Gaming Detail: In Hitman 2, Victims Can See You Coming In The Mirror - Unless It's Fogged Up From The Shower

The Hitman franchise’s bald-and-barcoded protagonist is getting too smart for his own good. Now he’s using the steamy mirrors from his targets’ showers against them.

Sometimes, it’s a little frightening to think just how far this industry has come. In 2018, a lot of iconic titles (Pokémon Red and Blue, Metal Gear Solid, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time…) hit their twentieth anniversaries. When you look at the strides those franchises have taken since, visually, mechanically and otherwise, it’s quite humbling.

When it comes to why this is, we’re often looking at the big picture, thinking purely in terms of technological advances. That’s a crucial element, naturally, because nobody wants a new home console with the tech specs of a crusty old original Game Boy today. Something else of vital importance, though, is plain old attention to detail on the developers’ part.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter the most. Marvel’s Spider-Man is a fantastic technical achievement (and has some choice easter eggs), but when you change into the Spider Punk suit and Jameson’s next shows calls you out on your edgy new outfit? That’s immersion, right there.

In Hitman 2, another of these incredible little touches has been noticed. Not only can Agent 47’s would-be targets see him approaching them in mirrors, but they can’t see him approaching them in mirrors when the steam from a shower has fogged up the glass.


Via: GameRevolution

As reported by the eagle-eyed JamSa on Reddit, the game’s very first level sees you pursuing a target who is brushing their teeth in the bathroom. As the player reported, your victim should be super difficult to sneak up on (she’s facing the mirror, of course, and so would see you approach her), but for one thing: her partner’s in the shower.

What difference would this make? Well, in a game without deft little details like this, not a lot. This being Hitman 2, though, your victim can’t see you approach her because she can’t see in the steamy glass, leaving you an open chance to have a little Psycho moment.

Once you’re in range and poised to strike, how do you go about completing your objective? Well, this being a sandbox do-whatever-the-heck-you-like sort of experience, players are being super creative in their approaches to dealing with this target. “I just [hid] behind the curtain in the hall and then threw a katana at her, as the target decided they weren't going to have my poisoned whiskey, but didn't see me throw a hammer at the dude, so it worked out okay :),” Redditor Patrickrmcgrath reported.

Flying katanas aside, though, you’ve got to admire this whole mirror situation. While mirrors are ten-a-penny in video games, there’s never really been an incident of their being used in this fashion. Kudos to you, IO Interactive.


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