. The "so much more" we referred to is a chair that enhances your gaming experience. The X Rocker does that via four built-in speakers and "vibration motors." Yes, that does mean the chair will vibrate like your controller does should a grenade go off at your feet while playing Black Ops.

Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair

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BUY IT NOW: $80.13

The X Rocker is probably the kind of image that springs to mind whenever you hear the term "gaming chair." A low to the ground leather seat that is effectively a modern day rocking chair. For console gamers, that's perfect. For PC Gamers, not so much. Even those of you who don't necessarily game on a PC will know the pains that come with having to sit in a computer chair all day. That's why a good quality gaming chair is of the utmost importance for PC players. Our recommendation? This very reasonably priced option from Essentials. There is some assembly required upon arrival but it's worth it. All the parts come with the chair and if put together correctly, the finished product will be fully adjustable and perfect for a PC gamer. Plus, it comes in a variety of different colors.


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BUY IT NOW: $3599.00

Moving on to the big guns, and a gaming chair unlike anything we had seen or tried out before laying eyes on this. No, you did not misread the price of this masterpiece from Imperator Works but trust us when we tell you it is worth every penny. It might look like something you'd see in an arcade but it is far more advanced than anything like that. While the monitors are not included, you can fit up to three of your own. The chair reclines to an almost horizontal position if you want it to for maximum comfort. Plus, as if all of that wasn't enough, there is a massage function built in. Gaming be damned, we're considering trading our beds in for a few of these contraptions!

Three very different chairs for three very different prices for gamers with very different needs. We sincerely hope that one of the above is the right fit for you. Now, excuse us while we play one last round of Fortnite, in the IWR1.

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