Gaming Detail: Gone Home On The Switch Has SNES Cartridge Easter Eggs

Gone Home is a somewhat older game now, but that isn't stopping it from offering some exclusive content on the Nintendo Switch. The game recently saw a digital re-release on the Switch, and it's pretty much the same experience it was five years ago. Minus one little detail. An easter egg where the player could find fictional video games has been expanded to include actual Nintendo games, cartridge and all.

If you somehow haven't heard of Gone Home, it's a game that has players walking through an empty house, trying to discover where the family who lives in it is. The answers are revealed in their stuff, notes and journal entries that clue you in to the drama that unfolded before you arrived. Oh, and it's also set in the '90s.

The '90s aspect comes in the form of the more miscellaneous items in the house. While they don't necessarily push the story forward, the things the family keeps tells a lot about them as people. What VHS movies they keep at home, what mix tapes the daughter was listening to, and what video games the kids played. Super Nintendo games, it turns out, and the original release featured some creative titles that sadly don't exist.

via: fullbright.company
via: fullbright.company

Sidenote: The labels for these fake games were done by some of the gaming industry's most talented artists. Journey Of Crystal was the work of Jen Zee, the art director of Supergiant. Adventurous the Cat Returns, billed as a sequel to the feline's first nonexistent outing, was done by Lee Petty of Double Fine.

For the Switch version, however, Gone Home developer Fullbright added a few more games to the family's collection.

via: Twitter @liamdohertee
via: Twitter @liamdohertee

Fullbright got Nintendo's permission to use the cartridges' official art, as Eurogamer reports. On Twitter, Fullbright co-founder Steve Gaynor wrote that Nintendo of America was "so cool about letting us include these in the Switch version of Gone Home."

These cartridges obviously don't change the game in any way, and they can't be played, but they offer a nice bit of realism in a setting that already felt genuine. Gone Home was already a stellar experience, and this detail just serves to deepen it.

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