Gaming Detail: Resident Evil 2 Remake's "Welcome Leon" Sign Fixes Spelling Mistake From The Original Game In A Hilarious Way

It took a long time for video game developers in Japan to create a framework that easily allowed games to be translated into English, which is why a lot of early games had terrible translations, such as the infamous "Conglaturations" in Ghostbusters on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The 32-bit era saw many Japanese games making their way to North America and Europe, which meant that the standard of translation became better across the industry, but a few errors still managed to find their way into high profile games, with titles such as Final Fantasy Tactics being major offenders.

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In the original version of Resident Evil 2 that was released in 1998, there was a sign with a misspelled word in the West Office of the Raccoon City Police Department building. There is a paper sign that has "Wellcome Leon" written on it, as Leon was meant to be arriving for his first day on the job and a small party was going to be held for him, which was sidetracked by the whole zombie thing.

The reason why this mistake exists is likely due to the difficulties of the Japanese-to-English translation of words that use "L" and "R," which has been the source of many different mistranslations over the years. The "Wellcome Leon" sign reappeared in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis during the segment of the game where Jill returns to the police station.

The developers of the remake of Resident Evil 2 decided to reference the spelling mistake in the game, which was pointed out by a Reddit user named GrandMasterSubZero. The version of the West Office that appears in the game has a "Welcome Leon" sign hanging from the ceiling that is made of separate letters, which have a notable gap between the L and the C.

If you look around the office, you can find an additional letter "L" on a table, which suggests that the police officers had made the same mistake as the characters from the original game, but noticed it in time and quickly managed to fix the error before Leon arrived at the police station.

The developers of the Resident Evil 2 remake could easily have ignored an embarrassing error from the original version of the game, but they decided to embrace their mistake and include it into the lore of the series as a fun easter egg for fans of the original to find.

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