Gaming Detail: In Overwatch, D.Va's Feet Sound Different When She's In Her Barefoot Waveracer Skin

When you're a gamer, there are several times when you stumble upon an amazing detail. It might be an easter egg that you discover yourself, buried deep within the map of your favorite game. Or it might be something a Youtuber finds during a let's play that shocks them just a much as it shocks you (because we know let's players never fake or play up their reactions). Secrets can also be extremely public, and downright depressing.

However you find it, those moments of discovering a tiny detail that the developers got right is one of the reasons it's great to be a gamer. Finding those little things that make the game's world feel alive, that's something fans of other mediums don't get to do. Even movie easter eggs don't quite stack up. This discovery might just be one of those important, defining moments of a gamer's life. Or it's just a neat detail.

D.Va's Waveracer skin makes her barefoot, and Blizzard was actually keen enough to make her footsteps reflect that.

The video, courtesy of Youtube user Moku, shows D.Va walking around in her normal outfit. The sound of her running sounds like normal video game running. Then it changes to footage of her in her summer clothes. Her bare feet make softer taps as they hit the floor. Moku even used the same map for both clips to illustrate that it is indeed the skin that causes the change in sound.

Blizzard deserves some praise for putting in the work to deliver on this little detail. Not that it took much effort to add a different footstep sound. It was probably pretty easy to record and insert into the game. Still, a lot of today's entertainment seems to be geared towards rapid delivery rather than lasting quality, making Blizzard's continual efforts to add polish to Overwatch much appreciated.

Now if only its competitive players felt the same compulsion to put their best foot forward...

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