Several Stores Are Doing Gaming Deals This Week: Here Are The Best Ones

Major retailers like GameStop and Target are getting into the season by launching spring sales.

Spring has sprung, everyone. As PlayStation’s 2018 Black Friday ad may have insinuated, gamers tend to thrive in the less-outdoorsy winter months. That doesn’t mean that the rest of the year can’t provide some equally fruitful game time, though! Major retailers like GameStop and Target are getting into the season by launching a spring sale on which console owners are going to be eager to pounce.

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Sales over at GameStop will be underway from the 7th to the 20th (nice!) of April, and, though there’s nothing exactly door-busting like their holiday Xbox 360 giveaway, there are some fairly significant deals on consoles and recent AAA games. The most attention-grabbing deal here will probably be there $40 PlayStation Classic offer. Sure, that throwback system didn’t go over all that well when it dropped last December, but at less than half of the suggested retail price of $100, this might entice curious consumers to check out Sony’s first mini console.

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Additionally, prices for major games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey will be more than halved, so those with the “wait for a sale” approach to most game releases will want to jump on this opportunity. The corporation is also knocking $30 off of the Ultimate Edition of Red Dead Redemption 2, which will still be fairly pricey for $70.

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GameStop is also offering some considerable discounts on Nintendo Switch games. Though a buy-one-get-one-half-off deal may seem stingy when compared to most other sales, Nintendo has maintained a remarkably stringent control over the price of games for their new hybrid console, and fans have often rallied against the so-called “Switch tax” which has caused the console’s games to drop in price so rarely. Still, potentially snagging games like Super Mario Party, Mario Tennis Aces, Breath of the Wild, and Mario Odyssey for $30 may be worth it to Nintendo fans. The Japanese company is also slashing prices on Nintendo Labo kits, though, even at a reduced price, that still won’t appeal to everyone.

There doesn’t seem to be any special deal on Nintendo hardware taking place anywhere, which isn’t surprising. Nintendo is notoriously horrible about adequately stocking suppliers with consoles, and Switches almost always come at a premium. That said, there’s a pretty decent sale on the publisher’s eShop which is set to kick off on April 11th, so those who prefer to get their games digitally may want to wait until then.

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Prolific retailer Target will also be offering similar discounts, and their sales, much like GameStop’s, will also apply to certain gaming-related merchandise… but that’s mostly for those who haven’t had their fill of Fortnite Monopoly or Pickle Rick plushies. Hey, we’re not judging.

On the PC front, Steam doesn’t seem all that likely to offer up an all-encompassing sale like they do each summer. There may be some smaller seasonal event, but those looking for deep discounts on that platform will still probably have to hold out until either late June or early July to send more money Gaben’s way.

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