Gaming Detail: On The Great Plateau Tower Stage In Smash Bros. Ultimate, The Sheikah Script Reads 'Smash Bros'

Fans combed the E3 Smash Bros Ultimate streams for details, and found an easter egg in the new Great Plateau stage from Breath Of The Wild.

Gamers have spotted a very neat detail in one of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's new stages. The Great Plateau Tower, a location from The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, contains a secret message written in the games's ancient language. Observant fans discovered that this message changes during the battle, and at one point will even reveal Smash Bros-specific text.

The Great Plateau Tower is modeled after the same structure found in Breath Of The Wild's Hyrule. It is a product of the Sheikah, a clan of people who fuse magic with technology. Their works often take the form of stone infused with glowing blue runes, and these runes actually form letters that make up a language. Long before Smash Bros. included Breath Of The Wild elements, Zelda fans have known how to translate the Sheikah letters. In this case, the text reads "Smash Bros."

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It reads "Sheikah Tower" in this form. Then, when the raging battle takes its toll on the ancient structure, things change. Eventually the top will break off and get replaced by a platform. This function is unique to Smash Bros. and so the text reads appropriately. The Sheikah now says "Smash Bros."

via: reddit.com

It's a fun detail that shows Sakurai and the Super Smash Bros. team are fans of Nintendo just as much as we are. They know the worlds they're borrowing from and they're not afraid to play with them. They also know that Nintendo fans are a dedicated bunch, the sort that will hunt down even the smallest easter egg. One might even say finding the various references is just as fun for the Nintendo-obsessed as the actual fighting is. It certainly beats getting stomped by Bayonetta.

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