Gaming Detail: In Dishonored, You Can Get Carrie Fisher To Voice Dunwall Propaganda If You Kill The Right NPC

If you choose to off the Propaganda Officer in Dishonor's Dunwall Tower, his voice on the loudspeakers will be replaced by Carrie Fisher's.

Carrie Fisher might be best known for being Princess Leia, but it turns out she had a surprising minor role in Dishonored. It's a well-hidden one, something you could go a whole play-through without ever discovering. That's because you have to off a certain NPC to earn the right to hear Fisher's voice.

Dishonored's city of Dunwall is filled with loudspeakers that act as both announcement sources and alarms. The player character Corvo can cut them down to avoid guards being alerted to his actions, or he can just avoid them and listen as a male NPC known as the Propaganda Officer keeps Dunwall citizens updated on the city's happenings. Things get interesting when Corvo meets the Propaganda Officer.

via: Dishonored Wiki

In the game's sixth mission, Return To The Tower, Corvo infiltrates Dunwall Tower to assassinate the enemy who conspired against him. Upon meeting the Propaganda Officer, however, the man offers to help by playing an incriminating recording that will shame Corvo's enemy, providing a less violent solution. Since he's such a helpful guy, most players wouldn't think to turn their blades on him. But like the majority of NPCs in Dishonored, the Propaganda Officer can be killed.

If the player does decide to put an end to the Propaganda Officer, a new voice will take his place on Dunwall's loudspeakers. That voice will belong to none other than Carrie Fisher.

Unfortunately, Fisher's character has no physical appearance. Corvo doesn't go back to the tower so we never get to see what the Carrie Fisher Propaganda Officer looks like.

Still, it's amazing that Arkane Studios, the maker of Dishonored, was able to get such a big-name talent to play a minor hidden role. Even more amazing is, as the Gaming Details subreddit post about this secret reveals, Fisher isn't the only one. Lena Headey of Game Of Thrones fame voices Callista Curnow, one of Corvo's allies back at headquarters.

To hear Carrie Fisher spout propaganda, check out this video:

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